Election 2024: Akufo Addo As a "Semicolon" Between Dual Moralities

Feature Article Election 2024: Akufo Addo As a Semicolon Between Dual Moralities

Fellow Ghanaians, as we celebrate this finance-dry, empty-pockets, and famine stricken Christmas as a result of the break down of our country's leadership, one thing we must beg the managers of the nation's diarrhea economy not to do, is to lease the very air that we breathe.

As government continues to successfully lease every element on the Periodic Table of our nation's mineral resources: gold, bauxite, "potassium", “magnesium” etc., and recently lithium, we are appealing to the government to allow us breathe without leasing the country's Oxygen after our Hydrogen (rivers) have been leased to certified Galamsayers to destroy.

There’s the higher probability and possibility that Akufo Addo and his economic fraudsters are negotiating in camera to leasing all air and wind within the geographical area of Ghana in exchange for cash as a national commodity. Personally, I believe if the Akufo Addo government could lease the part of the Moon that belongs to Ghana they would do it. Because they came to power to steal.

We may continue our laid-back and nonchalant attitude towards this criminal cartel empire called government, unless God save this country from these shameful voodoo practitioners, a time would come and the blood that runs in the veins of citizens is leased for foreign blood banks. God would certainly punish these criminals for us.

It's unfortunate that a man who claimed Ghana has all resources we need to develop without borrowing and going to the IMF, has borrowed more than all what past presidents of the country combined had borrowed, since Independence. A man who wanted to move away from taxation to production, has created the longest list of taxes with some of them like the e-levy being digital armed robbery! The list is unabated.

You see, the Holy Qur'an, the Muslims Divine Scripture, narrates of King Solomon's harrowing ordeal when God took him through a trial of faith by placing a "Jasad" (an ugly psychopathic dwarf horror or demon) upon his (King Solomon) throne. God made a “Jasad” (a creature very horrible in physique) to seize Solomon’s throne in order to test his faith. Then Solomon supplicated to his Lord saying, “O my Lord, forgive me and bless me with a mighty Kingdom (throne) never given to anybody before, for You are the most Giver of gifts.” So God accepted his supplication and commanded the wind to be of service to him (Solomon could travel by wind), and subjugated all of the "Jasad" to be subservient to him as their King. (Qur’an 38:34-40)

Fellow Ghanaians, undoubtedly, we have been gripped by our own political “Jasad” or demon. Like King Solomon's trial by God, God has tested Ghanaians by placing a tormenting, a merciless and very immoral "Jasad" upon our seat of government who isn't showing any signal of vacating the presidency anytime soon as he keeps appointing justices who probably could be worse than him in humane and integrity to the supreme court, where magic verdict and jungle justice is churned out in matters of electoral dispute. Like King Solomon did, there's no ally of ours as Ghanaians in these trials of benighted journey than supplication to the All-Mighty. Only God can drive these political and economic "Jasads" away from our throne before any progress can be made. That’s why it is important for each Ghanaian to become a prayer warrior as we pray for food in this Christmas celebrations.

Let’s plead with God to cause to die, render infirmity of mind, or strike with epilepsy, before the 2024 general elections, anyone machinating to perpetuate, in power, the current fraudulent government that has brought us this octopus of hardship we are going through.

I must admit that, the title of this piece has nothing to do with the anatomy presentation of our dear "lame-duck president" with Akufo Addo referred to a “Semicolon” who has become a coward and develops intense fear for his own shadow. Far from that. Instead, it's to depict Akufo Addo's "moral dualism" of saying or encouraging one thing, and doing the exact opposite in another dimension. This nauseating trait of the president, was perfectly expressed by the one-time senator of Nigeria, Shehu Sani when he said that, "President Akufo Addo is using his right hand to beg the west for money through the IMF and using his left hand to caution the rest of Africa against doing the same thing".

In a USA - Africa Summit in December 2022, President Akufo Addo delivered a speech that was suspected to have been plagiarized or written for him by somebody who has no clue about the IMF deal the Ghana government was negotiating. Recall after the infantile tantrums by the Minister for Finance that Ghana was a proud nation and beyond IMF, reality of their mismanagement of the economy hit them like thunderbolt, and the government in helter-skelter had to seek a shameful economic asylum under the tutelage of the IMF. While this embarrassing IMF deal was unfolding in the pipeline, it was obvious some incompetent but arrogant criminals in the government may not have been well informed about the humiliating U-turn by the government. So the writers or plagiarizers who copied Akufo Addo's speech for that summit presented him in bad light of false-identity by giving advice to the rest of Africa to avoid being "Almajiri States” to the West at all cost. It was the former Senator of Nigeria who raised the red flag, shamed and slammed Akufo Addo for the unnecessary double standard and double face showed.

