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24.10.2005 Feature Article

RE: GLU – A Revolutionary Government in the Making?

RE:  GLU – A Revolutionary Government in the Making?
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Over all I think Nana Ababio, the Political Analyst in London has written a very good treatise notwithstanding the paranoid connotations. It is a piece well debating. However, one can find a lot of flaws in his thinking.

First I would like to state that YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK. In other words you cannot do what you think is impossible. Ghana needs optimists not pessimists.

Nana does not show the will for Ghana to make it. I am sorry for him. For I beg to differ. I see a new Ghana in the making where most Ghanaian youth will stop depending on their relatives in the Diaspora to send money for the bills because they have began immersing themselves in gainful employments. Mind you Ghana has the resources- both natural and human capital to make a quantum leap. It only takes a leader with a vision. I would not like to make this as long as any of my articles. Therefore I will go straight to address some of Nana's concerns.

1. Nana said "Ghana's problems when voted in power, GLU reckons it has a vision to save Ghana. In fact, GLU believes it is poised to bring some sanity into Ghana politics by helping prosecute corrupt Ministers and Government Bureaucrats. If the intention of Kwaku Danso is to tackle the so called leadership crises in Ghana, then he should register GLU as a political party and get his people on the ground”

First GLU is not a political party. It is an NGO. See vision and objectives as posted by Kissi, the honorable treasurer. Second, I believe Ghana's stagnation or backwardness is rooted in political corruption and any leader who can stamp this out will improve Ghana's economy over 50% within a short time, say 6 months. It is not absurd to be hopeful. You only get concerned if the proponent is corrupt or tainted himself or herself. I guess this is more common than common sense

2. Nana said GLU wishes to "push for civil society to get rid of Chieftaincy." This is preposterous. In the forum only about 5% suggested this. But that was before they could think through the advantages or the role chiefs can play in Ghana when given the proper constitutional backing or support. Without going far let's look at the role being played by Asantehene and Okyihene. I think these are role models for African leadership. (Stay in tune for my article on the role of chiefs in our democracy. We need our chiefs so badly that we need to help its transformation as started by Otumfour. Please read on him.

3. Nana said, "My advice to GLU is, put your house in order, listen to colleagues on your forum who understand the dynamics of Ghanaian politics and get on with the business of working for the betterment of Ghana."

Nana your article suggests and affirms that this is what GLU forum is doing. Nobody is imposing ideas on anyone. It invites and respects intellectual think tanks. What else does Ghana need than this?

4. You said, "While I will personally not describe Kwaku Danso and his friend's writings as “nonsense” they are just academic until we see practical results... because the theories." Nana it all begins with the pen. One needs to think through ideas and test them first before formulating a policy and implementation. GLU HOPES TO HELP GHANA IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION NOT HIT AND RUN.

5. Nana you said, GLU would be dangerous in that it aspires to "increase salaries to the standards of the developed world to ensure decent standard of living with the aim of wiping out corruption. An excellent proposition in theory but impractical to implement under the current economic conditions in Ghana,"

To see this as too far fetched is to agree with the status quo. Blaming the devil and refusing to get to work. I will refer you to read the feature article on South Korea posted on Ghana web today 10/16/05. Also if you have lived in the US or followed the news on corporate America you would realize or learn that an effective leader can redeem a sunk or sinking organization not too far in the distant future. The remedy to Ghana's woes is there except that our leaders see no incentives to themselves for pursuing them. A POINT IN QUESTION IS THE AWARD of government contracts to ghost names or incompetent contractors. Also refer to the research done by independent consultants in the Diaspora's report on how Ghana government loses over $ 50 million a day through oversight in all sectors of the economy. I refer you to my article then on The politics of begging: Is the President living in fantasy land?

6. You said, "Attempts to provide clean drinking water, electricity, housing and basic needs to all Ghanaians, only to find that GLU has been living in a dreamland into thinking that Government has the financial resources to provide services to all Ghanaians. If it was that simple, rich countries such as the USA and UK will not allow homeless peoples on their streets."

Nana, I think you need to retract this. Haba! Is there any justification to lack good drinking water in any part of Ghana after over 40 years of independence? Here, I refer you to Ghana's contemporaries in Asia. You can read the Korean miracle which is handy. What would become of Ghana if our Parliamentarians and government officials could afford a little sacrifice? Say give up the Land cruisers/SUVs and cut down per diem allowances for a year. In this case Ghana can afford a good drinking water for one village per year. Or use the loan for the refurbishing of the Peduase lodge for some Job Creation entity. Then the citizens in these villages can donate part of their income to their villages to get some good drinking water. Nana, I think like our current leaders you seem to be focusing more on the problem than the solutions. I am not implying that it is that simple but at the same time I am convinced that it is not so complex. We can do it and do far better. My dream is that we find a leader who is not overwhelmed by the challenges Ghana face. As I SAIAD EARLIER IN MY ARTICLE THESE KIND OF LEADERS ABOUND except that the political mafia that exist is doing all it can to discredit thee dynamic youth who if giving access to the PRESIDENCY will expose their inefficiencies and transform our nation in a nick of time.

7. Nana you said, “The NPP which has the experience of being in opposition and thought it could solve the chronic unemployment problem in Ghana now risks being voted out of power in 2008 because of its inability to deliver on its promises. One would have thought that with all the renowned Economists in the Government, Ghana's unemployment problem would be a simple task to solve."

My question is did they do their homework first? In other words did the leaders have a plan? It will not surprise me if like the P/NDC they were only concerned with the power but not what to do with the power. Is this why they try to avoid Presidential debates? It appears to me since Busia's government our parties don't come to power with any agenda except for how to loot. I may be wrong but I am sorry I don't see the contrary. You are the political analyst. Educate us.

7. Nana you said, "Exchanges on the forum indicate disagreements on the way forward for Ghana and confirm the theory that some Ghanaians in the Diaspora are out of touch with realities in Ghana."

I say REALTIES indeed; yet this is positive for nation building- to disagree on life issues and seek the best answer(s). We are not A BUNCH OF 'Yes' MEN. You have to convince us with your points of view. Is this not one of the areas killing Ghana? Our leadership is wary to debate issues. They are not transparent. They mess up and then turn around to blame the devil. Haba! What happened to their PhDs?

8. Nana you said, "GLU's own sources indicate that they are even struggling to raise funds for the administration of its office in Ghana, let alone undertake undercover operations to unearth corruption in government circles and form a political party. To the frustration of Kwaku Danso and his GLU, many on the forum have not been supportive of GLU's initiatives despite calls to contribute towards the organization because many believe there is too much “cheap talk” from GLU."

I say this is typical of any successful or genuine group of people/organization. “Do not despise humble beginnings.” GLU is founded by a few serious Ghanaians who are passionate for the rule of law and good governance in Ghana and especially as it is a non-profit organization only a few would like to invest in it. So you may be right we don't have looted money to spend lavishly like our politicians use to buy votes. Notwithstanding, we are convinced that time will tell and Providence will be on our side.

Nana I wish you well and remember your article was great except for the above. Keep up the good work. Ghana needs to know what's going on. Okyere Bonna, Secretary, Ghana Leadership Union, Inc. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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