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15.04.2019 Feature Article

When a quack picks crumbs from the table of a Janitor: the tirades of one Mohammed “Gandhi” Kamara!

S. Ephraim T. Nyumah
LISTEN APR 15, 2019

The father of praxis in Vladimir Lenin, on the matter of studying the material conditions and concrete situations in real life struggles outlined the conditions that push a society on the threshold of a revolutionary situation. Here we quote him at length:

“1) When it is impossible for the ruling classes to maintain their rule without any change; when there is a crisis, in one form or another, among the ‘upper classes,’ a crisis in the policy of the ruling class, leading to a fissure through which the discontent and indignation of the oppressed classes can burst forth. For a revolution to take place, it is usually insufficient for ‘the lower classes not to want’ to live in the old way; it is also necessary that ‘the upper classes should be unable’ to live in the old way;

“2) When the suffering and want of the oppressed classes have grown more acute than usual;

“3) when, as a consequence of the above causes, there is a considerable increase in the activity of the masses, who uncomplainingly allow themselves to be robbed in ‘peacetime’, but, in turbulent times, are drawn both by all the circumstances of the crisis and by the ‘upper classes’ themselves into independent historical action.” (Lenin, 1964).

These conditions have appeared in Liberia with outmost exactitude, resolving itself into the crack in the ruling class through the numerous scandals and political maneuvers to eliminate elements from one wing or another. Two, the crisis has led to the CDC clique inability to govern in the same old way thereby bringing to a head the disenchantment of the oppressed masses. Precisely, the “suffering and wants of the oppressed classes” have not only worsened, but also quadrupled in real dire ways under the leadership of this ruling minority. Moreover, there is an increase in the activities of not only the masses but their advanced layers, culminating into plethora of protest actions, from the bring back our money campaign to the struggle for electricity in Jallah Town community and Caldwell, to the protest for the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court, to the protest of theStudent Unification Party (SUP) about the awful economic conditions in the country, the convergence on Washington of the Liberian diaspora in the United States for the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court, among others.

These developments have taken reaction to new levels, creating a permanent panic in the ruling clique, making it to sharpen and increase its tools of violence whether in a covert or overt way. Clearly, the ruling clique cannot govern in the same discredited, old way not without violence and other forms of intimidation. It would not only rely on the pillars of violence of the state—the police and the army, but also form paramilitary groups of the Plebian type and would even use the Monrovia City Police to crush popular voices demanding popular actions. We have seen the tip of the egregious iceberg manifested in Montserrado County, District # 13 when the Monrovia City Mayor took street thugs in the district to brutalize and assault peaceful citizens loyal to the candidate of the opposition Unity Party, the very mysterious and callous murder of Matthew Innis, the surreptitious accident of Rep. Adolph Lawrence which led to not only his fatal demise but of a veteran of the Student Unification Party, and the excruciating injury of two militants of the Party and including its chairman, the open threat of elimination of permanent journalists.

From the popular plane, there is an increased radicalization of the students, leading them to vandalize books, newspaper clippings and other materials to understand the crisis, the huge participation of the Liberian masses on social media, and the concomitant polarization of the population. Besides, even the petty bourgeois class (lawyers, doctors, shopkeepers, small traders, merchants) —that class which vacillates between the revolutionary and reactionary camps depending on which side has the upper hand, is putting its weight behind the popular camp. This has been confirmed in whether the protest of the bring back our money, or the action for the establishment of a War Crime Court made away with essentials. These objective realities are bringing matters to a head and thus put the homeland on the throes of a revolutionary crisis.

Against such background, we are not moved in the least at the ferocious fight back howbeit futile of the ruling clique, to maintain its grips on power. Such paranoia will push the gang of simpletons to hire the services of vacillators and lackeys from among the most vibrant and enthusiastic groups among the Liberian masses demanding popular action and a new itinerary— the youth and students. From this perspective, institutions and individuals who are supposedly seem as the ideological defenders of the oppressed classes paradoxically become lackeys and stooges of the oppressing class. In this scandalous groveling for crumbs and personal wealth, some youth and student leaders would garner the tragic courage to falsify history, to spit scorn on the memory of heroic struggle, and engage in crude revisionism to airbrush out of history progressive social forces in order to glorify and rehabilitate their slave masters. This is exactly the case of one Mohammed Gandhi Kamara who now presides over the reactionary Liberia National Student Union (LINSU) – what was once a bastion for the flushing of progressive politics and brimming hub of social consciousness and socio-political enlightenment has become a terrible a cauldron of the most vulgar and menacing strand of reactionary politics.

