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Blueprint of Over Billion Edible Trees For Africa Within Five Years

Blueprint of Over Billion Edible Trees For Africa Within Five Years
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Blueprint means a detailed plan or how to achieve a target, so those who cannot see my vision can ask me or challenge me through a micro-example. Over Billion Trees is not just feasible, but it can be done with relative ease in Africa more than other continents. Although I am a Gambian and prefer the micro example on two districts or the nationwide example to be in the Gambia, I am open to working with any African country... We can do it as partners with private institutions like Banks, sincere philanthropists with enough money, an association, or even government. Rather than do examples of each possible partner, I will just use the Bank as example and you can imagine how other interested parties can fit in. Beside the over Billion edible trees as primary target, I will love to roll out examples of preventive health centers we need across Africa and Badafos green fence for food surplus on vegetables, herbs, and even some grains. If we roughly divide Billion trees by fifty, it will be about twenty million trees per country. Meaning if the Gambia, which happens to be the smallest country on mainland Africa, can do twenty million trees, then many other countries can do much more to achieve our target. Beside food, we will improve health, tourism, climate change, etc.

As the brain of the idea, it is only befitting for me to head the example in gratitude and to avoid a useless leader or people to sabotage what is evidently feasible. I believe in transparency, including cameras for security and verification process beyond our primary partners. So we will use the term GT Bank or xyz to mean any bank beyond the Gambia as example, so let any Bank , government, billionaire, or xyz feel free to contact me for potential opportunities for a new Africa and New world. Yes, I may be able to work with multiple countries or companies, I am human and plan to be in one country at least for the first year, to ascertain I do everything humanly possible for success under the Kind Lord.

Preferred micro example is two districts (counties) within the Gambia, preferably Jokadu district in North Bank and one district in South Bank of the Gambia. So if GT Bank or xyz wants to partner up with me, after solid agreements, we will choose the most ideal districts based on the offers and other factors each district offers. We will target two million trees per district and we have enough districts for such to add up beyond our twenty million trees for the Gambia . G T Bank or xyz does not have to raise one billion dollars for this micro example, but raising enough money will help demonstrate multiple options, where part of it can be fairly safe research and development.

We need money, land, and willing people for this project to be successful. So which districts are willing to offer us enough land and how do we gauge willing people is a fairly simple task we can discuss in private. We want an orchard of at least one thousand edible trees in each district for GT Bank or xyz staff and/or customers, but we will help that district to also plant the targeted two million trees per district. We will help provide the seedlings and reasonable fencing at a reasonable cost, and may demand about twenty percent of the cost to gauge willingness and/or depending on how much money we can raise for this project.

Are you a farmer with how much land and ready to fence+ your farm with edible trees of 100 to 1000 ? Tell us precise number of trees you plan, and remember you can have multiple rows of trees, then continue with your peanut or xyz at the center? We will help you fence and or even dig a borehole or bring water some how. God will water summer time and how many strong children you have to water 100 trees or we supply pipes for drip watering of 1000+ trees? One person can surely water over 100 trees with ease, or we will gauge how a fulani waters in Jokadu district versus a Jola in Foni or xyz, versus a Chinese or Jarga waters in his orchard or at the GT Bank or xyz orchard? Remember we will have enough cameras at the GT Bank or xyz orchard, will recommend farmers to have cameras, and our drone cameras will do a district for different reasons . The chiefs, village heads, agricultural workers, etc can help fill the forms and help us decide which districts to choose. Your trees are one hundred percent yours, our agreement just have to state what percentage of money or produce you must pay per year until your debt is fully paid. Do you have one , three , or xyz cows or xyz to sell for the xyz percent we may charge? Can we get two to five thousand farmers in a district as willing partners? Deal!

GT Bank or xyz orchard : Are you an employee or bank customer who cares about climate change, quality food sufficiency, health, etc? Every human being should plant at least twelve trees or sponsor such, and we are reliable partner. For just about hundred or xyz dollars a tree, you can sponsor three to twenty trees and get one percent share of the orchard for every three trees? We will tell you the precise location of the orchard, number of trees, number of owners, send you monthly or xyz videos around harvest time, etc. You want Boabab, lime, cashew, etc instead of cash, we can still facilitate that. If we get more sponsors than we need, we can arrange how to partner sponsors with farmers under cameras and solid agreements. Remember about ten or xyz percent of the orchard must cater for running cost. We can make it easy payments for you if you want to sponsor more than three trees, divide by 12 or up to 36 months with details of late payment, transferable to which next of kins, etc. Can GT Bank or xyz convince one thousand customers to sponsor at least ten trees at hundred dollars per tree, then one thousand customers by one thousand dollars equals to one million dollars. We sure can do the orchard with one million dollars, but we will need how much to help farmers fence, buy drones with cameras, Badafos green fence, preventive health center, etc? Well, the Badafos green fence and preventive health center should actually be mine as private business through business loan or xyz? However, which districts are ready to give me enough free land for my ideas+ or at what cost?

