Election 2024: Ghana to Glass-Cliff LGBTQ With Prof. Naana Jane As Veep

Feature Article Election 2024: Ghana to Glass-Cliff LGBTQ With Prof. Naana Jane As Veep

Fellow Ghanaians, is it not embarrassing and unbelievable saga of sorrow that after 67 years of Independence, we, literally, as a people, have nothing to show for all this donkey’s years of financial loss to the state Ghana, and what we are instead concerned with is actually about men must bonk their fellow men?

If I were the Judge at the Supreme court of Ghana, it would not have taken a single day to decide the fate of those who have taken the anti-LGBTQ+ law to the Supreme Court. I would have simply checked the constituencies where each of the complainants come from and from the prism of the principle of Separation of Powers, render my verdict based on whether their parliamentary candidates voted for or against the bill.

You see, parliament as a lawmaking arm of government, is acting as an Electoral College in place of a referendum or even a plebiscite, on behalf of the rest of all citizens. And in my view, it's stupid and ignorance of the law to demand the withdrawal of a bill the body has passed because of disagreement with the content of that bill which was bipartisan.

In every multi-party democratic, constitutional or republican dispensation, people – both citizens and denizens – would always have some challenge with the new law the majority of the people have decided to allow or disallow.

The supreme law of the land – the 1992 constitution – as a matter of fact, had had its own doubting Thomases even till date. Meanwhile, it took a referendum which had majority of Ghanaians allowing it to become our law, hence its adoption.

The president, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo's immediate comments to the effect that, he is waiting for the outcome of the supreme court on this simple matter exposes how valualess our society and what we stand for as a people mean to him. And the ministry of finance cementing his stance could not be more chilling in its revelation. Basically, Akufo Addo needs to fix an economy he has run aground with borrowed money from the International Monetary Fund, IMF. So, we must exchange our “assholes” for the cash in order to resurrect an economy eight years political buccaneering has destroyed.

Fellow Ghanaians, in many of my epistles about this most criminal Akufo Addo-led government Ghana has ever seen, I have been very consistent about my apprehension that a day would come and the government led by Akufo Addo would lease the body parts and organs of their fellow compatriots in order to raise money for his opulent jetting of the globe. That is what is coming!

Today, it's our values, ideals and beautiful culture the government wants thrown to the dogs; tomorrow, a Chinese or French government official would come with a surgeon to remove some of our body organs because our government has dished them out in exchange for cash!

Funny enough, it would interest anybody to know that, the government has been betrayal of our national values, because it has been scheming to tax the LGBTQ+ community if they have been allowed a camp in the country. This would mean that, before you marry or date a fellow man or woman, you would have to pay some engagement tax or marriage tax to the government. Basically, your wedding night as a same sex couple would have been juicy for the government in taxation: one "round", one hundred thousand cedis tax. Some people have sneaked to court, fundamentally, to help the president escapes the assenting to the bill.

However, with Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang selected again to serve as the Kamala Harris of Ghana, the equation has been balanced! That, a woman has been chosen to occupy the vice presidency which has in the last seven years become the propaganda wing of the New Patriotic Party, NPP, is a giant leap in the right direction.

A female vice presidency is not only to remind us what we are as far as the Ghanaian religious and cultural values are concerned, it's to rescue Ghana from the Glass-Cliff perspective.

The Glass-Cliff phenomenon was coined by two professors of psychology at the University of Exeter, Alex Haslam and Michelle Ryan who postulated that, women are more likely to be put in charge of precarious, devastating and failing companies, organizations or even economies than men.

According to Marianne Cooper, a sociologist at Stanford university, a research conducted in the Conservative party in 2005 in the United Kingdom suggested that women were allowed tickets to run for nearly unwinnable constituencies whereas their counterparts men were made to run for easy and winnable seats. Zoe Rohrich argues that women and often, minority groups are usually put in charge of collapsing organizations because it’s a new direction that is to be chartered. Clara Kulich claims the Glass Cliff often leads to the bamboo or glass-ceiling and not the other way round because women are fine communicators and adept at handling chaotic or conflict situations.

In short, women are very good at cleaning the mess of men. And judging from the current porous economic situation due to bad orgasm of economic management by the Flagbearer of the NPP, it would take the softness and gentle touch of the female to restore the economy.

A female vice president is also a fantastic idea which resonates the proverbial Adam, the first man to ever exist, story. A woman had to be created in order to support Adam and also to clean his “mess”. Prof. Jane is poised to supporting president Mahama as the next president of Ghana in order to assist clean the mess of Dr. Bawumia. That’s the magic of the woman – she’s agile in bringing under control precarious situations.

