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Discover Jihnack: Transformation Day or An Event about History for History and/or future?

Discover Jihnack: Transformation Day or An Event about History for History andor future?
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Jinack is an Island (where) with real world records that are barely known and even the upcoming event may set new ones. So imagine discovering secrets that were hidden to you and your future looks much brighter than your past. Don't hate the past, but beautiful revelations are current knowledge , so the transformative event is a future worth eyeing for and another better cycle keeps on ? The place is worth visiting only if the mentioned claims go unchallenged or seems amazing to you. How could such a place exist , barely known, barely talked about? Get out of here! Good world records and kept as secret? Which Island in Africa/world is shared by two countries and name the two countries? Jihnack Island of the Gambia and Senegal.

I bet you less than five percent of SeneGambian University graduates knew it before me and you, so what percentage of western university graduates could have answered that on CNN questions or BBC travel shows don't have teaching questions to learn from me or spy from Al Jazerra? Don't steal ideas, borrow and compensate, be they persons or companies. Which Island openly farmed Cannabis for decades and received the least Police Raid over Cannabis during the worldwide clampdown on cannabis? Jihnack Island, spared by two countries and the international u.s led police. How is that possible? Well, you have to come to the event to realise how it is still happening. When is the event? OCTOBER 2, 2022. When a 'great' person discovers a place, it becomes a great secret place, but when greater person or persons discover it, it becomes even greater. A guest and the host are almost equal, because the real owner is always there allowing new guests , moving, and even killing those who once hosted arrogantly, reluctantly, or even kindly?

Transformation will require a person or thing that can effect change , so the event will be largely hosted by an Activist, who claims to be a Transformer. Did he transform you so far or you think he can say or give you something that may transform you or someone on that event? Well, it's worth challenging if his world record claims are confirmed facts or not challenged. It is an event, there may be much bigger transformers who may attend. Do you mean the feared jinns rumoured about Jihnack, the angels, God, or people he may invite ? Why is he writing like a child or adult for children ? May be the place is child like or child friendly?

I can hear the voice of the cowardly SeneGambians+ saying It has only Cannabis, that is not child friendly. Only! Is a dangerous claim, it has beautiful very long Riverside, an ocean side with a beach, amazing beautiful birds, great sun, etc. Well, that explains why children and tourists sought it than the Africans who hardly visit places, they visit relatives, especially rich ones. So how about we move rich or smart ones there to be visited or attract the children of rich adults to have an alternative to city life? Oh! That's why you want a picnic for kids and humble adults? Yes! But the rates are reasonable enough for poor parents of even Jihnack to reward deserving children, it will give countless poor African children the opportunity to taste pizza, burger, etc for the first time. Sounds fun, but Transformation leans on learning or working, and it is Sunday!

First conscientious Church and Mosque secular Service in Jihnack is now possible. There are few Christians in jihnack, but no church , and the thousands or millions of Christians that may come or the millions/billions of online viewers can test Jarga Kebba Gigo on unifying Religious views towards conscience; or test the Pope, Obama, Jordan Peterson, pastor Forbes, pastor Odingo or any prominent religious leaning leader to join me in this historic event. I will offer my Rental place as hosting place for the morning services of the event, unless I can secure a better place, depending on the cooperation of the local authorities and the Gambia government,

plus donors . The place happens to be located around the Kajatta football field and other empty fields that can host people, but that part may require some local authorities cooperation, which I am openly seeking first and will privately seek.

Notification versus Authorisation and advice: I believe the event is already Authorised by God, but I am indeed openly seeking the cooperation of human authorities out of respect, but reminding them it will proceed without their authorisation, if God continue to authorise it. Meaning, after the publication of this article, I will write or contact the local authorities of Jihnack and The Gambia government about the event. If both approved it, that is peaceful hoping and God may achieve all or some of my goals even before the event, during the event, or after the event. Then a strong committee can be set and they will detail the way forward with me and some veto powers. Suppose the Gambia government refuse cooperation and choose pressure, the local authorities should or can use this article as evidence that the event is by me and government should not use them against me. They can tell government, my rental spot is my private property and I have the right to have public gathering there. In such a case, I may limit the event to as little as three hundred people and police it privately. I will then publish the names of those allowed, so the government or Jihnackans can deny entry to others. The video of the event in such a case will then go to would have been attendance. If the Gambia government or local authorities have other advice on how the event can proceed, I will gladly listen to advice as per ch. 103. Jihnack is largely peaceful without police and any guest that dares try to obstruct this event, we will record you on video, report you to government on sins between creatures and expose you on social media+, plus deny you entry to Jihnack or where we have authority.

