Nogokporians Are More Righteous Than Agyin-Asare's Congregants

Feature Article Nogokporians Are More Righteous Than Agyin-Asare's Congregants
JUN 3, 2023 LISTEN

There is a town located between Buduburam and Winneba junction on the Mallam-Yamoransa trans-ECOWAS highway called Okyereko, where horrific road crashes is a common occurrence, the latest of which was the Yuton bus from Liberia crashing into a fuel tanker with instant loss of 16 lives with many sustaining varied degrees of life-threatening injuries.

Many people, including surgeons, clergymen/women, students, businessmen/women, politicians, public/civil servants and others from all shades of socio-economic strata, have perished in crashes at this very spot, yet, nobody has described the town as "headquarters of witches in the Central Region".

But out of your personal recklessness to good maintenance regime, a possible badly-fastened bolt to the wheel of your car, incidentally, comes off at Nogokpo, and out of crass ignorance, paint the entire town with a dirty "witches" brush.

For the elucidation of the ignoramuses of our Ghanaian society, Nogokpo isn't a deity; its name of a town with people who believe in the bible and other religious faiths. So, to think that everyone that either live or comes from the town is a witch, to say the least, suffers from a debilitating mental illness.

Indeed, no town in Ghana is gender-homogenous so to claim "Nogokpo is the headquarters of witches in the Volta region", precludes that no man in the town is demon-possessed since a witch connote female while wizard is for male.

Agyin-Asare therefore spoke, either from the point of crass illiteracy in English grammar and therefore must be ignored, or, consciously meant to engage in despicable act of ethnocentrisms against the decent people of Nogokpo.

And like I've said before: per-capita, Agyin-Asare's church has over 1000% more witches and wizards than the peaceful Volta regional town of Nogokpo.

I know the town of Nogokpo and I can testify, with no shred of equivocation, that, indeed, Nogokporians actually leave home without closing their doors, and absolutely nothing happens to their possessions.

On the contrary, in Agyin-Asare's church, even where the tithes and offerings are counted by 'saints' is monitored, 24/7, by CCTV cameras in order to prevent stealing.

You make a mistake to leave your phone, wallet or any other valuable unattended during service at Agyin-Asare's church for seconds, and it will be stolen by those very angelic and witches-free congregants.

Brazenly, absolutely powerless conmen with not a scintilla of the knowledge and understanding of the gospel of Christ, are masquerading as preachers of the gospel, and extorting monies from their poor congregants to furnish obscenely opulent lifestyles.

For righteousness, peaceful and truthful way of living, the followers of Agyin-Asare come absolutely nowhere close to Nogokporians. This is a fact which cannot be contested by any sincere people, but charlatanic characters using the bible as a farçade to perpetuate heinous crimes and get away with it, because God is not swift in dealing with the wicked.

As a matter of fact, every Nogokporian, including even toddlers, can stand before the pulpit in Agyin-Asare's church and take an oath by the bible not to steal.

However, not a single soul in Agyin-Asare's church, including the self-acclaimed archbishops, can dare stand before the Nogokpo deity and take an oath not to steal.

But lying and stealing are forms of witchcraft and the bible says so in the book of Revelations chapter 21:8 that "But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death”.

Consequently, how would a lying thieves followers of Agyin-Asare think they are more righteous than Nogokporians who are able to go out with their doors unlocked, but return with nobody coming to stealing from them?

This, indeed, should tell you how criminals have actually succeeded in hijacking the gospel of Christ for their selfish gains.

Personally, I have entered into agreements with purported born-again, holy Spirit-filled and tongue-speaking Christians in the past, by just counting on their faithfulness to fulfilling their part of the deal.

But one handside, it would've been better if I had taken such ingrates to the Nogokpo shrine to swear to abide by their promises.

And when I argue this way, the ignorant bigots tend to think I don't believe in the bible; I very much believe in the bible but I detest activities of plain-faced charlatanic nicompoops hiding behind the gospel of Christ to steal from the poor to maintain their despicably opulent lifestyles.

Justice A. Newton-Offei
[email protected]