18.02.2015 Feature Article

This Earth Where Gold Is A Sin

This Earth Where Gold Is A Sin
18.02.2015 LISTEN

Pra cannot overflow her banks again
Densu suffocates at the hands of filth
Offin is wailing
The mouth of Korle is a pungent smell

The waters are running backwards

Greens are withering
The jungle has broken her virginity
Savannah has visited the land
And its hostile winds
Blind the peasants

The earth is cursed
The mosaic landscape
Has fallen
The breasts of teen girls have fallen like their aged-mothers

Liberty is an illusion

Adansi was and still is golden
Ahafo has sexed out its new nuggets
Offin continues to vomit her adornments
Akyim is breeding her pearls
Obuasi is the dust

The golden mask of King Kofi Kolkalli is a relish

The womb of Ashanti is pregnant with gold
But the dynamites are breaking the ears of her inhabitants
Mercury is in their bellies
And they cannot vomit gold
The people are gasping

This earth is a stranger to her own

The sins of Gold
In our land
Cannot be bought
Even with the Lamb's blood!

The torchbearers have slumbered too long a generation!

Adama Bukari
13:00 CET
Somewhere in Europe

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