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Jun 14, 2009 | Research Findings

FIRST Extraction of Water from Air unit at Hydra Island, Greece

By EWA Tech Greece

EWA Tech Greece, collaborating with the Municipality of Hydra Island (, the responsible local institutions and the Municipal Council has received an order to install a pilot unit for the Extraction of Water from Air. This order will allow the Authorities to evaluate this alternative concept as water source, based on that novel technologies and to proceed and purchase additional such water plant. The uniqueness of the EWA technology as alternative water source is mainly that this water plant need no infrastructure, not depend on water source, other then air humidity and can benefit from renewable energy source, including solar.

The current severe water shortage resulting from global worming and global drought, the difficulty and expensive water transportation by ships and the continuous evidences regarding polluted water, forced the members of the Municipal Council to seek for new innovative options, so resolve the problem of water shortage, particularly in the intense summer months. According to Municipality the demand for water in the Island varies from 1,000 to 2,000 m³ daily, depending on the season.

The EWA water plant is expected to be delivered to the Municipality at the end of May 2009 for the use of the Authorities and the public under appropriate control for accurate evaluation.

In addition to sales in Greece, EWA Tech Greece, and the International EWA Technologies Group already has received orders from various Mediterranean Countries and calculates that until the end of 2009 the company will operate more than 50 water plants with a total water production of 1,000 m³ daily.

The technology for the Extraction of Water from Air was presented by EWA Tech, together with ApolloTech, in Greece in conference that took place on February 2009 in Athens.

We believe that this movement of the Municipality of Hydra Island will constitute a successful proof-of-concept (pilot application) for this novel method, and will prove the superiority of the units, including by comparative-calculation with other water supply options, to Hydra Island and the rests of islands.

EWA Tech Greece

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