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29.11.2013 Feature Article

If All Cont/diaspora Afrikans Became "african Americans"

If All Cont/diaspora Afrikans Became
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IF ALL AFRIKANS BECAME AFRICAN AMERICANS OR THE GENOCIDE OF TURNING CONTINENTAL/DIASPORA AFRIKANS INTO AFRICAN AMERICANS, By COPYRIGHT (2013) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P. (Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *, Emails: [email protected],

If all today's One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans BECAME African Americans or Black

Our AfrikaIdentity will be dead and buried alive in the Cemetery of Western/Arab/Jewish Identities

Our AfrikaName will be forgotten and Replaced by Western/Arab/Jewish Names

Our AfrikaCulture Will no longer be Practised on the Altar of Western/Arab/Jewish Cultures

Our AfrikaPersonality will be a Taboo word to Utter in the Fire of our Western/Arab/Jewish Personalities

We shall be practising Western/Arab/Jewish Cultures and ways of life and no more of our AfrikaCulture

We shall no more Bear AfrikaNames but Western/Arab/Jewish names

We shall all Dress Western/Arab/Jewish and no more Afrikan

We shall all Eat Western/Arab/Jewish and No more Afrikan

We shall all live in Western/Arab/Jewish Styles or Controlled Worlds and no more in our AfrikaWorld

We shall Think Western/Arab/Jewish and no more Afrikan

We shall Speak to Each Other in Foreign Languages instead of in our own Continental and National AfrikaLanguages

If all today's Afrikans Were Turned into African Americans, We shall Act Western/Arab/Jewish and no more Afrikan

We shall live like Photocopies of the White Man,

Live like Photocopies of the White Woman ,

Live like Photocopies of the Arab or
Live like Photocopies of the Jew and no more like Afrikan

We shall See the World and Life with and through Western/Arab/Jewish Eyes instead of our Continental AfrikaEyes

Cooking Continental Afrikan Will be Salt in the Water of Eating Foreign and of the Western/Arab/Jewish/Chinese Cooking we die for

Eating Afrikan will be Air in the hands of Eating Western/Arab/Jewish/Chinese

We shall be educating ourselves the Western/Arab/Jewish ways and no more the AfrikaWay

The White man Religion of Christianity and the Arab Religion of Islam shall reign Supreme on the Carcasses of our Continental AfrikaReligion of Afrikanity

Our Philosophy of Life will be Western/Arab/Jewish and no more Afrika-Based and Oriented

If all today's Afrikans Were Turned into African Americans , Our AfrikaWay of Being shall be replaced by the Western/Arab/Jewish ways of Being

Our AfrikaWay of Thought shall be Replaced by the Western/Arab/Jewish ways of Life

Our AfrikaWay of Doing Things will be Replaced by Western/Arab/Jewish ways of doing things

We shall be solving our Problems in Life the Western/Arab/Jewish ways and no more the AfrikaWay

We shall be Experiencing our Creator AFRIKAMAWU within us the Western/Judeo/Arab ways and no more the AfrikaWay

We shall become Addicted to Western/Judeo/Arab Bibles instead of our own AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE

We shall become the Products of Western/Arab/Jewish Creations rather than the AfrikaProducts of our AfrikaCreation

If all today's Afrikans Were Turned into African Americans , We shall be rewarded With Foreign Crumbs for Turning ourselves into the PERFECT PHOTOCOPIES OF THE WHITE MAN ,





THE JEW Without our least Knowledge and with our Full Support

Our Women shall be rewarded for Turning their AfrikaHair into the White Woman Hair and our Men rewarded for Shaving at all Cost their Natural and Gorgeous AfrikaHair into the Gorilla Look

We shall only be allowed to Be ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING EXCEPT BEING AFRIKAN in Thoughts, Words and Deeds

If all today's Afrikans Were Turned into African Americans , We can only Govern ourselves the Western/Arab/Jewish ways and never the AfrikaWay

We can only Develop ourselves the Foreign ways instead of Developing ourselves the AfrikaWay

Our Leaders Can only be Educated and Trained the Western/Arab/Jewish Ways and Kept in Power by their Foreign Creators to Serve Not the Needs of their People but the Needs of their Foreign Creators and Controllers

White House or
the French House of Champs Elysee or
the British House of Number Ten or
Arab House of Mecca or
Jewish House of Jerusalem and not our AfrikaHouse shall become the
Ultimate Political Prize For all Foreignized Cont/Diaspora Africans to Aspire to and
Be Rewarded with for Passing their Test of
TOTAL Loyalty to their Systems which
keep our People Self-Ignorant,
Impoverished ,
Christianized or

If all today's Afrikans Were Turned into African Americans , Progress becomes Consuming Only What we don't Produce and Produce only What we don't Eat

Trade becomes Selling them For Peanut Prices, the Best Riches of our Land while they Sell to us, at Higher Prices, their economic, social and political Leftovers, Surpluses and Crumbs which they will not even give to their Dogs

Investment becomes Giving them all our MEAT while we Fight over their Bones thrown at us from time to time for being such good allies

Only they must have all the Top Notch Weapons to defend, protect and guarantee their Total Supremacy over us while we must only have their Surplus/Leftover/Outmoded Weapons/Ammunition they allow us to have and which cannot touch them but only Kill or Frighten our People into Submission to their Domination and Control over us with our full support

Our Glorious Continental AfrikaHistory will be the Thing of the Past And will be Cannibalized by Western/Arab/Jewish Versions of our AfrikaHistory

Our Rich Continental AfrikaWorld will be Looted Dry by Western/Arab/Jewish/Chinese Looters with our Full Support

Our Wonderful Continental AfrikaLand will be turned into British, French, American, Arab and Portuguese COLONIES to make them Kings over us

Their Foreign Colonies will be turned into Politically, Economically and Socially Non-viable States WITHOUT NATION to keep us Dependent on their Foreign Crumbs, Leftovers, Surpluses , Aids , Charity and Pity We are Programmed to hail and die for as our “ independence, sovereignty , progress, change , development, growth , success” in the prisons of their Foreign boundaries

If all today's Afrikans Were Turned into African Americans , We shall be imprisoned within Colonial Boundaries kept alive neocolonially to keep us perpetually dependent on,
enslaved by
addicted to everything Foreign and totally Ignorant and Contemptuous of everything Afrikan

If all today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans WERE OR BECAME AFRICAN-AMERICAN, it will be normal for us the World First Beings to

be called Third World people while we
gladly call those who came from us , the World First

We the world's first Developed Human Beings shall
be called and treated as
the world's Underdeveloped beings

We the owners of the Richest Continent on
earth shall be turned into
the world's most Impoverished Place on earth for
our easy domination and control

That is why they are now sending back to the Motherland, our own

AFRICA-AMERICANIZE us for them instead of

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Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat (PhD), © 2013

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