07.01.2008 Feature Article

Ghana the privileged country.

Ghana the privileged country.
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Ghana was a nation when even in the times of the Gold Coast and there was a man called Kwame Nkrumah and his team bringing freedom to the rest of Africa and the black Americans were denied a vote in their own country.

Who is calling the shots here is it not Ghanaians?
This is what makes Ghana so unique as compared to the rest of Africa and America.

Why then do we as a nation go for loans and aids? Wee should be at the height of our development and be achieving greater things by now. What is stopping us from reaching the top level of our development since we started over 50 years ago?

Surely 50 years is quite enough for Ghanaians citizens to be seeing good outcomes, better educational system, health system, improvement of our cultural heritage better, significant increase in our literacy rate and growth and development with adequate welfare system at least.

Why are there still many slums even at strategic spots? There are too many pockets of areas like Sodom and Gomorrah with no basic amenities at some scenery areas. This sort of sightings is not acceptable if we are aiming to be a tourist destination in the near future.

Let's us keep this momentum going and to get that Ghanaian feeling to achieving against the odds. Let us value each other as one body once we get this right we would achieve greater result in all angles. No one is an Island for we need each other like a building project.

No wonder Ghanaian all around the world are showing off our culture and heritage. Let's be proud of being part of Ghana and help in whatever ways you can.

This is the New Year Message to everyone who calls himself or herself a citizen of Ghana.

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