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01.01.2010 General News

Baptist Convention President ask Ghanaians to have positive vision

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Kumasi, Jan. 1, GNA - Reverend Dr Steven Asante, President of the Ghana Baptist Convention, has asked Ghanaian youth to develop and nurture positive vision that would help direct their lives to be meaningful and purposeful.

He said the youth need to develop appropriate vision that would guide their individual and personal lives and move them to the direction they have envisaged.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi to present his new year's message to Ghanaians, Reverend Asante said, there are many opportunities available, which the youth could take advantage of and tap for their benefit.

He urged especially university graduates to think beyond available resources for employment and venture into the unknown to create wealth for themselves and the nation.

"They should seek knowledge, stretch their minds to identify hidden opportunities and tap them. They should not feel shy to enter into 'dirty' jobs since such jobs often offer greater potentials to success".

Rev. Asante appealed to traditional rulers to let their leadership be relevant to the basic needs of the people.

He said it was sad to note that some chiefs who consider themselves to be leading the people are unable to mobilise them to take advantage of opportunities available in their communities to improve their living standards.

Rev. Asante expressed concern about the craze for wealth and material things in society and said that was the cause of the present moral degeneration in the country.

He asked Ghanaians to endeavour to change their attitude in the coming years since that is the only way to shape the moral fibre of the society and put the country on a firm social, economic and political track of development.

"There is the need for all to think about the corporate progress of the nation instead of our individual interest", Reverend Asante said.

He advised Ghanaians to love one another and work to build a better Ghana.


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