Who are Invited: Everyone is invited, except the fans of Yahya Jammeh, especially to return without judgement on sins between creatures. We cannot read your mind as super fan of Jammeh to deny you entry, but we will pray may God's curse be upon you if you attend an event I bar Jammeh and his fans until Humans or authorised judges judge him on sins between creatures. Regardless of what the constitution of the Gambia says , may God's curse be upon any judge or president Barrow if he/any dares pardon him without consulting his living victims....

Open invitation, but some people deserve naming for gratitude, historical lessons, and possible historical making.

Mr. Marc Emery you are invited than Jody Emery and the living prime ministers of Canada, current and past living ones. For those who do not know him, Marc is dubbed as the world 'Prince of pot'. He fought many Canadian prime ministers and u.s presidents to eventually helped legalisation in the u.s before Canada; Meaning I can help legalisation in Ghana, Senegal, or xyz to eventually help Gambia legalise it. He is Canadian, but understood world politics and smartly fought u.s, similar to how me and Kofi Annan urged u.s to change before our countries. Fighting has ways and the way you fight can sometimes determine whether you have victory or not, and by what speed... When a person deserves credit or blame than an organisation, then that person is worth studying. Marc arguably helped u.s legalized cannabis than Even Norml, the organisation that fought u.s cannabis laws before I was born, perhaps before Marc was born or was a little boy. I am not disrespecting NormL's efforts and means, but I am saying Marc has proven to have better ways, according to the u.s government... So we want to honor him to know a place where police did not disturb marijuana farmers and users while he was repeatedly arrested and even Extradited to u.s over seeds. Even successful fighters made mistake, so I am not suggesting the hard route Marc took was the fastest or most painless route. Anyway, extradition was very unnecessary and history must shame the prime minister of Canada who allowed it as Toady... It was a political extradition by politician and questionable justice/judge. A questionable U.S judge is guilty of politically Banning of Marc Emery in to the u.s and we are looking for more just judge or president to lift that Ban. The excuse the judge literally gave is what he did led to millions of blacks+ freed from fines , job denials under clinton+, and prosecution over Cannabis; but the real reason is fear of what he may influence if he freely enters u.s , raise funds, partner up, etc may speed up federal and worldwide legalisation ? Jody Emery is the wife that run Cannabis Culture, a magazine that may or may not have ever published my countless writings on cannabis? Please publish this planned event and you are invited. Jody posed Nude for Cannabis, so she or anyone can bring beautiful women who may pose Nude or do yoga poses that NewYork Times and CNN may cover the Jihnack event... Plan A is no Nude plans if NewYork Times and CNN publicly promise to come and cover it; plan B is to have Nude or more if they failed to come or barred entry, then we use social media and they will follow or cover.

NewYork Times, CNN and others are invited than Washington post and Modern Ghana... Although NewYork Times and others significantly published many lies against cannabis and subsequently contributed to the hurt of many, I consider them under Repenting and helping free people, similar to how Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN was misled through theory, but he repented or under Repenting if he failed to appear at our event in Jihnack... NewYork Times rightly or wrongly covered a Senegalese comedian against Trump, but Trump still won and disappointed. Senegal is one of the worst African governments against cannabis and I want to help legalise it there ASAP. So TFM and other Senegalese media houses are surely invited.

