11.02.2006 Feature Article

Kufuor's "Beauty and the Beast"

11.02.2006 LISTEN

Whoever said he is gentle? Whoever muttered that he is sober? and who did snort that he's by far the best President ever? The beauty?

Well, another side of our so-called gentle giant, the beastly side, was exposed in his State of the Nation address. I'm not going to delve into what he was supposed to say and didn't say or whether he under-declared or over-declared figures and all those policies. I'll leave that for the political fiends to grapple with,but I'm more interested in his demeanor during the address.

By declaring emphatically that the Representation of the People(Amendment)Bill would be passed,no matter what the opposition does,and that loans would be approved for the rehabilitation of the Presidential villa at Peduase regardless of what anybody says,depicts how the gentle giant is autocratic,bureaucratic,and a dictator.

Oh yes, a dictator,but wait a minute; I've never seen or heard the President being so assertive, no-nensense and so stern. So,what must have emboldened our dear President to act and say what he said?

Well, I conjecture he got the inspiration and motivation from the opposition NDC. Even when the NDC claimed to be united, the President and his government had their way,and now that they(NDC) seem to be torn apart,who gives a hoot about them?

Definitely not the President. The President will go ahead with whatever he decides because the group of people who can at least, question and rebuff his actions are in shambles,so in other words,the President is telling the opposition to go burn in hell. The Gentle giant also says that the media should walk to the police station,report and write statements of alleged misconduct of government officials,and leave him alone! Simply put, the President says he's sick and tired, infact, he's frazzled of hearing and reading about corruption charges against his employees. What, did I hear the President right? What the heck is the role of the SFO's and the CHRAJ's? Prez.Kufuor's sudden autocracy means one thing,that without a strong opposition and with a one-party state,we're doomed.

Those gloating over the disintegration of the NDC should rethink. The NDC or whoever can remain in opposition for a thousand years,but then,it must be potent enough to rebuff whatever the ruling government pushes down our throats. We've had a one-party state before and it wasn't pleasant,and are we ready to experience another? It sure won't be pleasant. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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