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Manufacture your products in Ghana or Ghanaians won’t buy your products

Manufacture your products in Ghana or Ghanaians won’t buy your products

Made in Ghana products are coming into to fashion these days. Companies who want to sustainable businesses seem to be heeding to this concern. Ghanaians are becoming political astute and are mapping themselves on the global platform. Ghana wants to see its own labels globally currently that is made in Ghana products in every city in the world.

Our football squad, the Black Star has set this scene now. Ghana needs to capture this brilliant opportunity right on our nose.

The timing is good for such moves and the smarter businesses are already pitching themselves for profitable businesses.

Ghanaians themselves in Diaspora have realised this opportunity that Ghana has the potential to succeed in the global market.

Why do we need to struggle in Diaspora when our country has the potential to give us the greener pasture?

This call is for all Ghanaians with the right business acumen to head home to be part of the transformation cake. Please don’t miss the boat to making it big on your own soil.

This is do-able if you have planned your way out from Diaspora 15 to 20 years ago you are laughing all the way to the bank now.

Ghanaians please don’t just let your lost we enjoying on someone efforts on foreign lands. Do plan your life strategically, join the right dynamic groups to keep you focused, use your own Personal Developmental Plan effective by revisiting it any time and re prioritising your plans towards retiring back home in luxury.

We should not forget to help with job creation and give our youths the opportunity we got whilst in Diaspora please pass on your experiences as mentors and coaches on their career pathways.

As we are all aware these days many Ghanaians have been refused visas left, right and centre in many countries, well isn’t it about time for Ghanaians too calling shots?

Let help to transform Ghana into a unique paradise. This means people have to start thinking seriously, actively contributing to developments such as building public toilets in their own villages, libraries, and community centres rather than partying to every opportunity they get.

It would be nice if Ghana in each state of the US, UK, and others Ghanaians organisation try to build at least 10 public toilets each Town, City. This would help us all to concentrate on upgrading our public toilets all around our cities, towns and villages.

The successful Ghanaians among us whether in Diaspora or Ghana must be ashamed of themselves if they fail to contribute to their own village, town or city no basic amenities such public toilets, libraries, and community centres.

If we Ghanaians are not contributing towards our own social developments that do we expect to chip in.

People could have their names engraved into the libraries, community centres, and libraries so that their name never dies.

Why are we not as smart as Bill Gate who is heavily contributing towards good causes.

Ghanaians wake up, as you will find that the wise doesn’t boost of their material wealth but instead humble them and serve happily. If you observant such people also die gracefully.

As you can see observe South African businesses are heading to Ghana to build shopping malls. So what are we Ghanaians waiting for?

We have peace: respect for all classes of people, good food, good weather, good natural resources good friends and a good laugh too!

Shame shame shame to all of us. The challenge is on now Ghanaians to transform our mother country.

Investors are welcomed to come to Ghana if they need our expertise and input. Ghanaians are life long learners. Ghanaians are determined to achieve through learning to gain qualifications that many people in the Western society would hardly spend time and effort on.

It is a gross mistake if we Ghanaians do not take pride in what we have got and depend on other people have finished products.

Ghana is becoming a dumping site for finished products from any multinational businesses.

Why are we so gullible, happily consuming other people’s products and helping their economy when no one cares about ours?

How could we as each Ghanaian contribute to our economy to enable it rise up to face the modern challenges?

Maybe with loans and foreign aids? Is this what we want as a nation?

Why can’t we challenge the past and rethinks of our buyer behaviours to move forward like other countries?

It is not about time Ghana become more assertive to let these multinational businesses know that we want to buy products that have helped with job creation in Ghana.

Ghana should by now have a policy to encourage all investors to produce their products in Ghana. We need to avoid those who come take natural resources out of the country to make a kill outside and refuse us visas when we want to visit their country period.

Is this fair?

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024