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Multiple cease-fire proposals, but no multiple two state Solution proposals in a year?

Multiple cease-fire proposals, but no multiple two state Solution proposals in a year?
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Ramadan UN Cease-fire exposes Human Naivety, Hypocrisy, and/or Desperation?

Let's start with the pathetic celebration that History must properly write, to reduce how our children may look down on us. About one week ago, the world largely over celebrated the cease-fire order, while Israel frowned a bit, and u.s laughed silently? Did Israel ceased fire and why did the mainstream media refuse to report on it? What specific consequences will Israel face for violations of the cease-fire and other war crimes? When will a much better lasting cease-fire be tabled? Which country will table a better two state solution, including hints I will present later, and by when? Why the celebration speeches did not include other important demands towards a two state solution?

When two children of Abraham are over-fighting to the level of needing the help of non-Abrahamic children, then may be Abraham is not the only friend of God. Some will get mad, and stop reading, or unfriend me for what they me consider 'blasphemous'? They may forget the verses that say: 'on the friends of Allah...' means Allah have many friends, welcoming more if you qualify, etc. Well, if the UN is a secular body, then the name Ramadan cease-fire may be insulting to some. Ok Jarga, it is just a name and coincidence? Two weeks is too small, but the desperate primary victims may still appreciate it?

Although I will re-discuss the ceasefire a little later, I am more concerned about a much better two state solution. Until achieved, every one to three months, a two state solution should be tabled like multiple cease-fire proposals were tabled within weeks apart. Considering the divided factions within Palestine, the inexperience, and security fears, I think a coalition of international forces should be in Palestine for two to ten years transitional period. The worst of Arabs may disagree, but that is one way to tame the fears of Israel, and much better than the pain and humiliation you keep undergoing, and spilling over to caring minds. There are many countries that wouldn't mind to send soldiers for peaceful watching, especially under UN or world court orders. How many countries ever presented a two state solution proposal at the UN level? A 'territory' under the occupation of brutal forces demand new international laws, for international forces to takeover the territory.

Words versus Actions: 'We indifferently abstained from voting' is still within words, but we will keep supplying you weapons to harm and kill civilians is the world of actions. So when the naive claim u.s abandoned Israel, then u.s will silently laugh, the killings may or may not pause, the dropping of food should be with countless cameras to help document the atrocities. Although the u.s is often largely blamed for helping Israel, I think the Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia, under help even Arab Palestine, let alone Muslims of other races. Comedian Jon Steward of the daily show made good points of how rich Saudi Arabia will pay one sport-person in a year more than it helps Palestine. Ch.103 demands we 'exhort each other to truth and patience' as humans, not just as Muslims. So I suggest rich Saudi, UAE, Qatar, etc to pledge millions or billions of Cameras to all troubled areas, food, building universities, scholarships, etc towards a better world.

The Quhr-aahn tells us, 'it will not be by the desires of Jews, Christians, or Muslims' God and the Godly will judge by, but can the deaf hear? Ch. 91 reminds us, 'successful will be those who purify their conscience', from home, company, to state level? So regardless of how much you claim to praise God and misinterpret certain verses, you must humbly listen to the most clear verses and folks like me, you may look down upon. When Abraham prayed for his Children, the response in the Quhr-aahn was: 'my kingdom does not include wrongdoers.' So if you think religion is faith, faith, and questionable faiths, then you missed 'wrongdoers' in that verse, in Fahh-tihhah, and the checklist of ch.103. Few months to come, The OIC is scheduled to come to my country, the Gambia, and God has chosen me out of eight billion people to write a Quhr-aahn with astounding blessings. Whether or not I am honored to address the diplomats of that upcoming conference, I remain to be the person history will confirm as the chosen medium to significantly uplift Muslims and Humankind. Above all, may the kind Lord help me uplift billions within weeks and before that conference starts. Many of you Muslims are still submitters, which is lower than believers, and your refusal to collaborate with me on the book and beyond are supporting evidence. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Note: Please, double check and rectify grammatical errors. This is one other article I wrote in a hurry and mysterious pressures. I wrote this article in less than two hours. I have about four articles I consider much more important, but yet to complete or even start one of them. About 90% of my articles are often written within hours, hardly a day, so it puzzles me why I cannot find the level of focus I need to write these crucial upcoming articles, or why God allows and pressures me on this article? Yes, I am not blind to the possible good of this article, but God may have to work over-time for achievements. It is one thing to blame Biden or wait on him; another thing for South Africa to do what other Arab countries cannot or did not do; but which country will understand Biden and others will hate to see History having multiple evidence of refusing 3 to 10 two state proposals with which excuses?

Despite the challenges I faced, the Juts Quhr-aahn is now available in the Gambia, and will hopefully be available to the world, every country , by next week. Then the world can gauge my claims are factual, I will uplift millions of boys from the streets, swiftly or gradually; I will inadvertently take the Arabic language to a level no Arab or anyone did, at least within the past thousand years; and I will similarly raise the African languages with opportunities they never enjoyed. I only hope God facilitates speed and achievements beyond words, but only the ignorant look down on words. People learn through words, or is knowledge small? People work and even have fun with words? Yes, actions matter in some issues, but words remain an essential bridge. A president or influential person may read these words to act, so who dares look down on the words that inspire him or her; or the God who helped me with it?