Now, What Do They Really Take Us For?

Feature Article President John Dramani Mahama
DEC 2, 2016 LISTEN
President John Dramani Mahama

Reputation, reputation, reputation! Oh, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial.”

William Shakespeare , Othello

After watching Mr Hamid’s press conference on Mahama’s alleged attempt to bribe Mr Bugri Naabu to destroy Nana Akufo-Addo, I spent a sleepless night asking myself, “what do those guys really think of the rest of Ghanaians, a bunch of mules that they harness to work for them?” That many gifts just to get one person to destroy your enemy? Then what?

They may wish to deny and crow all they like, but every Ghanaian with the brain power of a five year old kindergarten child knows that it is true because what they attempted to do with Bugri Naabu is no different from what Mahama has done to chiefs and so-called opinion leaders around the country, just plain dehumanising. It is the same thing with the Mahama lap tops, Mahama sewing machines, Mahama student mattresses, etc. It is so crude and unintelligent. What he is basically saying is “I know I have not achieved anything worth your while, considering the resources that have been available to me, In fact, I have screwed up big time, but let us come to a deal, ‘”eat and let me eat and keep me up there.”

And with the “toaso” slogan”, he goes on to say that, “I will do the same, perhaps even worse to you the next time around”. Any person or group of persons who take any kind of inducement to vote for Mahama on Wednesday demeans, devalues and lowers himself or herself several rungs down the human ladder!

It is like a dog owner throwing a bone to his dog to get it to do something it ordinarily wouldn’t do, something as gross as biting another pet or human being. In so doing, the dog owner lowers himself to the level of his dog. In other words, this kind of crude bribery does not only dehumanise the taker but the giver as well. It is sickening. Shame on you lot!

Now Ghanaians do not need Dr Bawmina’s brilliant analyses to understand how the $32 billion dollar hole in the country’s loan portfolio came about. John Mahama made his brother “Director of State Contracts” and placed his numerous siblings, children and concubines in strategic positions to cream off state resources into the bank accounts of their ghost companies, to build a war chest for the purpose of buying the presidency after a bumbling judge made him president by default in August 2013.

This bribery thing is real filth the likes of which cannot be found anywhere even in darkest Africa! After this descent into the sewers, can any of the people across the room from Mr Bbugri Naabu look their own children in the face and teach them about respect for other people’s property? Can they honestly teach their children to respect other people’s intelligence expect and same from them? I do not think so.

And this is why our country has sunk into such moral turpitude over the past three decades. While preaching probity, transparency, accountability and other high ‘faluting’ -isms, our leaders have done exactly the opposite. While one of Africa’s finest education systems was disappearing into the abyss, they lied to their children’s friends as they spirited their own children to superior schools, the hated “private” schools that they claimed nurtured elitism in Ghanaian society.

Of course with their loot from state coffers, they could buy places in the few remaining decent high schools and when all that failed, they could always send their children overseas, while lying about how those countries being our mortal enemies, people who did not wish us well in anything. Now, their own children have been primed to return and exploit their half-educated compatriots, the drop-outs and casualties of the failed system, for their political advancement, just as their parents conned well educated half-wits in their time.

The other side of my nightmare was the deathly silence of Saint JJ Rawlings, the guardian saint of Oman Ghana. What exactly does he say about this piece rotten meat from the edifice he nurtured and foisted on the hapless people of Ghana? Or is it a matter of the student outfoxing his master?

Fellow Ghanaians, we have had enough spittle thrown in our faces by these scoundrels and looters under the wretched umbrella. Let us show them our displeasure by throwing them into the dustbin of history on Wednesday.

I would be extremely disappointed if after this despicable insult on our intelligence as a nation, up to one million Ghanaians can stoop low enough to vote for John Dramani Maham on Wednesday December 8th.

I am not finished yet.

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