To begin with, we say it is difficult if not impossible to falsify history when its makers are still around and holding the paper in their hand on which those historical facts are written. It is even amusingly foolish to try to trot out outright lies about historical truths when they are easily verifiable. It is even sadder and act of political stupidity to want to satisfy your master by feeding on lies, fairy tales and non sequitur about historical realities and the struggle that ensued to alter the trajectory. It is even more a mark of saturated idiocy to distort historical occurrences without the least savvy. This was exactly the attempt the flunkey Mohammed Gandhi Kamara who in an effort to sing lullaby his nonentity of a boss at the despicable MCC, read the history of the student community upside down, deluding himself that he is in the dirty lavatory of the MCC where lies pass as historical truths, innuendoes are regarded as religious dogma, and where only his master sees him.

This janitor-controlled puppet, a onetime staunch advocate of social justice and now an oppressive regime slave and a ruthless gang master of the first order, led a procession of regime-sponsored hooligans drunk on their staple of Karma-Bitter, on March 23, 2019 and disrupted the 46thanniversary program of the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA). The bands of armed thugs, led by their master were attired in blue, red and white t-shirts under the guise of LINSU. They forcibly entered the G. W. Gibson High School and took possession of the podium with criminal malice and disrupted MOJA’s Anniversary program to the disbelief of the movement’s stalwarts and well-wishers who gathered to honor the collective memory of fallen icons and to celebrate the rich history of the progressive movement in MOJA in its 46 years of struggles and resistance.

It is palpable to submit that LINSU under Mohammed Gandhi is operating on shortages— the shortage of ideas, the shortage of historical understanding, and the shortage of ideological principles. And thus has been compounded by the shortage of consciousness and innovation with a huge surplus of stupidity and hooliganism. This is a kick in the back of our generation. Today, LINSU has drifted into a citadel of consummate opportunism and ideological degeneracy. Surrogates of the oppressors sit and rain platitudes on those whose struggle— the people at the forefront—made it possible to have a society where people are respected because they are human beings and not necessary due to family backgrounds, political status, ethnicity or religiosity.

The current leadership of LINSU is not only suffering from historical lag. It may seem to you that the guys are running the Liberia National Student Union (LINSU) from 16th street. You are dare wrong. What you see on 16th street is just a façade. The structure is meant to accommodate those little recruited slaves and hooligans who are in search of crumbs, to make it appear to the public as though the student movement is independent. By the way, the slaves are not our concern but the master who feed them with crumbs. The attack on MOJA is a clear sign and symptom that the new leadership of LINSU headed by Mohammed Gandhi Kamara chronically suffers from psychogenic disorder. Can we take them toa psychiatrist? Obviously not! The excess stupidity created by those kids of a GUCCI janitor will be mopped up in the oven of logic and consciousness to stabilize the youth and student community as it was before their imposition.

Comrades, have you wondered why the LINSU president behaved as he did at MOJA 46th anniversary celebration? We know some of you were shock. As for us, it was not a surprise. The entire leadership of LINSU is now a product of the MCC. The president is mentored not even in the MCC toilet this time but in the bucket of the MCC dirt truck. What he spews out is the residue of the garbage collected from Red Light, Duala and Waterside. He is now a reservoir filled with distorted and falsified historical accounts. If your wish is to see the LINSU of veteran Commnay B. Wesseh, Prof. Alaric Tokpa, etc then you are making a sad mistake, comrades. LINSU of Mohammed G. Kamara is nothing but an oppressive operative arm of state actors with a recruited band of thugs to purposely attack critical institutions and individuals whose opinions are opposed to the regime. Those LINSU leaders under Mohammed Kamara will not only vomit garbage on radio and public forums, they will use the street urchins to go after people of progressive ideologies. By the way, we are not in any way astonished. In a situation where consciousness is in short supply, where historical impotence has engendered mental sterility, one would expect the boyish vagabond in Mohammed Gandhi Kamara to regurgitate gibberish like a mad man peddling vulgarity.

