Glad Tidings for Bawumia: Victory Comes Beckoning

Feature Article Glad Tidings for Bawumia: Victory Comes Beckoning

There has been a lot of talk about an erroneous fascination in the Alan camp, which insists on the undoable idea that it is their candidate’s time to be voted as flagbearer of the NPP. It seems that their ineffective hocus-pocus is backfiring, reducing further the slim possibilities of Alan ever becoming President of Ghana! It looks like the doors of victory are slammed shut against him! We were lambasted by all in that camp, the good the bad and ugly, when we voiced our dissent in that regard! However, they seem to have the inalienable right to voice obnoxious ideas arrogating to themselves what they do not allow for others.

That said, the successful filing of nomination forms by Dr Bawumia, which occasioned an unprecedented crowd that gathered from all over the country was a clear indication that he is far ahead of other contestants. And the speech he delivered! It was such a bone shaker that even the dead might have felt the tremors that are heralding great things to come. So, would it not be equally pertinent to the campaign of Dr Bawumia for his people to demand that he went unopposed? It is, if you ask me, but, then again, it is not in Bawumia’s genes to go contrary to the dictates of democracy and healthy competition among peers, which makes the idea absolutely untenable in his books.

Recently, I heard a suggestion from Carlos Ahenkorah that sought to beg Dr Bawumia to step down for Hon Alan Kyeremanteng. The most absurd reason given was that the former is younger than the latter, stating that Dr Bawumia has “more time”! Really? So, we were lambasted for shooting down the repulsive “adro wo so” chant only for the same people promoting that mantra to suggest something even more abominable! Their demeanour is more like the aggressor, who after perpetrating their crime cries foul and expects everyone to hasten to their support!

I have always posited that this flagbearership election is more between Dr Bawumia and Hon Kennedy Agyepong than Dr Bawumia and Alan. A recent supposed study put Alan in third place, and I could not agree more! Whether the study was authentic or not, the status quo seems to advance the former scenario. Just as Hon Kennedy stands no chance against Dr Bawumia, so also Alan stands no chance against Kennedy! People have insulted this outspoken giant legislator, yet he is forging ahead! I am of the view that after Dr Bawumia, Hon Kennedy stands a better chance than any other candidate especially Alan, if, and only if, the latter remains resolute to continue with his serial defeats! For now, it is a Bawumia storm; an unstoppable tsunami that has started and is about to sweep the nation in a historic show of unity of purpose to achieve a first ever in everything, primarily the first ever Vice President to take over as President from his Boss, the current President. What an honourable piece of history that would be!


Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024