Elon Musk and Bill Gates are invited than Dangoteh and Mo Ibrahim. Strong Urging, Risky Actions, and big personal money are the three tools (sacrifices) Mr. Marc Emery outperformed NormL and others in this fight. NormL chose mild Urging, near zero protests or direct selling of weed, and receive donations than give. Bill Gates have near zero Urging for marijuana legalisation, unless I missed the covering, but he invested in weed, which makes him money and help free others. Elon Musk has mild Urging for marijuana legalisation in the u.s (not worldwide), but his action of smoking weed on TV is low, especially how he misinterpret words like 'stone'. He once claimed something like 'weed is unproductive or why is it called stoned, because people use it and sit lazily as a stone'? Although he seems to have evolved from there, but worth rectifying... the type of strains significantly contribute to why marijuana will enhance physical activity or 'lazily' sedative; mentally sharp or carelessly dull, etc. Donating millions to NormL, our event in Jihnack, and every smart legalisation initiative around the world, including Russia is the care we are yet to see from Musk, Gates, or any billionaire. Spending thousand dollar to bail a family member can be through care or resort; spending millions to bail millions or free them from robotic police and judges of hypocritical politicians, is an open challenge?

Master P , Nas, Rihanna and Oprah you are invited as questionable than Akon and Youssou Ndure. Black social Leaders are sadly poor on social justice Urging , except when directly affected as family or gender... Research their contribution on marijuana and other social issues. When Rihanna 'fought' with Chris Brown, as disturbing as Rihanna looked, Oprah skipped the research part and forwarded a lie: 'if he did it once, he will do it again'. She had no idea if Rihanna hit first or more like Amber Heard, she chose popularity and gender over research. Oprah chose South Africa as proud tribalist, but she has enough money to help set an example for every tribe/country. My sister is her big fan and will claim the idea was by God or Jarga? 'You have to know better to do better', but after knowing is the test you chose excuse where speed matters. well if whites suffered blacks and boys over marijuana as Kamala Harris and others under admit; the big tribes of Africa are harming minorities and mainly men in Africa. They said the bleaching police women of SeneGambia are more Islamic and have the right to arrest Jarga kebba Gigo+, who may be better In character than Akon, Barrow,

and Youssou Ndure who think Sick Senegalese who need medical marijuana should be jailed, run to Jihnack, or North America? So Rihanna is the prostitute or good woman who should partner with Youssou Ndoure and meet Macky Sall for money, money, money for jobs, but please do not mention how Senegal deny marijuana folks working opportunities or jail them lot more than LGBTQ. Akon is the pimp who learns from Oprah, invest in Senegal and one other country at a time, but not the hemp city/cities Jarga wants to build in every country in Africa+. Mindset, copying, and signs for whoever may want to repent.