Today, he dons Chinese clothes and physically sit in an air-conditioned building while you are lacking in consciousness. You have no human decency to honor those who sacrificed their lives for you to sit where you are. In their faces, you abused them, you led wayside bandits who pelted stones at them and tore their program sheets. Where you and others peacefully sit today to insult progressive veterans is not at the benevolence of your slave masters, It is based on the sacrifices of courageous men and women who gave their lives in exchange for what you are now abusing. They fought consciously without regretting the consequences of their actions. Some were slaughtered and some were inhumanly maltreated but yet, they stood the ground and never compromised the struggle. Now that you are a beneficiary of their struggles, you have chosen to abuse them at the promptings of your rogue boss. You have invited a revolutionary curse on yourself; it is never too late. You must repent or be prepared to accept the wrath of the martyr comrades.

We ask few simple questions to which you have gone silent: Where were your slave masters when no one could stand up to challenge societal ills? Where were they when no man could challenge the undemocratic rule of the moribund True Whig Party? Where were your slave masters when Veteran Alaric Tokpah and others were bundled up and threw in the notorious Belleh Yallah prison? Where were your slave masters when Dr. H. Boimah Fahnbulleh, Jr, Veterans Commany B. Wesseh, Tiawon Saye-Gongloe, Chris Dougbeh Nyan, Togba Nah-Tipoteh and many other progressives preaching nationalistic praxis, issuing protest writings, and talking emancipatory politics? We can still ask where were they when Vet. G. Baccus Matthew, Vet. Dew Mayson and others were tortured in prison by state security? I know you are fully aware that some of your slave masters were chasing object and advertising Diadora at night club when leaders of SUP, MOJA and PAL were chased out of their comfort zones in defense of social justice and academic freedom. It is now vivid to even the blind and loud in the ears of the deaf that people like you are severely inflated with the economically suppressive pro-poor nostalgia to an extent where simple historical facts have escaped your dead brain, leaving you and others to rot in the state of revolutionary amnesia.

From where we sit, we see silence in the martyr’s kingdom. We can see the martyr comrades are angry about your contradictions, ideological bankruptcy, moral weaknesses, intellectual faux pas, and criminal complicity. We can see them turning in their graves because you have become nothing more than a cheap sellout and pliant echo chamber of the dominating class. We see revolutionary tears dripping down the cheeks of the very astute comrades like Wuo G. Tapia, Tonia Richardson, Wiwi Debbah,Momolu Lavala, Irene Nimpson, Michael G. S. Dolo, Fredrick Gobakollie, Benedict Garwolu, Swanzy Elliot and many of the fallen revolutionaries who by their sweat people like you have the guts to stand in public square to dishonor their collective memory and spew invectives.

In a moment such as this, the genuine patriots will be distinguished from the pseudo revolutionaries, the ones who distilled catch-phrases and fed on staid shibboleths will be separated from elements who believe that until the people can be brought on the center stage of history where they will use the natural resources bequeathed to our society by nature to engage in production using advanced technology to create abundance which in turn will lead to social advances in the art, literature, philosophy and material prosperity for the many and not the few.

Like Leon Trotsky taught us, validated by time and space, that the revolution ought to be permanent. By permanence he meant, not comprising our revolutionary values and not vacillating on matters of principles until a just and equal society is created not only in the homeland but throughout the world where the oppressed peoples can take hold of their collective destiny to fashion society in a progressive way.

