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23.11.2015 Feature Article

Forget About World Peace And Seek Cover – The Western Produced Monsters Are Ready Willing And Available To Kill

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Before you start reading this, please observe a minute of silence for all innocent souls that perished in the crossfire between the ignorant Western countries and the monsters they woke up to eat innocent souls. May the innocent souls rest in perfect peace.

From October 31st to today as I write this article, ISIS has succeeded in killing about 600 people outside their strongholds. Note that the rats have killed more than 100 times this number; the reason why this is worth mentioning is the fact that they killed these people outside their strong holds, and in fact, within areas people thought they could not penetrate.

What this implies is that we must all seek safer grounds away from the missiles of these pigs rather than thinking of when they will leave us in peace. The truth of the matter is that, ISIS just like Al-Qaida has come to stay – thanks to the ignorant and so-called super powers and their war-manufacturing foreign policies.

I shall not devote time talking about terrorist groups because I believe doing so glorifies them and give them some form of publicity. They are animals, indeed animals are better than they are. This means, they are so disgusting, horrible and useless that one cannot get a heavy waited evil to make a clear comparison. As such, I am not wasting time on such pigs! I am going straight to what brought me here.

America and its allies have all the time created global mess, only to turn around looking for so-called solutions. They have the best schools, best technology and the best of teachers, yet they learn not. When you expect them to know better, that is when they do not even “know good.” They have tried to impose their economic policies, religious and moral codes, and even their non-existing culture on other regions, just in the name of so-called democracy; but in almost all instances that they did, the result is mayhem, chaos, bloodshed and torture to innocent and powerless souls.

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned how these know-nothing non-existing superpowers cheat African countries in the name of child labor. In American movies, there are children as young as four playing roles and earning income out of it. Babies take part in fashion parades and in fact modeling. Yet when a cocoa farmer in the southern belt of Ghana is teaching his little boy how to extract cocoa beans from the pod, these hypocrites will call it child labor.

They fail to understand that the environments are different; they expect our children to be modeling and acting like theirs, forgetting that ours is an agrarian nation where about 60% depend on agriculture for survival. Just as they train their kids to foster continuity in Hollywood, so must we train our children to keep the cocoa farms alive. The reason why I brought this point is just to give you an idea as to how these so-called civilized societies impose their beliefs and codes on us to keep us backward and in most instances create global disability.

Now back to the main issue that brought me in front of my computer. There is one single thing the Western countries must know and accept – and it is that there is no such a thing as a super power or a world leader. Any effort to manufacture and or self-claim such a position is going to produce what we are seeing today. The different countries around the world do not only have different time zones and climate conditions, there are millions of socio-cultural differences embedded in each nation’s social structures , so much that, any attempt to impose actions that succeeded in one country on another will lead to total chaos. It is just this basic principle that these Western countries cannot understand and are going everywhere manufacturing wars.

To buttress the points raised above, I will be concentrating much on American foreign policies and how they relate to its culture, but not even close to the culture of Africa and the troubled Middle East – and why any effort to force these American culture-driven policies on any other country will breed war that will never end.

Per my experience and observation, a family in an average American society is best described as a man and his wife, their children and the family dog. Any other person outside this class is an intruder, and will not be welcomed to the family home beyond certain limits. In such a society, the problem of a family is what affects the father, mother, their children and or their dog. They are the only people who will rise and defend one another.

Because of the limited number of people considered in the family, it is very easy for conflicts to die off. When the parents die and the kids marry, any painful history that existed in the family will be archived. That is why it is easy for a member of one family to kill someone from another, and have the case end at the court level – it has nothing so much to do with civilization and or the effective nature of the court system; but so much to do with the family size in addition to what I just described.

The proverb that when your parents take care of you to have your teeth, you must take care of them to lose theirs, does not apply in American societies. When your parent is too old to take care of him or herself, all you do is dump him or her at the elderly home; and wait patiently for them to call and inform you to come for the carcass. The highest level of care for parents does not really go beyond buying flowers for them on a parents’ day.

In this type of society, it is easy to kill a leader and replace him without extended chaos – because the intensity of the issue dies as the family grows old. This is however very different from most African and middle Eastern countries. A family in these societies can be an entire community in a town or the entire town itself. When harm is done to one member of the family, it is taken and owned by all members of it. Such issues become important history in the family that are passed from one generation to another.

I come from a small royal family in Gbambaya, a suburb of Tamale. I never met my grandfather who left us a record of taking three chieftaincy tiles before his death. Indeed the oldest of my siblings did not meet him. He was the chief of Namvili, left there for Kunyevila and finally died as Paring Naa Tia I in Gbambaya. When I was growing up, my father told me why he left Kunyevila for Gbambaya when the former is heavier than the latter.