It's really a shame that Ghanaians have allowed people of good conscience and goodwill from elsewhere to expose to us what and who our dear president really is. And not because Shehu Sani had said so, president Akufo Addo has the penchant for unimaginable dose of hypocrisy in the pursue of his selfish and thieving agenda. He has since not been a dependable ally to Ghana, even as president. He is our national enemy; he is a semicolon in moral dualism; he is a political posy-sniffer.

Say what you want, thievery brought them to power, and they would do just that through moral dualism.

Consider the DUMSOR-DUMSOR problems that collapsed many businesses, especially during former President Mahama era. Unless intellectually lazy cowards, it's obvious today that the power outages at the time was man-made for Akufo Addo’s presidential bid. Is it not interesting that, the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) the Mahama administration signed which the then candidate Akufo Addo declared as incompetence has been what his government, too, shamelessly gone back to sign? So while Akufo Addo was campaigning to be given the chance to fix DUMSOR, he and his party were behind the power outages, deliberately.

Now, there are those who don't buy into this thesis because how could the opposition control a government in such a manner? But there were several ways. Number one reason was the fact that the Mahama administration never could in their wildest imagination believe someone could go that extent to causing such a pain to Ghanaians just so he becomes president of the country. The number two reason was about the internal bickering with treacherous elements in the government taking advantage of what the then opposition intended to do to causing the Mahama government a bloody nose. The third cause of that was severe tribal jingoism.

Today, the government has no message for Ghanaians to allow them shield themselves against prosecution post their government for the financial crimes they have committed against the country than Dumsor. That’s why recently Jean Mensa, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, was made to experience DUMSOR while engaging the nation. And there’s no gainsay that the latest intermittent power outages have been campaign strategy. That is, it’s to remind Ghanaians the DUMSOR which Akufo Addo and his narcissists created to hurt the Mahama government and Ghanaians so that they could be voted into power. Ask yourself, “what did Akufo Addo do to resolve DUMSOR which Mahama didn’t do?”

Another moral dualism of the president has been his recent presidential rant and unfortunate chest-beating that his government is poised to making Ghana a medical hub for medical care and professionals. But he was quickly, albeit subtly, reminded by his Majority leader that, tackling the brain-drain in Ghana in the medical fraternity should be what the president's focus must be upon before contemplating creating a medical hub in the west African sub-region. In the cause of last two years alone, more than 15 thousand nurses and general health professionals have fled the country in search of greener pastures abroad. With such a gaping sore on the medical profession, how do you create a medical hub, Mr. lame-duck president?

Today, president Akufo Addo is nudging Ghanaians to see his fraudulent infrastructure projects built from proceeds of cutthroat borrowing. He is gleefully reported to have praised infrastructure development under his watch as if they have been photoshopped. Actually, they have been photoshopped. There’s nothing that is genuine with Akufo Addo. As former governor Romney of New York would put it: “Trump is as phony and worthless as a degree from Trump university (in this case, Akufo Addo and his university. It doesn’t exist).

Fellow Ghanaians, is it not fair to conclude that if borrowing to build projects is what governance is all about, can’t Ursula Owusu's son do better than Akufo Addo?

The most offensive of all this moral dualism of Akufo Addo is this: while the government is raising taxes adversely affecting every Tom Dick and Harry in the country, president Akufo Addo and his kitchen cabinet want parliament to assist waive a whopping 7 billion cedis tax for some selected companies for his cronies. Dual moralism.

The IMF has been very categorical and vocal about government’s profligacy and lack of fiscal discipline. But the government has refused to yield even though they need the Fund’s assistance. According to the IMF Country Director, Pierre Frank Laporte, Ghana is currently in this ditch snd struggling to get out because of the recalcitrance by the government. The question then is, what do Akufo Addo and his economic hitmen seek to achieve for running a stranger economy which has collapsed the country’s economy they are frantically trying to resurrect? And why is the government conveniently shifting blame on Ukraine and Russia war, Covid-19 etc. when they have clearly been the problem? And for those who have been sympathetically or just out of sheer asinine opinions want to buy into that governmental nonsense and bunkum, the question is, why is the Hamas and Israel war raging on and the Russia and Ukraine conflict has been re-opened, yet the government is now claiming the economy is turning around? A yesterday’s economy they claimed was deteriorating due to every conflict in the world including war films, has now turned the corner when the same conflicts both fresh and old, have intensified their fighting?