LINSU is now rotten and rotten to the core. It is now incapable of showing any progressive way forward for the struggling student community of the motherland. Teachers are laying down chalks and boycotting classes in demand of two to three months delayed salaries. Students are protesting everywhere, colleges and universities are shutting down due to the failure of the state to fund them. Everywhere - everyday is different story of rape violence against students. The Tubman University and other community colleges are on the verge of closure. The state-run University is now in ruins and permanent decline. Lecturers and professors alike compare students to pay test fees. Not only that, students also use their cell phone lights as the source of electricity as the university can no longer fuel its anachronistic generators. Where is the LINSU that we once saw challenging the status quo and becoming the paragon of anti-hegemonic ideas? Where is that LINSU of struggle and resistance, as the voice of the sons and daughters of West Point, Sonniewein, New Kru Town, Gbanmodu in Foya, Gbelle in Nimba? Where is LINSU? We thought this LINSU under Mohammed Gandhi Kamara was an alternative; little did we know that he and his cohorts represent the same old rotten clique. They are made of the same stuffs of the janitor. They are nothing but puppeteers of a GUCCI janitor.

Nowadays, in the midst of these contradictions, the LINSU executives are now stooges in the service of the discredited government. They have become the most spineless slaves, the most rotten defenders, the most slavish marionettes of the degenerate regime. Mohammed Gandhi Kamara has been reduced to a gang master and total outlaw who parades the streets with thugs and hooligans that viciously attack every semblance of the progressives and critical voices and institutions in the motherland. To them, the living heroes and heroine of the progressive must die. But for us, we say they must live. They are our heroes. As South Africa celebrates Bantu Steve Biko – we too celebrate Prof. Alaric Tokpah, Vet. Commany B. Wesseh, Chris Dugbeh Nyan, Vet. Richard Panton – As Ghanaians owe it to Kwame Nkrumah, so we owe it to Veterans. Togba Nah-Tipoteh, Tiawan Saye-Gongloe, Dr. H. Boimah Fahnbulleh, Barcus Matthew, Wiwi Debah, Michael G. S. Dolo, Fredrick Gobakollie and all other frontline people’s revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives for the democracy that we enjoy today. Even though, the gains of yesterday have been eroded by the criminal contraption which masquerades as government in the republic, yesterday Tipoteh, Fahnbulleh, Sawyer, Matthews, Mayson and others in the vanguard with the people on the stage of history paid the ultimate price. Today, our generation will confront these injustices as nothing is worth fighting against than social injustice, national paralysis and indignity.

In our extensive reading of revolutionary materials from Ernesto Che Guevara, “The Cadres: Backbone of the Revolution,” written in 1962, he explained among other things that a cadre is a person or an individual of ideological and administrative discipline, who knows and practices democratic centralism and who knows how to evaluate the existing contradictions in this method and to utilize fully its many facets; who knows how to practice the principle of collective discussion and to make decisions on his own and take responsibility in production; whose loyalty is tested, and whose physical and moral courage has developed along with his ideological development in such a way that he is always willing to confront any conflict and to give his life for the good of the revolution.

Comrades, with this reading, Che has vindicated us. The attitude of the LINSU President at MOJA 46th anniversary proves that he is an individual who is incapable of self-analysis and lacks the necessary revolutionary ability to exercise creative initiatives in such a manner that it won't conflict with discipline. How can a cadre lack an absolutes imperative of respect of struggle icons? To be cadre is to be organized and focused; free your mind of material obsession and view the struggle from an institutional perspective.

Comrades, our generation needs to stand above self-interest now and free itself from the chain of personality cult. You either struggle with us or join the class oppressors, or fight us and get crumbs in return. Make no mistake, the progressive forces of SUP, MOJA and PAL made an immeasurable impact to push our democracy to where it is. As Frantz Fanon once said: “Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity.” It is our mission as both the militant students and the oppressed classes of our people to analyze the exhortation of fanon and make meanings of it and consciously uphold the torch of the liberation struggle. The mission of our generation may not necessarily be the struggle for multi-party democracy or a struggle for indigenous right to higher education at the state-run University of Liberia. The struggle today is a struggle for economic emancipation, against black fascism, against hiding things from the masses of the people, against dictatorship and sectionalism, against naked greed, plunder and perfidy. It is a struggle against nepotism; it is a struggle in defense of the rule of law; it is a struggle against wanton looting of state resources.

About the Author S. Ephraim T. Nyumah is the Secretary General of the Student Unification Party (SUP), a student Activitist and a senior student of the University of Liberia reading Economics and Demography!

He can be reached @ 0770255670 or [email protected]

S. Ephraim T. Nyumah
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