According to my dad, they had a farm near Sagnarigu whose paramount chief enskinned my grandfather. As royal wives, the Sagnarigu queen mothers never deemed it necessary to ask for permission from a sub chief who is under their husband before taking vegetables from his farm. As such, they will always come and fill their baskets with whatever they wish. My stubborn father and his brothers met the women one day and all turned hell – they threw stones at them and called them names. This led to sanctions that angered my grandfather and he returned the Sagnarigu throne and headed to Chogu for the Gbambaya skin. From then, a sour relationship existed between our family and the very Sagnarigu royal family – note not the kingdom, but that very family: such that, marriage was not even allowed between the families.

Since my dad narrated the story to me, I saw the other family as “our” enemies and supported every action our family took against them. My son already knows this story, and every member of the family, which extends beyond 20 villages, can narrate it to you.

In African and Middle Eastern societies, history about fights between children and even that of women at the market place is kept and passed from one generation to another: and in most instances, the history is not just kept, it is revenged in cases that recorded fatalities. That is why American and other Western – led policies can never bring peace in such societies. Their strategy is to “remove” the leader who will not succumb to their dictatorship for someone they can remote control, and they will do that even if that means killing the current leader.

Libya for instance was a relatively peaceful country until Obama joined hands with France to murder its leader. They thought the death of Gadhafi was all they needed to get their puppy to the presidency and maintain peace. Unfortunately, they did not study the society. Gadhafi belonged to a family, clan, an ethnic group and in fact, a big village who will never forget what happened to their own. The ignorant West believe that wiping away Gadhafi’s children will end it – unfortunately it will not.

The extended family at Sirte will not let it go, they will revenge what happened to their son; and even if the current generation cannot do so much, the history will live forever. No wonder there are several rebel groups in Libya after Gadhafi, and the country has become so attractive to terrorist that, ISIS has one of its slaughterhouses there.

This simple explanation is why we should forget about global peace and seek individual hideouts. This is why there shall not be peace in Libya, Iraq and Egypt among others. This is why the Western countries must leave the Syrian leader alone. It is indeed very surprising why US is going everywhere trying to restore peace when it cannot maintain one internally. There are at least 30,000 gun related deaths every year in the US – this is enough a big war to worry about. If you are so good at ending violence, then do so internally.

One thing the Western nations also fail to understand is the fact that “we” have arranged societies which to the larger extent determines who occupies what position at what time and why. They want every nation to be like the European countries or America. In most Arab societies for instance, leadership is family based and rotate based on predetermined cycles. Any attempt to change such cycles in the name of so-called democracy will lead to what we are witnessing today. For instance, we all know the next king of Saudi if the crowned prince is blessed with long life. I shall never be surprise if the Western nations want this arrangement changed for the so-called democracy.

They infiltrate societies and poison the minds of a few selfish individuals to create terror; yet, they will not want us to introduce our beliefs and codes in their societies. They use their own way of understanding and doing things to judge how others should do it. They want to force their culture, politics and belief systems on others in the name of democracy and human rights – but what they are not thinking of is that every nation sees itself as a sovereign one. Any attempt by anyone at any anytime and at any place, to dictate what should be done, how it should be done and who should do it will be resisted with all efforts possible.

Cultural relativism requires that we put ourselves in the shoes of others, unfortunately the Western nations understood it as to put others in our shoes. There is a proverb in Ghana that the sex organ of an ant is a fit for its wife, yet these so-called super powers want to mate a bull and a female ant; the product will definitely be mayhem, terror and mass murder.

One thing the world must know about global terrorism is that the individuals committing it are not religious – they are disgruntled idiots who saw no other way to seek revenge than killing the innocent; and with the help of Western countries, their numbers are increasing.

For a single day that I pick my bag and head to the train station, I know that it may be my last day on earth. I might never at all come out: and in fact, my body might never even be recovered; because you never know who is boarding the train with you. All because the ignorant US leaders and their ignorant Western colleagues succeeded in producing enough vampires to consume us one after the other.

In their unsolicited ignorant efforts to create democratic societies, America and its allies created terrorist who are denying its citizens the freedom they claim exits. Until these ignorant self-claimed super powers start minding their own business, we should all be seeking hiding grounds, as global peace will be an endangered phenomenon.

May all those who lost their lives to these senseless violence find peace…and for we those alive, may we be shielded from the weapons of these evils.

I will be back.

Abubakari Sadiq Iddrisu

Assurance/Audit Staff, Ernst and Young LLP, NY.

Certified Public Accountant, NY.

Member, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

MBA Public Accounting, Iona College, NY.

B.A. Economics, Lehman College, NY.

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Abubakari Sadiq Iddrisu
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