Within one year, we will see enough results to convince people , other districts, and other countries to copy our model. GT Bank or XYZ will then get Nobel peace prize from God, but which western media or country may frown at GT Bank, the Gambia, or xyz? The Paris agreement money for climate change include one billion trees in Africa or However African countries choose to spend it? How many billionaires for Climate change, health, food sufficiency, etc are willing to partner with me? President Barrow is spending too much money on tractors and he does not understand the future of farming vegetables or grains does not need those bulky machines? He is taking loans against our children and instead feeding and listening to westerners than this blessed marijuana guy? If a country with legal hemp offers me a deal, we may do much better, because our hemp farms and hemp factories can produce many things for Africa+. So let those who really care seek me ASAP and may the Willing Lord help me rescue at least the African children. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer
Optional Note:
As said, just because they do not know how to do it, does not mean the able Lord did not show me how. Some Stupid Agricultural workers may question where can I get two million seedlings of trees. About half the trees should be at our dictate on type of trees. So quarter or more can be traditional trees in a country, but we should strive to introduce new trees. Trees like cashews are not close to enough in the Gambia, too expensive for the poor, and our children+ are not eating enough of the nuts year round. The word enough is important to implant in the average African mind, because we hardly do enough learning or enough working. We should also be careful of new strains of plants they supply us. Carefully Add strains, but do not replace. We should spend on research like they do, and verify their claims with more research to gratefully teach them or protect ourselves. I am very confident and ready to work with those you may trust than me. Meaning, half the orchard per district should give me final decision, the other half can be on someone you trust on where we disagree, and all have to be under cameras, including body cameras in meetings, especially once the project starts. Differences can be healthy, and one can see I thought out things or getting inspired by a caring Lord , at least on words and feasible ideas. Of course, there are essential tools we will need. Depending on the land, we may even need big machines to clear areas, but I have ways we can discuss to try. Remember you need enough land for at least thousand trees, but how many trees will you prefer as start to brag as minimum example for African companies or xyz who may follow your lead? Advertising your Bank or xyz helps transform the Gambia, Africa, or world will earn you what with God versus humans? With verifiable video evidence of two million trees per district in the Gambia

or xyz , we may easily have one million westerners+ ready to invest one thousand dollars each and that will total to one billion dollars to do not just the rest of the Gambia or xyz , but start similar examples across Africa and eventually raise many other billions... The Billionaires or millionaires who may ignore us now will likely want to join us later for direct money or fame (good name) for money , later?

Badafos will prove how few districts can feed beyond the Gambia, we will not need to order vegetables, but export or throw for animals... Extreme Beauty and food surplus are possible realities, but the beginning requires impressive options to wow the world. Making what is yet to exist is hard to explain to non-thinkers. I hope Jokadu offers enough a deal, because I hailed from there and will prefer some historic examples to emerge from there.

Thinkers can imagine how it may boost our Tourism, but there are spin-off I do not want to mention to raise doubts or endless questions. Your job is to pray for the willing Lord to realize it. You can also share to every caring person, but caring rich folks are hard to find... May we rise and help Africa+ rise.

Optional note 2:
When a child is born, we should ask how much trees and vegetables s/he will need for food, then planting how many trees to help on other needs? If the child needs three cashew trees to eat and fund what percentage of education, then how much more to import other fruit trees the child may like? Sometimes we under estimate many things a person needs or reasonably want, but how many may rightly or wrongly think I under estimate what it takes to plant over billion trees? Again, I am open to be tested and certainly know maths or even reasonable God's testing. I said one billion and divided in which way? I took a small country to task twenty million, but my micro example shows I target about forty million for the Gambia? Beside the Gambia, how many African countries will participate or rather Bank on gambling our children or wait for Ukraine on food+? So how many Gambians or xyz may try enough or fail on efforts, or how many God may allow are all reasonably factored by the inspirer than me. If He allows way beyond billion new trees, He has certainly done similar for us before, or how many trees where never planted by humans?

I am an Activist, I advise and urge with strong facts where need be. So once the project starts or is successful, then brace for strong videos like: 'who is an useless African who refuse to plant even enough trees for his or her child, and may indoctrinate 'you cannot ever repay me'? S/he said kids will steal what percentage of the trees, but how about cameras and feeding the kids if we all plant? If everyone in the village have enough cashews for the children and for ten or xyz villages in Europe, then which child will steal? Or which parent will ask why Asia plants more to eat and export? Who is the trying African ready to repent, ready to say if I plant one hundred trees while thanking God, a Good God may feed me on earth with heaven and in heaven than those who pray, pray, pray for man made things than sweet nature or learn and work hard enough? Who is The African in the Diaspora ready to sponsor plants than pack our fishes, later use or pack our plants, or just blame politicians.

Small Gambia have over two hundred thousand Gambians in the wealthy west, but if hundred thousand Gambians contribute hundred to thousand dollars for trees and Badafos will any be hungry? How many Gambians or xyz will wait until whites+ sponsor how many trees before they admit I am with feasible ideas and truly care than all or most of them? May God bless my willing partners, but may God curse those who fight me or want to see me fail in any way. Where is your plan or plans for the poor , children, and captives, compare to me? Where have you donated to institutions in and beyond Africa? Loving your family is easy, so If Ghana, Morocco, Uruguay, or Brazil wants me to help them, I was sent to earth to help whom ever the Lord wills. May I prosper in every sense of the word, and keep smiling forever. Radiance of delight is on my face and by the yet to be completed favors of my Lord. Please Bestow enough action favors on me to be 'fully satisfied ' and let me fly similar to birds and billionaires.