Hon Boahen Aidoo Was Spot On With His Statement!

Feature Article Hon Boahen Aidoo Was Spot On With His Statement!

A few days ago, Honourable Joseph Boahen Aidoo, CEO of Cocobod, made an emphatic statement that for the sake of the future we must support Dr Bawumia. Some human preprogrammed gizmos jumped at the opportunity to, once again, exhibit the stashes of hay that their heads were well stuffed with. One of them decided to speak like an intoxicated squatter in Medieval Europe of the “Dark Ages” when sense had given way to superstition and a stagnation of reason!

Hon Joseph Boahen Aidoo did not have a eureka moment when he made his declaration. He is an astute politician, who knows how to analyse issues to their logical conclusions and make an informed decision when and where necessary! In this instance, he knew he had to stand where his feet would remain dry and the only bank he was safe on was the Bawumia shore, simplicita! He saw what the misguided did not see and was forewarning the misinformed on the consequences of supporting any other than Dr Bawumia in reference to the strong will to break the eight that we are all singing along! I have just realised that some are, merely, repeating the mantra like confused parrots with no clue as to the way forward!

In this modern age of enlightenment, one can only decide to remain stuck in the thorny thickets of backwardness at their own peril because if you do not have the bullocks to pull out and be emancipated, you will remain that sitting duck, which will, ultimately, be plucked by the innovations of time like a mushroom, albeit the poisonous unwanted kind!

How can you put forward an argument that those who came first were more entitled to the flagbearership position? Alan Kyeremanten’s writer/communicator went ahead to claim that Dr Bawumia was an NDC person before Nana Akufo-Addo nominated him to be his running mate! How absurd and unwise can he be to make such a hateful statement? Did he think for a minute that the Party hierarchy would not have rejected him outrightly? Didn’t he think for a minute that the Party’s steering committee would have thrown him out immediately? If Hajia Alima, a dye-in-the-wool NPP lady, was rejected, being Nana Addo’s first nominee, how come then that a supposed NDC Bawumia was not?

It is this kind of bitterness that Alan’s campaign was laced with especially in 2015 that made him lose unprecedentedly to Nana Akufo-Addo having obtained just 4% of the total valid votes cast! So, when Dr Bawumia was all over, defending the NPP as the only witness in court during the election petition, how come he was an NPP hero then? The very people calling him NDC were the same, crowing like impotent cocks amongst a group of hot hens during the court sessions. You see, that is a fine example of shooting oneself in the foot. In a court of logic and reason, this statement cum argument would be thrown out as frivolous and vexatious, being a direct result of bibulosity and fruitless mental masturbation!

After listening to so much baloney coming from the empty barrels of Alan Kyeremanten’s camp, it is evident that he is struggling to keep his head above the water, a clear reason why he has resorted to all manner of propaganda that is weighing him down. Eventually, he will drown in his lack of commitment to a decent campaign! I am sorry to say this, but then again, that is truth splashed across the skies of the NPP! Such statements emanating from his camp are more damaging to his bid to lead the NPP. They are misleading and deceptive to the extreme. GOD bless NPP!

By Fadi Dabbousi

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024