17.05.2017 Feature Article

First aid, fire training, water safety training whose responsibility is it?

First aid, fire training, water safety training whose responsibility is it?
17.05.2017 LISTEN

This is a simple question as nation like Ghana need to establish. Ghana is moving forward and gaining competitive advantage over many of its neighbouring Africa countries. However the above mentioned areas have not been an areas which have been fully addressed by various Governments we have had. In a developing country like Ghana where hospital service is not spontaneous when falls ill or have emergency crisis, do we as a nation have contingencies plans in place for the public.

Many people are dying rather unnecessarily due to lack of adequate primary care provision. We love to see people die and spend so much on funerals instead of many basic essential amenities necessary to keep us all kicking and enjoying nature and life.

In country with no ready, steady, go ambulance service, no fire stations based in every village, town or city, water safety stations at all our sea sides and along our rivers.

What strategies are in place to ensure safety of our children and the general public? Is this area to responsibility of the Public Health sector or the Ministry of Health?

Surely, all the above-mentioned need to be a priority. There is a need to ensure the training particularly, trotro station book men, transport stations health assistants, paramedics, restaurants, and the entire nation what we need to do in time of crisis for example a heart attack, accident, fire and drowning etc.

This could be promoted on TV, Radio and all schools and work places. There could be annual fire, first aid and water safety training and where appropriate for inspectors going round organisations and other service provider s doing spot check to ensure the if we have a policy they are being adhered to.

This approach would stop all the mishaps we have been hearing on the news about children dying due to house fire. If children are fully aware of fire safety and what to do when the accident happen they would be prepared to act appropriately instead of panic and ending up dead.

I hope we have all these policies already within our system and if so then that would need to be reinforced.