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Why the Federal Republic of Ambazonia?

Why the Federal Republic of Ambazonia?

A bloody conflict has been going on in the Former British Southern Cameroons, occupied by French Cameroun since 1961.

As opposed to those claiming the conflict in the Cameroons is over languages, we state emphatically that it is a socio-economic and political problem.

Ambazonia is the Indigenous name for the former British Southern Cameroons, which was self-governing from 1954, before the rest of Africa inched towards independence. Ambazonia could be said to enjoy autonomy before Ghana gained independence in 1957.

Before 1960, British Southern Cameroons already had democratic, free and fair elections, which brought in 2 Prime Ministers, with Peaceful transition of governments to opposition. No rancouring, no vindictiveness, and former political foes met at social events at the Mountain Club, Buea, after arguing in Parliament. The economy was doing well and British Southern Cameroons had a positive balance sheet.

British Southern Cameroonians aspired for total independence like the rest of Africa. It was surprising that the UN Trusteeship Council failed to prepare British Southern Cameroons for Independence. When we revisit the mandate of the UN Trusteeship Council, we must ask why they arranged for British Cameroon to be occupied by French Cameroun.

It beats common sense that Andrew Cohen, British representative to the UN Trusteeship Council advanced that British Southern Cameroons should gain independence by either joining Nigeria or Cameroun. He defended his choice on the economic and financial insufficiency of British Cameroons.

Cameroun signed a Colonial Pact with France, before independence, to surrender part of its economy, finances, diplomacy and defence to France.

Since independence, France rules Cameroun, including Ambazonia. It should not be the case because Ambazonia was never colonised by France, and was not signatory to the Colonial Pact.

Ambazonia supplies 75 percent of Cameroon's annual income. Ambazonia is self-sufficient and should enjoy self-determination. Ambazonia has been occupied since 1961. It must be free.

For aspiring for self-determination in 2016, over 75,000 Ambazonians have been massacred in a genocide. What is the crime for an occupied people to seek independence?

French Africa, which was colonised by France is breaking free from the yoke of French colonisation. Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and others are freeing themselves from France. If Cameroun wants to continue its bondage, under France, it must not compel Ambazonia to do same. We do not know what Cameroun owes France. France owes Ambazonia for exploiting our resources, through Cameroun, for 63 years.

Enough is Enough.
All nations of the world must feel free to enter relations with Ambazonia because Cameroun has no sovereignty over Ambazonia. There is no contract nor UNION TREATY binding the former UN Trusteeship territories of British Southern Cameroons, and French Cameroun.

We invite you to grant diplomatic status to all our REPRESENTATIVES posted to your countries.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024