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Why No True Afrikan Can Be A Moslem

Why No True Afrikan Can Be A Moslem
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How Arabs Use their Arab Religion we call Islam to Arabanize/de-Afrikanize Cont/Diaspora Afrikans

© 2013 PROF. AFRIKADZATA DEKU, Docteur d'Etat, Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P. (Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

*Islam is not in Continental/Diaspora Afrika to save Afrika because

* Islam is not a Universal Religion but Arab Religion Imposed on Afrikans with the SWORD

*Islam promotes Arab concept of the Creator instead of the AfrikaConcept of the Creator

*Islam exists to promote the Arab practice of the Creator and not the AfrikaPractice of the Creator

*Islam is Death to our Continental AfrikaReligion of AFRIKANITY it considers inferior

*To be a Moslem is to be kept ignorant of our Continental AfrikaReligion of Afrikanity

*To be a Moslem is to become disconnected and uprooted from the Power and Benefits of our AFRIKANITY

*Islam promotes the Arab Name for the Creator instead of our Continental AfrikaDivine Name of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU

*Its Holy Book is the Arab Holy Bible which exists at the expense our AfrikaHolyBible

*It can only be practised in Arabic Language considered the Only Holy and Divine Language their Arab God can understand and never in our AfrikaLanguages considered by Islam as Unclean

*Islam is not in Afrika to save Afrika because those who brought it to us are over-zealous and faithful Arab Supremacist Agents in the service of Arab Conquest, Domination and Control of the Richest Continent on earth .

*Islam is thus a Secret Invisible religious Atomic Weapon in the hands of Arab Powers and their faithful agents in power for them all over Afrika to ARABANIZE or DE-AFRIKANIZE or turn Continental/Diaspora Afrikans into Non-Afrikan, Anti-Afrikan, Self-ignorant Afrikan, Non-Human, Things, Properties, Peripheries or Photocopies to make it easier and more palatable to buy, sell, own, conquer, colonize, dominate, control, use, abuse, civilize, enslave, develop or do with us as they please with our full support in self-ignorance.

*Islam programs Afrikans to accept its racist lie that it is Better than our AfrikaReligion from which it came in the first place and without which there would be no Judaism to give birth to Christianity and for Christianity to give birth to Islam which are all reigning supreme today over the carcasses of our Afrikanity as the world's first Religion on Earth and Mother Religion of all our today's world religions .

*Islam conditions Continental/Diaspora Afrikans to believe its Arab Supremacist Lie that

it is superior to our own AfrikaReligion which was once, the One and Only Universal Divine Religion of all Humanity in Afrika.

*Islam is therefore an Ungrateful Child who turns her back at Her One and Only Mother AfrikaReligion of Afrikanity from whom she originated and without whom there will be no Islam today to reward us to spit on our own Three Million Year old Continental AfrikaReligion of Afrikanity .

*Islam is Anti-Afrikan for getting us die for its Genocide LIE that the AfrikaReligion of our Continental AfrikaSaints is nothing but pagan, fetish, stone, barbaric, archaic and inferior religion which it is not true but a big lie .

*Islam is the religion of Arab slave and colonial masters kept alive in Afrika by Arab Oil Money to destroy, replace and displace our AfrikaReligion at all cost and by any means necessary .

*Islam imposes on Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, Arab definitions of Religion that robs them of all Knowledge of their own Continental AfrikaDefinition of Religion .

*Islam heaps on Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, Arab concepts of Religion that glorify and sanctify their Arab Religion of Islam as Allah-sent Universal religion for Afrika .

*Islam dumps on Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, Arab practices of religion that keep us totally ignorant of the Power and Pride of our Sacred and Ancient AfrikaReligious practices of our AfrikaSaints .

*Islam conditions Continental/Diaspora Afrikans to accept and die for Arab religion of Islam, of Arab God of Allah, of Arab Prophet , Arab Saints , Arab Concept of Heaven, Arab Bible, Arab Place of Worship , Arab Faith, Arab belief system, Arab doctrine imposed on us to KEEP US IGNORANT OF AND UPROOTED FROM AND ROB US of the Limitless Power, Benefits, Security, Pride and Dignity of our own Creator AFRIKAMAWU inspired and based Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaReligion of

Afrikanity under the Protection of our Continental AfrikaSaints and in Harmony with our Holy AfrikaSpirit through our own Holy AfrikaBible , Faith and Doctrine which alone are Destined to save all today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans from their today's Hell of religious colonialism and ignorance which we are programmed to hail as our Religion but which can never be but the religion of the Arab slave masters we now call friends and partners.

*Islam offers Continental/Diaspora Afrikans , Arab Concept of the Creator while Afrikanity offers us the AfrikaConcept of our Creator whose Holy Image we are made of

*Islam offers Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, Arab Practice of Religion while Afrikanity offers us our AfrikaConcept of Religion which makes us practise Religion the AfrikaWay and not the Arab ways .

*Islam locks Continental/Diaspora Afrikans up in the invisible hell of Arab Religion which keeps them ignorant of and disconnects them from the Power of their Afrikanity while Afrikanity sets free Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, in the Heaven of their own Continental AfrikaReligion of Afrikanity .

*Islam teaches Continental/Diaspora Afrikans lies about Heaven, Hell, Sin, Judgment, Salvation while Afrikanity teaches Afrikans the Ancient AfrikaTruth of Heaven and Hell

*For any Continental/Diaspora Afrikan to prefer Islam to Afrikanity is to prefer the Version to the Original, the Bones to the Meat or Hell to Heaven or Self-Ignorance to Self-Knowledge .

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