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Why Spiritrualize Common Sense

Why Spiritrualize Common Sense
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ESUNU NYANSA ENA ESUNU AJWIN was the common adage I have always been fed with anytime I behave “foolishly”. Common sense is like a deodorant those who need it most never use it. Journeying through the Eastern block of Ghana- Volta Region on an academic escapade to gain my personal experience of what independence really is in the St. Paul’s Secondary School( SPACO).

I have practically come across, heard and participated in an act of praying with specific averment like “ Supernatural Power of God identify all my exams papers with an A+”. And the next day our books are under the pillow, the pen in the trunk and text books with friends. We find our ways to Vicabamba Night Club not far from Denu in the Volta Region whiles our friends who don’t participate in the spiritual gymnastics stick to their books.

What was the result? Blaming colleagues and a spirit in another world for our failures, envying folks for their success which came through the veins of hard work and discipline, drinking to try and forget the fact that tomorrow exist and shifting every blame on our parents who gave birth to us but one way or the other forgot that we exist. Won’t society consider your biological father to be a moron when he pays your fees, pays the bill, shelter you and worst of all studies for you. Won’t nature stop nurturing creation if the man who waters the garden goes to sleep? Man must come to a common conclusion that the faith that lives everything to God is an irresponsible faith.

Eating junk food at night and praying for good health could be equated to what our council members refer to as Factum Imprestabile. Praying for excellent grades whiles your books and yourself Parts Company is like waiting for a ship at the airport. Craving for a glorious marriage and spurning proposals and weighing classicism is almost like waiting for sugar in the sea, you may have to create your own life partner. And wishing for a national development whiles under the auspices and conditional surveillance of an IMF aid will surely have a mathematical outcome of Cos90.

If personal development is the grass root for national development why blame our ancestors for their do’s and don’ts and not take responsibility for our inefficiency. God created the body tentacles for reasonable reasons, man abuse them for selfish reasons. And the two shall be one, yet you live your spouse at home and go for a prayer meeting alone and expect and angel to take care of her. You sleep for 8 hours and come to the work place to use productive working hours for prayer time and when your boss try to draw your attention you say he is not spiritual. Why this spiritual connotations?

What could cause people to neglect the productive use of their medullary and expect a deity to fill in the lacuna: Could it be laziness, contrasting doctrines from the pulpits, frivolous promises from the castle, amateur exposure or witchery? I wish I could say YES to all these but you judge for yourself.

Development in any person or nation’s life is traceable to work not words. Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi , Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Marcus Garvey can testify to that and I know the nation Singapore will not deny it. To grow from wishing to working starts with the mind. Why? Every man you see today is a product of information conceived yesterday. If we can stop snoring and start working, if we can ignore insults and produce results, if we can halt groaning and start growing and if we can stop borrowing and start building our portfolios with the little resource we have then God can intervene. He whom much is given much is expected and who ever can manage the little will definitely have much.

The young shall grow but let’s keep this in mind : “THE GREAT CITY PENINSULA WAS NOT PERMABULATED BY A SINGLE ROTATION OF THE EARTH”. Thus taking responsibility of our irresponsibility is a sign of maturity…..

R. Duafah

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