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22.01.2006 Feature Article

Laura Bush's visit & Security

Laura Bush's visit  & Security
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Mrs. Laura Bush's visit to Ghana was most beneficial and memorable,but the most striking episode of her 3-day visit was the security granted her. Man,you should have witnessed the security personnel the honourable lady brought to Ghana. Their number was overwhelming and their operations were sophiscated ,yet impressive.

Like former President Clinton and Current Prez. Bush's visits to Ghana,all roads were blocked to make room for her huge motorcade to glide by, traffic was intense and unbearable and word of mouth had it that, workers of the Kotoka International Airport weren't allowed to maneuver anyhow. The Americans also rendered our own security force virtually useless and unwanted. While our Ghanaian friends were flaunting their huge AK-47s that could easily scare a fly away, their American counterparts were nicely spotting concealed weapons.

I don't lose sight of the obvious fact that, she is an American and a First Lady at that,but was all those hugely built security men and those security measures necessary,especially when she was coming to no other place than Ghana. Maybe it was necessary and although she brought some goodwill to our beloved nation,she also did cause some discomfort.

For me,her departure was a huge relief because,for the 3 days she was in Ghana,her security geniuses prevented me and many others from using our normal route to work. Judging from the visit of the U.S. Presidents and Libyan Muamar Ghaddafi,who brought in such an enormous entourage with a tight all-female security, I'm compelled to conjecture that it is permitted for a Head of State to travel to another country with his own security apparatus, whether it is gratuitous or not. So,do Prez. Kuffuor also travel with such gigantuan security whenever he travels overseas?

Well, if the answer is negative then special forces should be trained to accompany him whenever he travels,especially to the U.S.,you never know when..... Then there's this repugnant incident of the security accorded our President's motorcade. As we know, a special patrol leads the procession of our dear President with the blurring and purring of sirens with the rest following, but it's been observed that no special patrol follows the last diplomatic car,thus allowing other private and commercial cars to blow their horns and follow the President's motorcade. Maybe it doesn't pose any danger now,but I think it must be corrected.

Long Live the Presidency and the National Security. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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