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Seventh Year In Ambazonia

Seventh Year In Ambazonia

Do not misunderstand me. I am not calling for war. I am completely opposed to arm conflicts as a sustainable solution to sociopolitical crises. I am a committed and successful Social Justice Campaigner. It is sad that a partial critic of a festering conflict, comforts the perpetrators of the Ambazonian Genocide and blames the victims.

Must I be forced to think that such an attitude results from a lack of lucidity or a clear clue of a confounded bipolar personality? My doctor friend would stretch it to say, those who blame Ambazonians for being victims of a genocide are suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome.

Many accuse Ambazonians for imposing serious suffering on their people through school Boycotts and ghost towns. Have they forgotten the remote causes of the anger of those they claim they are lobbying for, and protecting their interests?

Let me take you through a digest of the seven years bloody conflict. My response should serve as a reminder to parochial spinners who will like to give a tribal or regional coloration to the nationalist conflict, as they stretch their HATE antics to demonise a particular group of people as the proponents of separation.

Seniletor Mbella Moki Charles has said he will not fail those who s/elected him to Cameroun Senate. He promised to terrorise terrorists. Who are the terrorists? He serves the occupier and genocidaires, raping, killing and burning Ambazonian compatriots. He is in the same category of the evil brains from Ambazonia who comfort their enemies for pittance.

Activists made up of teachers and lawyers engaged peaceful actions to cause your PEACEFUL Karmaloan to improve on educational curricula and the DELIVERY OF JUSTICE. Dr Fontem Neba, Deacon Tassang Wilfred, Barrister Agbor Balla were engaged in civil guild actions calling for REFORMS. Some are now turncoat activists and have become opportunists walking over the bodies, blood and ashes of Ambazonians to seal personal deals with Cameroun perpetrators of genocide.

Both systems (educational system and delivery of justice) had been captured by a Cameroun, which had been assigned by France to completely assimilate and destroy everything Anglo-Saxon. At least Paul Biya, President of your well-governed Cameroun, confessed in Lyons, in October 2019 that the herculean assignment from France to eradicate everything good in the Former British Southern Cameroons was impossible.

Was it not a violation of the constitutional rights of Anglophone Cameroonians to gather, protest, and seek improvement of their lives and professional conditions, when activists, teachers and lawyers were arrested and detained for protesting? It was a constitutional Coup to arrest civilians for protesting. Maybe Agbor Balla now swims against the tide like many genocide denialists, and now praise those perpetrating genocide in Ambazonia.

After failure to address simple grievances tabled by lawyers and teachers' syndicates, these activists engaged the populations to question how they found themselves in this social and professional lock-jam.

As such, everyone sadly, recalled that the semi-automous self-governing territory of British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia), which left Nigeria in 1954, was forced into a FAILED FEDERAL SYSTEM. The Federal Constitution of 1961 guaranteed some basic rights to the federated states of West Cameroon and Cameroun Republic.

The CONSORTIUM and others said in the quagmire, and lack of political will to resolve ordinary problems, it was better to return to a FEDERAL SYSTEM. They were mistaken because the Cameroun Republic was not interested in the FORCE OF ARGUMENT. Cameroun started targeting activists for elimination.

Ghost Towns and School Boycotts were proposed as a weapon to force the intransigent Cameroun government to yield. Cameroun intensified its repression and killing of civilians and students. Akum Julius from the University of Bamenda was shot and killed. Students were brutalised at the University of Buea.

Hon Joseph Wirba took the protest to the heart of Cameroun legislature, and from the rostrum of Parliament, he sent a strident warning to Cameroun to prevent the situation from degenerating, and sliding into complete irreversible anarchy. Cameroun was impervious and completely ignored him. Instead Cameroun resorted to its well known modus of detention of opponents and outright elimination, by targeting Wirba for both extremes.

Seeing that there was no way forward in the muffled clamours for a return to Federalism, millions of unarmed civilians carrying peace plants marched throughout Ambazonia calling for independence on 22 September 2017. The peaceful protesters were fired on with lifebullets, wounding thousands and killing hundreds.

The 22 September 2017 popular REFERENDUM for deep reforms or independence should have been used as a yardstick to measure Ambazonian quest for self-determination. When a government selects senile characters to the legislator, and appoints semi illiterate and clueless advisers and ministers, you could expect heightened political disasters and a complete collapse of the state.

On 1st October 2017, Ambazonia declared and celebrated its independence in peaceful manifestations. They were reminded that FREEDOM was not a walk in the park. More military atrocities were committed with the arrest, raping and killing of thousands. Self defense became an unavoidable option to stay alive.

Cameroun military, perpetrators of the Ambazonian Genocide became legitimate targets of self defense forces struggling to protect the lives and properties of Ambazonians. Hundreds of Cameroun military were killed with locally fabricated weapons. Biya declared total war on Ambazonia in 2017. After six years of bloody confrontations, tens of thousands of unarmed Ambazonians have been raped, killed and burnt. Hundreds of villages and towns have been burnt down by Cameroun soldiers. Civilians have been burnt in their homes. Ambazonia defense forces quickly learnt from the savagery of Cameroun soldiers and retaliated with growing precision and intensity. Cameroun turned Ambazonia into a mass grave. It is unfortunate some Ambazonians believe they could go free if they do not join the others to free the land.

Cameroun government infiltrated the Ambazonian defense forces, creating its own fake Ambazonian fighters to counter the genuine efforts of REAL Ambazonians. These Fake Ambazonian Defence forces have mushroomed through out Ambazonia. They pay allegiance to warhawks from Yaounde. This is very similar to the the formation of INKATA FREEDOM FIGHTERS in South Africa, to counter the ANC in its fight against apartheid.

