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13.11.2007 Feature Article

The escort sister – is it normal?

The escort sister – is it normal?
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Is it not normal for a sister to spend the whole day resting, well energised for the evening and prepare to step out as soon as that phone call comes through?

Hmmm! Is it normal that a sister after the phone call get busy, rushing through her wardrobe or bag and after a few minutes of choosing and rejecting, decide to pull out something sensual yet prim and proper; something decent but accentuating the curves, considering the fact that she wants to find out what the Ghanaian escort-girl experiences?

Once she is done, she picks up her bag and slips her feet into dainty pink shoes. By this time i.e. about 7:15pm, the other sisters in the game have arrived. As she scrambles back to the mirror to take a last admiring look at her made-up face and herself, there is a loud honk following by a girlish scream.

“We are running late…”
“I am coming!” sister screams back as she bangs the door hurriedly behind her and runs towards the car. The driver took off before she could even close the door.

“So where is it that we are going and who are these men..?”

“We going to the controversial hotel but we are going to have dinner with them first. And they are a bunch of top business executives from Nigeria who are in town for a few days and need company.”

So I ask again that is it normal for a sister to go out without knowing where she is going?

What else can an adventurous and make-money-quick-sister do when told such a thing? Didn't your heart miss a beat too? Does a sister really want to go undercover to experience this night?

“So we're like some escort girls?” asked one of the sisters.
“You have always done this thing, its nothing new to you so stop pretending” said organiser-sister teasingly.
“How much is the money anyway?” that was another fine looking respectable normal sister of the day with a fiancé who doesn't know her whereabouts at this precise moment.

“Let's say three hundred thousand old cedis just for hanging out” answers the organiser-sister. She gets a call; all the ladies stare curiously at her as she answers then call.

“Well girls, slight change in plan... we would have to eat at Shang…”
“Better, I thought you were going to say it's been cancelled” undercover sister interrupts.

“So we meeting the guys there, I sure hope they're fine brothers?” that was bubbly-dark beauty-sister.
“Nope, they waited for us way too long, so they have eaten supper and they going bowling, so we eat alone then we go after them.”

The car pulls outside the elegant restaurant on the airport road; fine sisters come out. A smart looking man comes to meet them and he talks to organiser-sister under tone.

“Ok girls, my name is Jean and I will be your chaperone for the rest of the evening. Please follow me.”
“What have I gotten myself into?” says undercover sister to herself.

So is it normal that six sisters would have a reserved table in an elegant hotel where they have an exotic dinner without knowing why they deserved such a dinner in the first place? Any they enjoyed their meal except for the sister who wasn't used to Chinese food. So now it was time to leave…

“We are moving to the bowling place where we meet the guys”
“But the night is almost spent, what time do we spend with these guys? I mean, they seem to be having a wonderful time all by them-selves.”
“We cannot complain, someone wants to waste money so lets spend it girls! Its oil money, after all!” that was bubbly sis.

So tell me, is it normal that a bunch of decent girls have free dinner in an exclusive restaurant, driven in a fully air-conditioned 4x4 Cruiser to chat with a bunch of foreigners at an ungodly hour when they should be sleeping? Tell me…

“Tell you what sisters; this is one exciting night for me! Eat free, cruise around and get paid for it!”
“I hope they are not expecting us to sleep with them because I don't see why else we're here” said fair sister.
“That wasn't part of the bargain” someone said.

They arrived at the bowling club but the guys were busy playing and didn't pay any attention to their newly arrived girls. Chaperone and organiser-sister consulted. Chaperone went up to meet the guys. They talked for a while and he comes back to meet the future escorts. Undercover sister is clearly feeling sleepy yet very curious to find out what will happen next (how else do you think, I could write this piece?)

“Well girls, looks like you have to be taken to the hotel to wait for them!” says the chaperone.

So girls are driven back but this time they go to that exclusive hotel.

“Well, well, this place sure is awesome!” all the girls agree

All the way to the seventh floor they go and wow, what a wonderful view. They ended up in a presidential suite.

“Well, girls, you are on your own now” that was chaperone.
“Meaning?” undercover sister asked.
“Where is our money, I think that the night is far spent and it ends here for me” dark sister said.

“Hey! Wait a minute, where is fair sister? Looks like she has disappeared”
“Tell me about it, I think she has been chosen by one of the brothers?”
“But the brothers are bowling?” someone is puzzled.
“Yes but there are other brothers already here and didn't you see another bunch of sisters at the restaurant?”

“Ok I think the fun ends here for me, it's not funny anymore” undercover sister says.
“Yeah, organiser-sister, we need to be paid”
“Relax girls, the night has just begun! No one is going to rape you”

Is it normal that sisters settle down in a luxurious suite, with prompt room service, waiting for a bunch of men at an ungodly hour? Well, the sisters were having fun.

Finally, the men came and they were gentlemen who chitchatted for a while and soon, some of them disappeared with one or two sisters from the other group of sisters.

These ones, they got paid their money for wining and dining and chitchatting.
So how many sisters exchanged sex for money that night? And how many homey looking sisters, future mothers and wives engage in escort and sex business each and every night?

Esenam Dumenu is a columnist with the dailyEXPRESS. Her column 'Esenam Writes' appears in the Monday Publication.

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