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03.02.2006 Feature Article

Castration Should Be The Answer

Castration Should Be The Answer
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One no longer reads a daily without coming across a defilement case. The situation has been on the ascendency and it seem not to quell. It is most disheartening and exasperating to note that the culprits are the 50, 60 and 70-year-olds and the victims are the innocent 7,5 and 4 year olds. 4 year old? It looks so absurd to picture a 50-year-old manhood making its way and damaging vital body parts of an under-developed 4-year-old.

We even had a case where a man was caught inserting the finger in a six-month old baby. A baby for goodness sake!

Such news bring most people to tears, as it is unfathomable and inexplicable.

The most recent story that was much publicised was the defilement of a 7-year-old girl, several times by her own grandfather, her blood grandpa, which culminated in the destruction of her vaginal and anal parts. Now, the poor child cannot the same again,and it would be a miracle if she survives the ordeal. That particular case did arouse some ire and it was highly publicised and deliberated upon,even in parliament, but there've been other grave incidents, where the innocent girls are left paralysed and become bed-ridden for life. So what at all is the causative agent for this heinous crime?

Well, there have been schools of thought on the matter, some attribute it to be spiritual,others emotional and to some, it is sheer absurdity.

To others, they simply don't see what what a 4 or 5 year have to show to elicit such a beastly response from a man as old as 70. Others say it is spiritual,where the culprits seek the assistance of 'juju' men for money and also to cure ailments,and they're supposed to sleep with kids in order for their greedy wishes to be granted.

Others claim it is emotional, where at the age of 60 and 70, their sexual demands become high and since their wives have virtually lost interest and it is extremely difficult to woo a young lady,they therefore resort to kids to satisfy their high libido.

I don't give a hoot whatever reasons some people assign to such unfortunate incidents,because nothing justifies an unscrupulous old junkie to render an innocent kid deformed and maimed for life. It sounds pathetic and pitiful when some relatives of the victims collect paltry amount of money to conceal the issue,and also for fear of public ridicule,like the case of the grandpa and her granddaughter.

These perverts are always arrested,prosecuted and sentenced to some 10 or 15 or a maximum of 25 years in jail,but such punishment seem not to deter them. Many,including some parliamentarians have mooted the plausible idea of castration for the culprits,but no concrete decision has been taken for them. If this repugnant situation is not coming to and end,and the years given to the culprits to languish in jail is not deterrent enough, then what is the answer?

Castration, of course!

We seem to lack that courage to pass such a punishment,but then,if two or three dullards are castrated,then we observe whether the rate of defilement will dwindle or soar. Even if the punishment seem inhumane, at least, the manhood should be scarred for them to feel a little of the trauma,ridicule,psychological stress and the deformity the little girls go through. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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