On school boycott, it was reasoned that the hostile environment with guns and bombs was not conducive for education. Proponents of this strategy were vindicated when Cameroun soldiers shot and killed many students at a private school in Kumba, just to demonise the revolution. Cameroun soldiers also shot and killed half a dozen students and their teacher at a government secondary school in Ekondo Titi. Many school children have been killed across Ambazonia, in Cameroun's quest to paint the revolution black. With forensics and satellite imagery and photos, the jigsaw puzzle of these war crimes and crimes against humanity will be put together.

Cameroun soldiers have massacred thousands in Pinyin, Batibo, Ngarbuh, Belo, Big Babanki, Menjang, Kombone, Muyuka, Muea, Mautu, Maumu, Weh, Ekona, Nyen, Muyenge, Mbonge, Konye, Nguti, etc, etc. All these thousands were killed because they were believed to be Ambazonians or supporting Ambazonia. Millions are internally displaced, while hundreds of thousands have fled into exile.

Cameroun's war in Ambazonia could be defined as the WAR FOR A ONE AN INDIVISIBLE. Neutral observers will call this nonsense. You do not live with someone by killing that person. That is where the WISDOM OF KING SOLOMON must be invoked. Lives are being lost and wasted, while so-called critics of Amabzonia misdirect their arsenals at victims, avoiding to target perpetrators in a cowardly misuse of words, which are aimed at currying favour from the genocidaires.

How could I be so naive in blaming hungry and mercenary Cameroonians and Ambazonians who are satisfied being put under a spell by Yaound? The Mighty Secretary General António Guterres was sent to sleep with an enchanted bronze statuette from Paul Biya. Ms Patricia Scotland, Secretary General of the Commonwealth also fell victim of the enchanted bronze statuettes from Paul Biya in Yaounde. The Commonwealth and most International organisations become hypnotised and start speaking with enchanted tongues once they come close to Biya's corrupting offices and agents. Others gagged their mouths and chained their hands with the crushing weight of 30 corrupting pieces of silver from Yaounde.

What has happened to the thousands of Church ministers and priests in Cameroun? The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroun has proven that he is a supporter of the government which is perpetrating a genocide in Ambazonia. Rev Fonki Samuel is perfectly in a demonic alliance with a system which has killed thousands of his communicants and pastors.

Archbishop Andrew Nkea is now a hired agent of Cameroun genocidaires to buy fighters and activists. He has recruited loyal priests and his lawyer brothers Nkea Peter and Nkea Emmanuel to serve the genocidal regime. Nkea has bought over all his Lebialem elites and Catholic Christians to betray fighters and their supporters. Archbishop Andrew Nkea is a genocidaire prelate. This should not surprise people who are familiar with the Belgian Genocide in the Congo. The demonic affiliation of the clergy to demonic political agendas is further demonstrated during the Rwandan Genocide with Catholic prelates participating personally.

Camerooun has thousands of priests and pastors who should have treated Biya's government, legislators, soldiers and agents as pariahs. These enemies of the people of God are given prominent pews in churches, and cajoled and worshipped to contribute blood money to church projects. We have seen Archbishop Andrew Nkea in zombie dances with Colonial governor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique in Bamenda.

Prelates and soldiers dine on the bodies of Ambazonians, and have been wining over their blood for seven years of the Ambazonian Genocide. Burnt Ambazonian homes and bodies have supplied mountains of ashes to be smeared on the forehead of Christians that they came from ashes and will return to ashes. Must you kill and burn fellow man to remind humanity that they came from ashes, and will return to ashes?

What has happened to traditional rulers (Chiefs, Fons, ardos), who are custodians of the traditions and customs of their people? Most are clapping and shaking hands with those killing Ambazonians. The first degree Fon of the mighty Nso Kingdom has betrayed his people and has taken refuge in the house of Paul Biya who is killing Nso people. SHAME Binghlo may want to join his Bamoum brothers, but he should not offer his Nso people as a sacrifice to Biya's bloodthirsty regime. The Fon of Bali has also abandoned his people and gone to Yaounde. Other Ambazonian fons and chiefs are in Houses of Chiefs paid with blood money from Yaounde. Ardos were given Korans by Minister Atanha Nji of Interior affairs to kill Ambazonians. Many Chiefs are blacklisting their subjects and sending the lists to the enemies who come and abduct their own children, who are either Killed or remanded in inhuman prisons. Ambazonians have been orphaned and will fight to the last man standing.

The whole Cameroun is in shambles with bridges, skyscrapers and all infrastructure collapsing on Cameroonians. This failure of the system needs a profound reflection on improving things, and stopping the FAILED STATE from plunging the people deeper into the abyss.

Anglophone teachers, joined by lawyers took the very important first step in 2016. All citizens of that triangle must rise up to join Ambazonia to free its people from the demonic stranglehold of a few blood drinkers.

The rivers of blood from Ambazonia have separated The Cameroons permanently. The fire lighted by Cameroun soldiers through out Ambazonia have burnt all bridges that linked the two Cameroons. The ashes of Ambazonians have signed the spiritual divorce certificate between spouses who were forced into an unholy matrimony by fiat of the UN Trusteeship Council. Let this note go down to Number 10 Downing Street, that a decolonisation fiasco happened in the Former British Southern Cameroons.

Ambazonia is rising from its ashes. Like Israel, Ambazonia will be a shining city on the mountain, the highest mountain in West Africa. The genuine leadership of the Ambazonian War of Liberation must be more hardlined like Dr Cho Ayaba, with iron determination to liberate Ambazonia. Ambazonians must contribute to the war effort by paying their liberation tax to fund their liberation.

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

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