No man shall take up the role of the woman and replace her better without defects.

Indeed, it's perplexing, amazing that the 21st century man appears to have advanced in achievement, yet seems to have his cognitive abilities and general intellect in sharp and perpetual decline regarding the role of the woman.

It baffles me, that the white man who used to claim superiority, racially, and turned down marriage union between a white woman and a black man, has now decided to share bed with the dog, crocodile, horse, the pig, the monkey and many other animals!

Could this be a curse upon the white man, as the African cliché goes?

I was shocked to hear the finance ministry advising the president not to assent to the anti-LGBTQ bill presented by the House of Parliament. Truth is, their fears could not be real and worse than we envisage.

The USA, a former colony a while ago, which became a global bully, after discovering the Atomic bomb, has seemingly decided to bring the human race to extinction!

Well, I believe that is not their real aim: they want a "free world" for all when there’s no a "free America" for their own citizens. At least, some centuries back.

So the question begging for an answer is, was there a time in the history of America when certain matters were criminalized or at least, conventionally not recognized?

Even though exporter of democracy today, black people got the right to vote only in 1866 in the USA. Though promulgator of democracy, America only accepted that women should be allowed to vote only in 1919. It's sickening to even realize that Uncle Sam had only recently allowed women's education in the USA, in 1972. That's right!: 1972 (nineteen seventy two). It was around that era universities like even Yale, allowed and admitted women, for the first time, into college!

Personally, I love America, not because they dictate to African leaders and the rest of the world what time to sleep with their spouses, but because of the fact that, America has made it possible for anybody "with a funny name" to live his or her dreams; I love the USA and would love to one day visit there but never be a tree or some trash can as many of our youths here in Africa often say (some young Ghanaian youths often say they wish they were trees or some objects in America than being human beings in Africa).

Again, I love the USA, as a Muslim, because the USA is the only country that significantly try to bring all humanity together as one race without discrimination. This is a Qur’anic injunction even the Arabs have not been able to follow and obey. America is indeed great. It’s not a nation belonging to some special human race even though the native Americans who have really accepted to share their land, food, and prosperity with the rest of humanity, are actually special "race".

Be that as it may, America had had a period of time when what they presently want to impose upon the rest of the world was vehemently disagreed and rejected, criminalized and severely punished! This is 300, 200, and even 100 years back.

In comparison with Africa (Ghana), 100, 200 or even 100 years back, the USA would have been where Ghana is today. Infrastructure, technology, science, economic prowess, and general development of America were in their infancy.

In order words, Ghana is probably, and arguably, trailing behind the USA 100, 200, 300 or even more years back! The USA is thus ahead of Africa (Ghana) with some 300 years gap!

The question now is, doesn't the USA understand that, just as they could not accept certain things in their society during those days, 300 years back, in the 18th century, which Africa or Ghana is living in in the 21st century today, it's possible for Africa or the rest of the world for that matter that disagrees with the USA, because they are still in their 18th or 19th century?

For example, who could possibly discuss same sex marriage in the USA Congress let alone safeguarding its practice in the name of human rights in the 18th century?

Again, for instance, when would Ghana or Africa has an atomic energy? And would it be normal for the USA to force people of Africa into going nuclear because the USA has been there? Why would the USA force Africa to have space station on the moon when we don't have a single spaceship scientist in Ghana? And indeed, why would the USA and the rest of the West, want to force homosexuality upon us when we still can’t appreciate it and see it as a danger to the human race as a matter of fact?

Let Uncle Sam know we in Africa are still living in our 17th, 18th, 19th century just as the USA during those periods in their history where a man who could possibly dream about going to the moon was going to be considered as nothing but lunatic. For any USA citizen to have dreamt about telecasting a live event from the USA to the rest of the world, in the 18th century, could be regarded as a complete idiot! And indeed, to protect individuals who want to seek sexual pleasure beyond humans, was repugnant in the USA 300, 200 or even 100 years back!

Finally, if you are a gay marriage lobbyist championing the rights of homosexuals, imagine if your mother was a lesbian and your father was a gay!

Fellow global citizens, if there's anything that must be criminalized in this whole world apart from the proliferation of nuclear weapons, it is homosexuality! It has not only the tendency of bringing the human race to extinction by birth, hybrid humans from copulation between dogs and humans, donkey and humans, crocodile and humans, lions and humans, shall be potential cannibals! It’s just a matter of time. Because they shall have their human-animal rights guaranteed!

Very soon, assassins, armed robbers, drug dealers, back hackers etcetera shall come forth for their rights.