Fellow Ghanaians, quite apart from what Shehu Sani of Nigeria told us about our president, have you considered president Akufo Addo to be a man with enormous amount of dishonesty, ill-will, who lacks the wherewithal and capacity for people and economic management, judging from the third class he graduated with from the university of Ghana? How then all of a sudden he began accusing a sitting president of incompetence of economic management when he obtained Third Class (dis)Honors in elementary economics? Is it not most scandalizing than a plagiarized presidential inaugural speech that Akufo Addo could have the audacity to call out a sitting president of incompetence when he failed flat in economics? But nobody could remember his economic trajectory in academia, so we bundled up Ghana for him to manage. Today, the irreparable damage has been done. The danger is that, even the IMF which offered to marshall the economy in the right direction, has now been brushed aside. The question now is, what do Akufo Addo and his cronies seek to achieve for coming to power? The answer can't be farfetched when the national debt stock is taken into consideration.

The gangsterism, the looting spree, the unabated Kakistocratic Kleptocracy, and the politicization of crucial state institutions, one is left with no choice then to say God All-Mighty has certainly placed a "Jasad" on our seat of government.

Fellow Ghanaians, are we then being astonished by the severe schizophrenia and megalomaniac narcissism tendencies that have been daily displayed by the ruling "New Problem Party" (NPP), in their most desperate attempt to stay in power? Is it not laughable that some "brown envelope-induced" research and academic criminals used the recently conducted district level elections to conclude the voting pattern of electorates in the upcoming general elections in the Ashanti Region? It was rather interesting that these bogus researchers limited their mark of intellectual prematurity and dishonesty to only the Ashanti Region.

In the first instance, why did the researchers choose the Ashanti Region? Well, with the hunger and naked suffering sweeping across the nation due to Akufo Addo-led economic piracy, banditry, and what can be described as an overbloated sophomorical affectation of economic management, especially in urban areas, Ashanti is not an exception.

Personally, I’ve never seen, in my eight years in Kumasi, the regional capital of the Ashanti Region, people begging in competition like this era of President Akufo Addo. The people of Ashanti Region are not exception to the nationwide famine savaging the country. They have been hit hard by the reality of incompetence of the NPP and lack of commitment. And indeed, the people of Ashanti Region have come to realize that they had actually voted their enemy into power in the person of "Semicolon" Akufo Addo. And that, President Mahama was their true friend they may have despised. But the lesson has been bitterly learnt: our nation has never been humiliated by any president like what "Semicolon Akufo Addo" has subjected Ghanaians and Ghana to.

But why amidst the unprecedented economic mess created by these official gangsters they aren't perturbed by the drudgery the Ghanaian populace go through daily? Instead, they want to continue? They are afraid never to return to power.

It was my grandma who narrated of a certain TuoZaafi (TZ) food vendor who was attacked by a serious stomach upset that required her to attend nature's call. However, the customers were too crowded that she couldn't imagine attending the nature's call and losing her customers. Yet, she won't allow anyone to help her. So she gambled with the situation and decided to serve everybody before leaving. But just after she served the last person another person arrived, and then another. The persistent buyers wouldn’t allow her to visit the washroom neither did she have the courage to excuse the customers so she finally had rectal failure and heavily defecated and soiled herself. The aircraft engine sound accompanied by the most unbearable pungent smell that greeted every customer there when the pooh could no longer accept her excuse, prompted everyone to run while yelling: “mama TZ seller pooed on herself! The quick lessons my grandma deduced from it was that, the food seller didn’t only lose her customers she didn’t want to lose, and had her business folded up, she also badly disgraced herself!

A dancer who doesn’t know when to exit the dance stage, is an idiot and mentally unstable. And if he or she is of a sound mind, then he or she is planning a vice!

Fellow Ghanaians, to whom the cap fits, let him wear it. Like the TZ seller who embarrassed herself, lost her customers, and business, the NPP's or the president’s refusal to resign from party politics having caused this economic calamity and unforgivable financial loss to the state, has disgraced themselves, exposed their ignorance and incompetence, and the electorates are forever ready to dessert them. And the greatest coup-de-grace is awaiting them: the NPP shall kiss goodbye to politics in Ghana. The Convention People’s Party (CPP) shall have more followers than them beyond 2024 general elections. No wonder they are organizing armchair professor researches laced with biases and outright lies!

Fellow Ghanaians, it was Abraham Lincoln who made an observation about leaders in times of difficulty. A reality I daresay has hit our current badge of economic mismanagers. The 16th president of the United States is often quoted to have said: "Nearly all men can stand adversity; but if you really want to know a man's character give him power".

Today, unless those who have been living under rocks and stones willy-nilly, the real character of president Akufo Addo has been exposed for all to see after seven years in political power. What's amazing is not how rotting and stenchy that character has been, rather, his ability to turn majority of his appointees to simply conscienceless, unprincipled, and zombie government officials.

A reason why Dr. Bawumia has come out boldly, without any shame, to announce a so-called deflation and declining prices of goods and services the country is experiencing when one ladle of “Gob3” is still sold at GH¢5 without gari at some vending places.