When those who cry foul are themselves rotten – Multimedia Journalists of SHAME! - Part I

Feature Article When those who cry foul are themselves rotten – Multimedia Journalists of SHAME! - Part I

The unravelling story coming out of Aker Energy in which they admitted to bribing the Multimedia journalist, Evans Mensah, to do their dirty work or let’s say wipe their dirty slate clean with articles and programmes that sought to create a halo around the heads of the Norwegian titans has come at an opportune time when Multimedia seems to have become the Gog and Magog of media practice in Ghana. It looks like this bribery scandal was routed through the culprit’s media company to give it the semblance of authenticity. Alas, this cat could just not be kept in the bag!

The all-knowing journalists of this farcical media entity do not only spew lies to make the government of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo unpopular, a scheme that keeps flying back into their faces like a ricocheting bullet from the barrel of a defective gun, but they, also, seem to take bribes to cover rot in businesses and dirty deals that have the propensity to suffer the nation heavy losses. Theirs is just to make money no matter the circumstances. After all, they are the only ones who have children and families to care for. The rest of the nation can go to hell and swallow the bitter pill for all they care! E no be so? How nasty!

Evans Mensah carries himself as, and I quote from his Linkedin profile, “a coordinator of cross platform teams for radio, television and online to develop content and ensure accurate, compelling and comprehensive coverage of all political events”! So Evans Mensah, the “truth seeking” liar, corrupter of information, which is skewed in his interest and that of the journalists of multimedia group of unethical journalism, had collected bribes one of which was a United States Dollar bribe of $125,281.21.00 (one hundred and twenty five thousand two hundred and eighty one US Dollars and twenty one cents), which amount is the equivalent of approximately GHC 1,390,621.43 (one million three hundred and ninety thousand six hundred and twenty one Ghana Cedi and forty three pesewas). For that, he, allegedly, liaised with and made moves to influence media houses and practitioners.

You see, as you are cracking your nuts trying to make ends meet, wondering why you have to live at Amasaman or Oyibi and suffer the stress of traffic to commute to and fro work while others with lesser jobs are living in mansions in elite areas, journalists are being bribed to control the nation like Koliko! So, you see, now you know why! In Ghana, the very people who are supposed to be influencers of society are so corrupt that society is going down the drain with their deceitful disposition. Tell me, how different is this Evans Mensah from Hajia4Real? Both are thieves in that the former took dirty money to cover up for a foreign conglomerate of cheaters while the latter took money for aiding and abetting thieves in love scams! The only difference is that Hajia4real is beautiful, and Evans Mensah is ugly. That is all!

Then we have the COPEC guy, Duncan Amoah, who is so cheap as to have sold his soul to the devil with an alleged admission to having collected a bribe from Evans Mensah of GHC25,000 (twenty five thousand Ghana Cedis) and GHC10,000 (ten thousand Ghana Cedis) directly from the Norwegians. I can only imagine how the European thieves must have thought of this sleaze to accept such a miserable bribe in order to turn a blind eye to the nefarious activities of Aker oil! This scenario of Evans Mensah bribing Duncan Amoah with GHC25,000 reminds me of John Dramani Mahama when he announced to the nation that the meat was all gone except the bones with reference to Ghana as a carcass that had been devoured by the NDC, leaving the bones for suffering Ghanaians. In similar manner, Evans Mensah took the meat and gave a small morsel to Duncan Amoah to shut him up and buy his conscience! What a shame!

Don’t be misled by the clamouring of the CSOs (Civil Society Organisations) either. They just make noise when the cake is not shared with a measure of satisfaction. I do not know of any CSO that does any conscientious work for the betterment of the nation. It is all about their pockets. I will one day tell you a story about the head of a think tank, who had tried to twist the arm of Jospong of Zoomlion to collect a small token of the latter’s dirty money as a price for ceasing the noise, but Jospong was smarter by recording him! That certainly shut the think tank Boss forever! Abuuuuzege (guy guy terms)!

Never ever believe in the fables of Multimedia and its joy news. They have played daredevil with the fortunes of the nation. They have gambled with the fortunes of Ghanaians by airing many news articles that were skewed in their favour against the government for the simple reason that their owner does not see eye to eye with the President. Then again how can the owner of multimedia, who superintends over the lies and deceptions of Joynews see eye to eye with President Nana Akufo-Addo for who the miracles of destiny were knit with the needles of heavenly ordinance! A devil cannot see eye to eye with an angel, surely!

Stay tuned for more! In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice. “I SHALL BE BACK”!

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024