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Bottom vs Convenient Point: Sex and Wars on Mainstream vs Social Media

Bottom vs Convenient Point: Sex and Wars on Mainstream vs Social Media
14 APR 2024 LISTEN

How often do you hear the term 'we will get to the bottom of it', where it started, but only to be bombarded from the convenient point of one or both parties, especially on the subjects of sex and wars? To worsen things, one party may claim the bottom of it or the preceding parts are irrelevant. From learning perspective and questioning why God allows certain things on some instead of others, ignoring facts becomes part of blindness, then censorship may follow from the media world and even questionable court houses? If I find it so hard to convince the world about the emergency on the time-based need for worldwide culture of cameras, then will redaction of footages become a frustrating norm of the future? I rather see the few minutes to few hours of an event than the lengthy analysis (report) of a potentially biassed person, written over months or years, and will consume days or weeks of reading. The O.J simpson murder case was dubbed 'trial of the century' in u.s or worldwide, and why I and many people were ignorant of essential facts about the case? The Bill Clinton Sexual scandal with Monica Lewinsky is another good example. Then a bit of Trump and Epstein. The Gaza war and Ukraine war cannot be ignored from the perspective of the title.

Sex is reportedly the most searched word on the Internet, sex is how we all came into being, rightly and/or wrongly; sex is arguably the most loved sport, except the benefits and dangers are not squarely studied. Our mindsets and words on sex vary not just based on region, but whether we lean on mainstream or social media: on religion, culture, or government (law & science) . This is not to say our personal experiences on sex do not influence our perception of sexual right or wrong.

From the era of culture, religion, and present government era, women were/are sexually favored, but still suffer. Those who lean more on mainstream media will claim women suffer more, but social media is actually divided, and that hints why many governments try to censor social media.

The death of O.J simpson is re-revealing how humans refuse to honestly learn, but also the importance of social media, despite the shortcomings. That trial found me in the u.s. Although I was much younger and was focused on money than Justice, I watched enough of it on mainstream media and evidently missed essential facts, beyond the legal aspects. As a person who believes events exist for learning purposes, I think it is largely irrelevant to guess if O.J was guilty or not, but where can I learn as a person, help prevent and/or solve such problems. From a secular legal point, a culture of cameras was missing, from the 'rich victim', the police on evidence gathering, and beyond. Worse is none of the analysis on mainstream media is urging or noting how little things change?

The bottom point of the O.J case is how dangerous adultery is, especially on men and the western world. Naturally, women are sexually stronger than men, but do we dare blame God, or just ask him to empower us to rightly subdue women and resist where need be? The human part is what interests me much more, because women are hardly blamed even where they significantly contribute to the hurt of other women and children? The convenient point is 'his ex-wife', but the bottom point is 'his indifferently adulterous partner'. I am not saying only women should be blamed on adulterous relationships, but they should never be excused where they are knowingly involved. Nicole met O.J knowing fully well that he was married, and she was not trying to share a husband as in questionable polygamy, but how to indifferently snatch him from a woman and children? Somehow, many Muslims claim adulterous partners should be killed by choosing one verse, but ignoring the verse that says they 'should be married' for further testing? So adulterous Nicole married Adulterous O.J, but Nicole said no other woman has the right to be adulterous with O.J? Problems started or escalated to 'abusive behavior' that courts want to discuss than the adultery part?

Feel free to quote what percentage of adulterous folks never got to killing or stopped at one adultery; but please tell me what percentage of 'abusive partners' never got to killing, or why others could not kill 'Nicole' or victims of abuse? Since society or many say women cannot be blamed on adultery, should I look for a pretty woman for myself or tell her to bait a rich person and we share the loot? No! May be Nicole wanted him for life, but did she owe the devil something that must be repaid? Jealous O.J is heard more than Jealous Nicole, but many things are gender and race neutral. So they divorced, she got over $400,000 instead of millions, and child-adult support of $10,000 a month; but still cannot think or buy security cameras? How many judges ever suggested or gave cameras to claimants of abuse? Stating such may not be permissible in court or mainstream media, but if she and her rich neighbors had enough cameras, we could have prevented such or solve it in better ways than guessing. My point is politicians and mainstream media give very questionable love to women and other minorities. They should be urging civilians to own cameras than governments, to shift billions towards camera and battery research, to use a percentage from big court cases towards cameras for the poor and beyond, etc. I think suggestions towards indisputable facts will help millions of Nicoles and O.Js , who God should Judge than me and you? How often do you hear a push for culture of cameras on social media vs. Mainstream media? They still give weapons than cameras to poor countries, but will millions of cameras help in Gaza, Ukraine, or the rising crimes in the Gambia and beyond?

