11.06.2019 Feature Article

#AmplifiedByNana – Defying the Hypocrisy of an Incompetent Opposition

AmplifiedByNana – Defying the Hypocrisy of an Incompetent Opposition
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An indiscreet opposition NDC party known for its cacophony of incomprehensible idiosyncrasies cannot be deemed a responsible one especially that the governments it had formed under the incompetent Presidents since its conception were unable to bring equality to the gender issue in their administrations. And may GOD curse its birth, because it heralded the worst form of human rights abuse against women in the entire history of Ghana.

It is quite scintillating though that their propaganda has been beaten by the outperformance of the NPP government of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. What surprises me most is the loudness of Big Ol’ Nana Oye (Letor). I remember her from Legon University in 1987 with her coco-cola figure and slight “bow-legge”, but Tony was head over heels. I still have our group photo with Hanna Tetteh and the others. Anyway, when the riots took place in that year, the NUGS executives were dismissed and some were arrested. Nana Oye and Hanna Tetteh ran for their lives because the military junta under their NDC master, Lt Col JJ Rawlings had mercy on no woman, man, child, or beast! The PNDC, which birthed the NDC raped women indiscriminately: ugly, disable, fanta face, bow-legge, fat, slim, old, young, or mentally challenged.

If it were just Hanna Bissue talking, I would not be irked much. After all, a woman without shame is like the naked witch that flies on animal tails in the wild of the Serengeti. I have not yet heard Hanna Tetteh on this topic. I have always thought that she had some form of decency to protect. But Oye paaaa, chai, I am disappointed, especially that her former husband, Tony, was alleged to have spoken about her malice and brutalities against family members and the maidservants at home. I seriously doubt her honesty in matters of women’s rights. After all, she seemed to have had a lot of foreign donations to her NGO without any appreciable gains in this field of activism. I am therefore putting it to her that her unfortunate idiocy emanates from her zeal to be an MP after her unsuccessful tenure as a gender Minister, ironically beating on her family folks.

These unappealing women have soon forgotten that they denigrated and verbally lynched a widow who in her bid to campaign for her late husband’s seat in Parliament was maligned with a horrible tag unbefitting feminism, “BLOODY WIDOW”! The NPP has always respected the rights of women, and it is in light of this that the government of His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo has featured more women than any other in the history of this country, especially since our democratic dispensation.

His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo made history by appointing the very first substantive lady Chief-of-Staff ever. She is not just any other lady, but a competent, patriotic, nationalistic, purse-saving, astute politician, who knows the value of being a woman at this high position, hitherto reserved for men only. This of course was #AmplifiedByNana. Majority of her staffers are women, if anyone cares to know. Even on the President’s floor the presence of female staffers is felt, buzzing about on their daily activities of #MakingGhanaGreatAgain. Most of the Ministries have female deputy Ministers, alongside the substantive female Ministers in certain key Ministries.

Go to State Enterprises, there are lots of women empowered to man key positions. If they are not in substantive leadership roles, they are in positions to facilitate the movement of the #GhanaFirstAgenda, unlike the NDC government where womanhood was allegedly insulted, desecrated, and defiled by chauvinist males whose knowledge of books did not come at the snap of their fingers except if they screwed a female MP, Minister, or unfortunate woman caught in the trap of fighting for her job and protecting her chastity.

Shame on the NDC women who shouted “Bloody Widow” at their peer only to wear a mask and scream their lies at the world telling a fake story of disillusionment about women in Ghana. They remind me of the shepherd, who deceitfully kept on shouting wolf wolf until one day when the actual wolf came there was no one to assist and therefore fell prey to his own mendacity.

Women empowerment in the Akufo-Addo government is real, all #AmplifiedBYNana.

By Fadi Dabbousi