Feature Article Julia Sebutinde is a Ugandan jurist. She is currently serving her second term on the International Court of Justice following her re-election on 12 November 2020.
Julia Sebutinde is a Ugandan jurist. She is currently serving her second term on the International Court of Justice following her re-election on 12 November 2020.

On 16 January 2024, I walked into the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to get accreditation to represent Ambazonia at the Non-Align Movement (NAM). I had earlier been told at the coordination center to go through the Uganda Media Center, as a freelance pressman, if I could not register online. I also had to go through the Uganda Mission at the UN, which handles accreditation for State Parties.

At the MOFA, everyone was rushing up and down with identification cartons swinging from their necks like Hong-Kong comedians. The Permanent Secretary at MOFA was already on the field, running from one event to the next.

After listening to my compelling 2-minutes stump message on Ambazonia, I was taken to the Chief of the Protocol Department to meet Ambassador Aïcha. Her office was opened but she was not on seat. I was directed to wait at the reception for 30 minutes.

When I came back I saw a tightly built woman in her 50s. She did not offer me a seat and was fidgeting with some spreadsheets on her computer, allocating cars to foreign delegates.

I noticed a Malian Sahelian hat on her wall. I quickly processed many things on my mind to be able to use the right protocol formular.

I respected protocolar code and greeted her as EXCELLENCY Aïcha. She asked what she could do for me. I told her I was at the MOFA to get accreditation for Ambazonia to represent my unrepresented people. She said she does not have Ambazonia on the list. I told her there is an ongoing genocide which has claimed over 75,000 of my people, and that eight million people were targeted. She said she did not know of Ambazonia, and showed no emotions as wont of undertakers.

Excusing herself of being too busy, she went back to her computer, picking on the keyboard like a chicken looking for scarce grains of rice in sand. I was getting tense.

I asked Ambassador Aïcha what could be more important to her than 8 million Ambazonians targeted in a genocide. In anger, I rebuked her ignorance and insensitivity, promising to take it up at the highest level.

Back in the offices of the Permanent Secretary of MOFA, I registered my consternation with the Protocol officer who had directed me to the Chief of Protocol. He handed the number of the Personal Assistant to the Permanent Secretary to book an audience. We are getting into the second week of waiting for that audience.

On Monday, 22 January 2024, I saw the face of another insensitive Ugandan woman. I had been retained for the graduation from Makerere University on 26 January 2024. I went to the Rotary Peace Centre, which was graduating me to find out about the modalities. I was told by a staffer that I will need to buy a graduation robe. I requested to meet Prof Helen Nkabala, director of Makerere University Rotary Peace Centre. I was ushered to the waiting section.

I waited there for close to three hours. I hinted the reception that this was getting longer than waiting for a Presidential audience. He said the director was still busy. I texted the director that I had been waiting for an audience with her for over three hours. She gave a dry response that I should have called her before coming because she was working on a document needed for the beginning of the semester. I reminded her she did not need to keep me waiting for three hours. Insensitive and despicable!

Now comes the story of Justice SEBUTINDE from Uganda, the only ICJ judge who joined the Israeli judge to vote against all motions by the court to prevent further genocide in Gaza. Alone, she sometimes voted against the decision of the ICJ even when Israel, the genocide perpetrator voted for.

What could be wrong with Ugandan women? I recall my experience at the Nansana Judiciary where I had reported a suspect for simple robbery, assault and criminal trespass. The suspect boasted of bribing the State Attorney to drop the main charge. Eveline went along with the suspect. She only modified the charges after I started roasting them.

Corruption played a role at the Nansana Court. Who could have corrupted Justice SEBUTINDE at the ICJ?

I met the only sensitive Ugandan, Salick at a spice shop. When I told him about Cameroun, he told me about the bad roads and corruption in Cameroon. He was so knowledgeable above the highly educated Ugandan. I started wondering how someone selling only spices should know so much out of Uganda.

I asked him whether he ate the spices he sold. He said very much. The average Ambazonian, without a High School pass, is more informed than some Ugandans with College Degrees. Ugandans are also reticent to learn, and resist learning. They should perhaps tickle their brains with spicy food.

It is hard to imagine that after watching the voting trend after two votes, Justice SEBUTINDE remained adamant in her rejection of all ICJ motions to stop the Genocide in Gaza. Just like the director at Rotary Peace Centre, the State Attorney at Nansana Judicial Department, and Justice SEBUTINDE of the ICJ, I am yet to conclude that these beautiful Ugandan women are insensitive. They offer a lot more of their oceans of emotions, in the traditional roles for women. In public office, they could be robots, objecting everything needing human feelings.

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