The Bill Clinton case was also before social media, so I was shocked to learn that some blamed Monica Lewinsky. No one will deny that at least 90% of mainstream media blamed only mr. Clinton, because of political power, or sexual power does not exist? When discussing any problem or solution on sex, we should discuss sexual power before any other power, then sexual choice before any other choice. A married Clinton should be able to resist even the advances of Lewinsky, but who sought first from wishes, words, and actions are forbidden questions? I or the single should be able to resist Beyonce, knowing she is presently married and do not want to contribute to problems, but if single Shakira or another pretty single woman seeks me on a needy night, no just God should punish me for fornication, unless we indifferently did it on the streets against children. If sexual power means anything, then single men have the most dangerous test, first by nature and worsen by social norms. I will pass a thousand women every day, but asking five in a week is 'too much'? If one says yes or vague may be, I may have to pay the dowry of dinner where vegan meals are limited or forbidden to the poor? So if I invite her home with hope, hope, hope, is the first touch on the hips 'inappropriate sexual advances' or only if things get sour many years after? Rich Trump 'can just start kissing' to be allowed and sued later or much later? How many women said, 'am glad you persisted when I said no'? I think it is very dangerous to be with a woman who said or showed no, beyond legal perspective. A woman should love you or happily love you, or run away and try marijuana and something safer. No wonder why the matriarchal west+ hate marijuana, but it is sure nicer, safer, and cheaper than Monica lewinsky, Stormy Daniels, or even Ms. Clinton, Ms. Obama, and Ms. Biden? How do you know Jarga, did you sleep with them or just imagining? Well, ask those in sexual court if it was worth it? How many tries before you tell her, I do not want to be charged with sexual assault or any form of sexual misconduct, so let me gladly or get the hell out of my house? Even marriage cannot save many a man on accusations, especially in the west. So question her mindset before you go deep with her, because men must have sexual rights and deserve love. How many times have you heard 'every woman deserves to be loved' on mainstream media vs social media? That is indoctrination or mindset building. So ask her if 'every man deserves to be loved' ? If she says yes, she is wrong or naive, but ask more questions before you fix her mind, then you can make her give the 'sweetest cry' if both are lucky? The biggest lie is women are sexually doing men favor, when truth reveals God does both favor, then sometimes one or both get sexual curses.

Although Trump seems to get Satanic level respite, questionable women are favored over questionable men, so ms. Carrol was the first Trumpet, Stormy Daniels is likely to be the second Trumpet against Trump. Melania will likely blame him more than Stormy Daniels, but why is one more guilty and by how much in percentage? In sexual hell, women rule; in sexual heaven, God rules through men; but there is a 'dangerous' sexual bridge where women subdue without love. Everything else is extra dangerous, especially for men. Once men understand we are sexually weaker and largely sexually stupid, then every boy and man must know truth is our saviour than intelligence. Vow not to ever lie to a woman, or for a woman, then it makes it easier to treat her well and be spared from hell, which may still not guarantee sexual heaven.

The bottom point is not hush money, that is the convenient point for one party and legal waiting... Where they precisely met, was one married in the first meeting, what was the purpose of meeting with a married man? The women who sell less than sex in the sexual world are worse than prostitutes, but some cultures will disagree. So poor guys pay dowry to look, rich Trump pays for low sex, then pay a lot more after? Only the blind cannot see sexual hell exist and men exist in that hell more than women. If naivety or society tells you that is 'sexual paradise' then you may never try to escape or avoid such hell. Trump contributes to the sexual hell of too many men than women, but his limited female victims are the only ones permitted to hunt him, legally? The mainstream media will tell you how he indifferently cheated on wife after wife, but how many of those wives were adulterous or thought only men should be blamed on adultery? Even the first wife may be guilty on mindset or more.

