Food Poisoning And Poisoned Food Are Not The Same; Ghana's Ignorant And Tyrannical Media

Feature Article Food Poisoning And Poisoned Food Are Not The Same; Ghana's Ignorant And Tyrannical Media

In the advanced countries, when high profile member of society dies, it is the norm that the grieving family is "GIVEN SPACE, AND THEIR PRIVACY RESPECTED, TO ENABLE THEM GRIEF IN A DIFFICULT TIME".

This is done as a sign of respect for the department, and privacy of the bereaved to grief. But in Ghana, the demise of a prominent or popular person is first made public by self-appointed social media funeral announcers, even before the actual bereaved family gets the wind.

Troubling behavior
With such troubling national behavior, anytime a prominent person dies, we end up creating absolutely needless cacophony of hearsays, and oftentimes, abominable metaphysical balderdash. Our attitudes have no respect for the dead; we delight in pointless talk with no regard for details, facts and decency.

If we have all taken our time and allowed those with requisite professional knowledge to speak, the needless storm over untimely demise of John Kumah wouldn't have arisen, let alone, forced the window to grant an interview in her time of unbearable grief.

There is a gulf of difference between FOOD POISONING and POISIONED FOOD. And the lack of knowledge of this difference, is what has generated what I would fittingly term as needless splitting of hairs.

Media tyranny
In Ghana, the media has been taken over, predominantly, by a totalitarian media being managed by obnoxiously ignorant bunch, who have succeeded in making a sizable number of our population believe that, it's an anathema by be critical in thinking.

The Ghanaian media space has been hijacked by these ignoramuses whose only claim to fame is screaming headlines. They are highly allergic to anything that requires intellectual exercise and deployment of their brain cells.

You try to correct misinformation and, oftentimes, total lies they churn out, and they'll start shouting "the media is under attack". To the media, you either swallow, hook-line-and-sinker, and you're democratic; you confront them with facts and figures, and you're intolerant.

And this is why anybody dunderhead with access to a microphone in front of him/her in the studios of a TV or radio station, instantaneously, comes under the illusion of invincibility and delusional self-importance.

The narration by Oheneba was that the doctor said it is "FOOD POISONING" and because he's a lame man, his understanding of what the doctor said was egregiously misguided.

The moment a person with no knowledge in medicine or allied health profession, the moment "food poisoning" is mentioned, the understanding is "crime has been committed".

And this is why the gentleman who, openly, confessed he has no knowledge in any field of healthcare delivery, shouldn't have first gone to town, but rather, sought the needed knowledge.

Food poisoning
FOOD POISONING is occasioned, when a meal is, inadvertently, contaminated by bacteria or any other form of contingent. This is easily treatable with antibiotics and personal hygiene.

So when the doctor who attended to John Ampontuah Kumah and Wontumi was right with his "food poisoning" prognosis since he suspected the food has been contaminated.

Poisoned food
On the contrary, POISONED FOOD connotes deliberate addition of any chemical or substance with efficaciously deadly effects on physiological or metabolic exposition of the human body.

I have monitored the media space, even after the facts have been laid bare by the widow, and the media ignoramuses are still sticking to their decrepit buffoonery by rehashing the narrative that has been completely demolished.

Ghana's media tyranny which thrives on crass ignorance and delusional grandstanding, has become a threat to our democratic experiment, and it is about time relevant oversight agencies stood up and cracked the whip to sanitize the airwaves!!!

Justice A. Newton-Offei
[email protected]