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By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); [email protected],

If thorough transformation of North Afrikans into Arabs in the name of Islam is not enough evidence to silence those who naively think Islam/Moslem has nothing to do with Arab power, domination and exploitation of Afrikans in the name of their Arab religion of Islam, the thorough and complete Christianization of 99 percent of Diaspora Afrikans in the name of freedom of worship, is another classical example of how the White Man has used his White Man Religion of Christianity to WESTERNIZE AND DE-AFRIKANIZE 99% OF DIASPORA AFRIKANS without their least knowledge of it .

Hence, in White USA, Europe, South America, and our Islands nations , the majority of Diaspora Afrikans who live there are either Christians or Moslems.

As far as they are concerned, religion to them can only be Christianity or Islam but never their Ancestral Religion of AFRIKANITY .

This means, most of them, especially in White USA have totally lost their Continental Afrikan Religion they brought with them and which kept them together and empowered them from within to survive their hell of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism in their Westernized, alien or foreign worlds or environments they now call and die for as their own .

Most of them have become so depended on, addicted to and enslaved

by the doctrines of Christianity that even in most of our "Black" churches today, it is not uncommon to find hanging on the walls, pictures of "white" God, "white" Jesus and "white" saints.

The "white" man's version of the Bible is their law. They all wear the

"white" Man dress, bear the "white" names, think like the "white", see the Creator with the eyes of the "white" man, and consider Afrikan Religion of their Ancestors, irrelevant, obsolete and backward to the religion of their White Masters they are programmed to hail and die for as better than, superior to and the only religion that can save them from sin and take them to heaven .

Some of them "Black" Christians in USA, like their "white" masters, went, go and will still go to Continental Afrika to "save" and "civilize" non-Christian Continental Afrikans they consider lost and without religion worth practicing or paying attention to .

In the name of Christianity and the promise of heaven, Diaspora Afrikan Christians have developed slave, colonial and neo-colonial mentalities that make them accept "cheerfully" their chronic enslavement, domination, control, exploitation and suffering in the hands of their "white" masters.

In other words, the "white" powers and Christian missionaries have used and still use Christianity to make Diaspora Afrikans not only to Westernize them in the name of religion but to make their domination, control and exploitation easier and invisible to them .

Like in Continental Afrika, it turns them into better students, loyal allies, more zealous gatekeepers and grateful assistants and better stooges and better sufferers in the white man's hell they call their homes.

By successfully depriving Diaspora Afrikans of their Continental Afrikan Religion, which was once their religious and spiritual root, identity and power, it made and still makes the perpetual enslavement and colonization of the minds of Christian Diaspora Afrikans easier and totally invisible for them to see let alone fight against and free themselves from .

The more they continue to embrace, promote , practice and suffer in silence the havoc and damages of the colonialism of the White man's Religion of Christianity they now call their own, the more uprooted, confused, lost and doomed they will become as the only people on earth without their own created religion as Diaspora Afrikans.

However , in their attempts to set themselves free from the religious enslavement and colonization of Diaspora Afrikans by Christianity, few Diaspora Afrikans have embraced Islam only to realize secretly that they are only running from the Western religious frying pan into the Arab religious Fire ..

All because Islam is as alien and dangerous to Continental Afrikans as does Christianity they have rejected.

In the name of the Arab Religion of Islam, the few Anti-Christian Diaspora Afrikans who have turned themselves into Moslems especially in USA and Europe are being turned into the photocopies of the Arabs in the same way North African Moslems have been transformed into photocopies of the Arab without their least knowledge .

As Diaspora African Moslems they call themselves members of Nation of Islam instead of fighting for Nation of Afrika and dress Arab instead of Afrikan.

They call the Creator not in their Afrikan Language they have lost but in the Arab language of Arabic .

They read Arabic Bible called the Koran and will laugh when told of or presented with their own Holy AFRIKABIBLE they know nothing of and don't want to know anything about .

They learn and speak Arabic they have been programmed to accept as the only Holy language their Arab Creator Allah can speak and understand .

They pray toward Arabic city called the Mecca they consider holy instead of praying towards and for their Continental Ancestral Homeland as the world's First Holy, Sacred and Divine Land as the Mother of all Human Beings .

They pay homage to an Arab Prophet they call Mohammed instead of their own than an Continental Afrikan Prophet.

They proudly name themselves and their children after Arab names instead of the names of their Afrikan Ancestors .

They think, speak and behave as Arabs and look at the Creator and the world with Arab eyes instead of with their Continental Afrikan Eyes of their Afrikan religion .

And yet still they consider themselves better informed and awakened than their Counterpart Christian brothers and sisters.

Some of them too continue to proclaim that they can still be Afrikans and Moslems at the same time without becoming Arabs.

But when asked why they have they have to change their names into Arab names or pray to the Arab Creator Allah in Arabic instead of praying to the own Creator AFRIKAMAWU IN THEIR OWN AFRIKAWAY or why do they have to dress Arab instead of Afrikan or read Arab Bible in Arab language instead of their own Holy AfrikaBible in their own Afrikan language or pray towards and for Arab city of Mecca instead of praying for and toward their Ancestral continental Afrikan Homeland etc , they become defensive and start calling for Jihad to wipe off all non-Moslems they call infidels from the surface of the earth .

Like their fellow Christians, they are totally dead to their Continental Afrikan Religion and Root which makes it impossible for them to see let alone accept the havoc Islam is causing them as "Diaspora African" Moslems.

However, whether our today's Diaspora African Christians and Moslems are too blind to see or know what the White Man religion of Christianity or the Arab Religion of Islam they are following today and dying to promote and preserve are not their Religion but the Religions of the White Man and the Arab which they use to Westernize and Arabanize them in the name of religion so as to make their de-Afrikanization and Western and Arab domination , control, influence and exploitation invisible to them and easier to accept without any challenge from them let alone fight to liberate themselves from their present hell of Western and Arab religious colonialism, ignorance, disconnection, uprootment , suffering and decay .

That is why many are the Afrikacentric Continental/Diaspora Afrikans who believe and think that , whether they like it or not or agree with it or not, the fact still remains that no true Conscious or Afrikacentric Continental/Diaspora Afrikan/Islander worth the name can be a Christian or a Moslem without becoming dead to and disconnected from the Power and the Benefits of their Continental Afrikan Religion of Afrikanity let alone betraying it .

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *,

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