The mainstream media will constantly claim the war started 'when Hamas attacked Israel', but that is the convenient point of one party. The bottom point can vary, but social media is divided and one camp calls it retaliatory attack instead of attack. When a woman killed an alleged abuser, what evidence should exonerate her? When we witness countless abuses by Israel, how and what level of retaliation is acceptable? The war on Gaza started long before many of us were born, but the pauses and re-starting of wars is a very complex history. I wished we could talk about the bottom or peak of solutions. Two sets of children of Abraham are fighting over land that existed before Abraham (pbuh). If God truly owns the Land, why does the land have to belong to one based on race and/or religion? Sex or sexual crimes of Abraham can be the endless debate, but seems like Arabs and Jews can peacefully co-exist everywhere except around Israel and Palestine? Good leadership is paramount, but neither Israel, nor Palestine seem to have good leaders and/or enough good people? A two state solution must be pursued, even if a global federal government is the most secure method for humankind.

Similarly, the mainstream media of the west will constantly claim about two years ago 'when Russia invaded Ukraine' based on convenient point. Not just to some Russians, but many parts of Ukraine felt war long before, so the escalated point cannot be the bottom point. Here again, the questionable social media seem to go much deeper and less censoring than mainstream media. These sad realities of mainstream media refusing to grow, refusing to accept my type, can only mean may the best of social media win or be elevated to own enough mainstream media. The percentage of lies or illusions on social media vs mainstream media may be important, but not close to the truth denied on mainstream media than social media. How we fight lies cannot be censorship, and saying certain truth cannot be on mainstream media will only help lies and misconceptions. We need the whole truth, and should not be the proxy war victims of u.s vs Russia, Gog vs Magog, or God vs Satan. Since we know little, we must bank on truth and things like culture of cameras to know more.

It is very shameful for a rich country like the u.s to admit or claim the cameras were off in prison, around the time Epstein died. How often that happens or just when suicide or killing was to happen? The solution or expectations are not shutting down that prison and prosecuting a few workers. We want to know what new measures are applied in all prisons in the u.s and around the world, or we have no moral authority to question how Navalny died and endlessly debate how others may die in different countries. Public places should have countless cameras, powered differently, and stored in multiple places for permanent record until God says otherwise. Private places should be a private decision. They cannot claim lack of funds, but we think lack of care and determination of journalists and politicians+ is dangerously gambling our existence. Imagine the option of watching a few hours of videos around Epstein's death versus waiting for years before the government comes up with a questionable long report that will require weeks of reading? We need both humans and robots with hundred eyes to be patrolling such prisons. Even the prisoners should be allowed to own body cameras, but questionable Florida+ may claim it will endanger cops or abusive prison guards. We have to pray for more women to be victims, or they will never act if men and very few women are victims? No! May God act a lot more than such beautiful words, because if I become a billionaire, I will try to save women+ than politicians and those who accuse me of misogyny. May God bless us through showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga k. Gigo
An Activist and Transformer
Optional note:
Arguably, the most famous woman in the west is Oprah Winfrey who reportedly was not just adulterous, but wanted him to leave her, and cannot see how she risked the lives of the children? She knew he was married and she can certainly search for single men. She is a thumbnail picture of not just faulty west, but worsening with time? After the affair and her plan failed, she now opposes marriage or why she asked Beyonce about being 'a wife' in a tone and manner that looked down on marriage? Again, we know dating websites with millions of users were dedicated just for the adulterous married. So using the spared Oprah and the few powerful men they rightly or wrongly chastise is just due to limited time. These problems are blind to the long term problems of adultery. Similarly, when LGBTQ claim they just do not want to be in prison over sex, more outrageous demands follow suit. There are more killings and other problems LGBTQ folks face in u.s than Africa , where it is largely illegal. So legality does have effects, but certainly not as mainstream media claims.

