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Whose Blood Will Be Required From Your Hands?

Whose Blood Will Be Required From Your Hands?
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There is an unpalatable verdict on the life of every man that waters down on the need for soul winning. Soul-winning to God is a matter of life and death. He can go to every length and breadth to ensure that a soul is saved because of the value He placed on the human soul. However, there are consequences to the neglect of such great a task call soul winning. Analyze the scripture below:

When I say to the wicked, Thou shall surely DIE: and thou giveth him not warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked ways to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; BUT his BLLOD WILL I REQUIRE AT THINE HAND.(Ezekiel 3:18).

God is saying that “if sinners feel comfortable around us and we refused to tell them about their imminent doom and the way of escape, He will demand their blood from us”. Do you have any known sibling that is wallowing in sin and yet you haven’t developed the guts to tell them about the Gospel of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ? Have you ever chanced on a galore of sinful spree in any area and didn’t have the guts to present Jesus Christ to the participants? Man of God! Have you ever watched sinners going to the hell and still prophesied to them that “the world will celebrate them?” Then I am sorry to say the verdict stipulated above is likely to be on our head. This is not a prophecy of doom, this is true. Everybody on earth including atheists are just clay sustained by the breath of God, when that breath is taken away there is a place for the unsaved call THE LAKE OF FIRE prepared for any man who die unsaved, God’s agenda is for us to at least preach to these people, if they repent, fine and if they refuse, we are free from the murder charge.

If we don’t pick up the bible and enter the market to tell the traders that “it is good to sell”, however HELL is real and HEAVEN is not a mirage, their blood will be required from us. If we don’t put our pride aside and reach out to the millennial that education is good but ETERNITY is a place of permanence and so whiles schooling, they should ensure they are save, we will produce bunch of sinful captains of industries who will end up in HELL. If we don’t master courage to preach the real JESUS CHRIST to those herbalists in clericals on our pulpits, we will keep producing members after the kind of a preacher whose sad story will end with “I KNEW YOU NOT”. If we don’t gather capacity and tell our parent that “Papa/Mama, I honor you and your love for me but please you have to be saved”, we will have good and responsible parent who will be on their way to Hell. The sad thing is their blood will be required from us. WHOSE BLOOD SHALL BE REQUIRED FROM YOUR HANDS?

If we have the foggiest clue about the value of a soul, we won’t rest until a soul is saved. God can go any length to see to it that a soul is saved; He gave His only son Jesus Christ to ensure man is saved. He placed a woman’s husband called Jonah in the belly of a fish and rendered him comfortless until Niniveh is saved. And Apostle Paul was beaten with rods, hide under deep sea, stoned by his own people, and became a victim to armed robbery just because he has to ensure a city is saved. And when he finished this was his testimony in Act 20:26 “… I testify to you this day that I AM FREE FROM THE BLOOD OF ALL MEN’. Can we also say this in the environment where we live? God have mercy on us. WHOSE BLOOD WILL BE REQUIRED FROM YOUR HANDS?

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! I avail myself to be used. Grant me grace to pay the price to work for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

R. Duafah

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