I am by no means a sexual saint. I actually consider myself sexually stupid, albeit God is increasing my knowledge, beyond sex. I also consider myself sexually weak, and that does not mean in bed, but by how much I fall to temptation... We must remember, the weak can be strengthened and the powerful weakened. For over a year now, I went into sexual fasting, did not have sex or tried to sexually get any woman. Purpose: I do special fasting at times, including away from sweet marijuana, but this one was prolonged beyond my intentions; after starting the Juts Quhr-aahn, I saw it as a rescue mission, a significant task, and feared being with a wrong woman can delay the job or let me lose focus. Of course a right woman would have been helpful, but taking the risk of a new relationship was not worth it. So if God is very kind, He should give me a great woman, considering I rejected cruel women or they rejected me for the Trumps and Epsteins?

In the world of sex, women are the main actors and men are just re-actors, including erection? No! May be it is just cycles, or why women react with actions and even screams? The fact remains, women make enormous efforts on beauty and men must try at least one? Even on my sexual fast, I manage it because I am not yet to ever marry, avoided going out, and avoided even long eye contacts with the limited times I went out. Of course God's help was involved and limited even my marijuana usage, which sometimes sends you to women or questionable women for fights...? Once we agree sex is an emotional urge, then controlling what leads to such urges will count. The eyes are one, but food should seriously be studied.

The longer I become vegan, the more I understand it is a favor from God and I can control my sexual desires more than heavy meat eaters, or even average animal eaters. Men and women who eat products of rape, everyday, are literally praying and benefiting from rape. Feel free to argue animals are different, but I am talking about the effects in years, not months. Feel free to count millions of 'good' meat eaters on sex, but remember once you have a partner, it becomes easier to resist evil urges. This is why the Quhr-aahn claims 'partners are a garment to each other'? The married man seeking Oprah or Beyonce can be a lot more calm, and foolish women can call such gentle than the single with urgings. I do believe in sexual teachings and sexual providing in high to highest quality as a remedy to the sexual problems our generation face.

Watching a big chunk of the O.J simpson trial on mainstream media does not mean you know better than the jurors who saw some aspects we were denied, beyond instructions. Worse is coming on the Trump case, because someone claims federal court cases are not televised. This means Trump+ can make huge claims and why should we believe one party? Your questionable founding fathers wrote if Cameras are invented, please keep them from all federal courts, or was it which era of executive or supreme court made such blunder? Transparency means money to money worshippers, but every justice lover will want cameras in every form of a court, or will cry foul when Trump prosecuted Manning without cameras? Our age demands all court proceedings be recorded and open to the public, unless the defendant(s) prefers not to, request it, and cannot complain after. Otherwise, if Trump wins and he prosecutes in secret, we should not buy claims or complaints.

Where-as I do not see adultery or LGBTQ to be minor, I do not see it as some extremists. While the Clinton scandal started, I spent a night with a white couple in the u.s, with my then girl-friend. The white man was saying, 'it is like Clinton raped the whole u.s'. I wonder if he truly meant it or was just trying to impress the wife. There is a huge difference between the sexual 'sins' and the surrounding to such. Unless done in public places, I rather advise and let God deal with the rest. However, do not ever let them stop you from speaking on what you deem harmful, including certain sexual choices.

Prostitution and Anything lower than prostitution must be smartly fought. No smart man who experiences very high quality of sex for hours will ever prefer prostitutes, porn, groping, or rape. Since emotional urges are hard to control, men must study the type of women to run from, or risk being a victim. Women and society tend to lie and be indifferent about sex against men, but millions of women know better. Searching is naturally harder, and the fear, greed, and arrogance encouraged on women than men as 'intelligent' must be confronted publicly. I do believe in God, but I think the legalisation of marijuana will free men sexually. It comes with knowledge, can questionably subdue the ok ones, and have even strains that give you sexual like satisfaction -- so you can stay away from the 'Stormy Daniels' if your partner is on period or lactating like Melania was, or was away like first ms. Simpson. So marijuana should not be seen as a competitor to women, but instead a potentially great complement in relationships. I thank God for sex, marijuana, and many things that are yet to be squarely good to me. May our blessings take a huge leap.