Justin Trudeau and Obama are invited than Michelle Obama, the Clintons, and the Bidens. The Koran claims to be a book of signs. If life is one word, then debate signs or conscience. Politics also have signs or why they asked what 'Trump meant by That'? Admit, promise, act or give excuses are four popular branches in politics, but you can skip one or two branches/steps. Bill Clinton admitted marijuana usage, promise not to legalise, acted even harder against marijuana users, and give excuses why he is not strongly Urging for federal and worldwide marijuana legalisation. Bill Clinton was aided by Biden in his crusade against blacks as 'first black president' who jailed black men most, raise a black woman to the executive branch, but fired her for suggesting marijuana should be decriminalised? Obama admitted marijuana usage, promised to legalise it; didn't act, but allow other states to act; and forwarded excuses why a bill was too risky than Marc Emery and Trump's acting; and give excuses why he cannot call for federal or worldwide marijuana legalisation, only LGBTQ. Ms. Clinton is the inconsistent whore or good woman who semi- approve Mr. Clinton marijuana usage and bad laws, and said Obama's marijuana admission may be worse than bill Clinton, but America or God were beginning to see. Does anyone of you Remember or imagine when ms. Clinton demanded Obama to Denounce Louis FarraKhan on TV and please hire me to kill his friend ,Ghaddafi, even if it means destabilising a country? Well my spirit or the spirit of xyz says denouncing the criminalisation of marijuana in every country is more vital. So if ms. CLINTON and others says other wise, then God's curse be upon them until they change. By the way, FarraKhan is a stupid coward on marijuana+, at least until he repents. Mr or ms. Trump says he does not touch even alcohol, ms. Clinton ,"says' alcohol is good for Nancy pelosi; Trump promised to legalize federal medical marijuana in vague words, while Ms. Clinton promised nothing, unless I missed it. I supported Trump and he won, but disappointed me as financial prostitute. He said white farmers need money, let us legalise hemp at the federal level, but sick Americans can be jailed for high THC, they only need the 'empathy or words' of Biden. Trump had the opportunity to correct the wrongs of Biden through actions, but he choose words of blame to politicise serious urgency. So I supported Biden against Trump and Biden won. Kamala Harris is the fairly consistent whore on and against Biden until you marry her, then she will suck your dick and laugh at men and for women... Biden says let's jail mainly blacks and men, open your legs, I am a senator; Kamala Harris says am a student or prosecutor, prosecuting and persecuting in California, while laughing and saying Obama opened a dangerous door for the people to rectify both states and federal wrongs? Biden Touched her as a child at busing or in a bus, let's apologise privately and work privately with inaction and Excuses. Actions are for whites like Trudeau and strong black men. Michelle Obama says 'Bring back our about two hundred girls' for Nigeria; but how many boys you co-held with Obama and Biden over weed? Nigerian boys are in u.s prison over marijuana and many more Nigerian boys should be freed around the world. Political identification is partly emotional. So when Obama accused hip hop over ms. Clinton, I was upset and today I suspect he is the bisexual or biracial 'bitch' who may or may not come to Jihnack, bring me a big check, apologise for the financial and sexual sanctioned Obama+ meted or meting against me... I hereby request declassification of all my files In every country. America and others must stop hurting my type or God's curse be upon them until they sincerely repent and urge others to repent, especially towards worldwide marijuana legalisation.

Pope, prominent Religious leaders, every supreme Court judge, every justice minister, we demand your position on hemp, medical marijuana, and recreational cannabis. You can come to jihnack. Some of you may be worse than Trump, who urged and under acted for patients. The Devils enter through Parliament, good and bad candidates promise to change laws that judges and executive refuse to change. When a lawmaker refused efforts to change laws and promise to change laws as executive without executive order, then excuses are prone to happen. Late and Excuses are more in blacks than whites, but more in females than males, at least in politics. Even judges can be guilty, but sometimes the people and activists are the problem . South Africa and Mexico were under freed by a Judge, but the politicians can ignore the orders of a judge and people keeping calm? I recommend weekly demonstration in such, every Sunday, not the annual 4/20, which should be monthly in some countries, last or first Sunday of the month. If the supreme Court judges failed to come to Jihnack, only financial barrier will stop me from suing the states. There should be multiple places to get permit for gathering and respond be verifiable and timely.

Every African media house is invited to Jihnack, from TV, Radio, to words leaning ones. Go teach through me with the understanding people will certainly gain, while I may gain. You can focus on what I may gain, ignore my sacrifices, and how millions may eventually gain where I may gain zero, at least financially. learn or you risk a fight with me, down the road. Blood Sucking online Media getting worse in Africa? Traditional media houses paid a token to columnists to encourage writers. Modern Ghana, Ghana news, and how many online media houses refuse to give a little to columnists or help activists realise dreams through reasonable leaning? When I wrote about a cancer healing challenge for Africa through marijuana research, modern Ghana and others refused to publish it. I hope they publish this one, even if you charge me partly as 'fractional advertisement' where u.s media houses covered the 'million man march' of FarraKhan without accusing how it helped him... This event is a need, a freedom for Ghanians to grow hemp and much more can come through this event. How do you honestly expect me to fund such an event without some appeals and sales? There is one percent chance of God overworking to convince Elon Musk give me million dollars with transparent conditions of how I spend every dime. My indirect mentioning he or someone gives one million to hemp association of Ghana, not just Norml of u.s is a challenge. It means they write to him and others, a Ghanaian rapper or xyz to make a video of Musk versus Bill Gates on marijuana, and words can actually trigger conscience. He may come to Jihnack or come to Ghana with a yacht or private jet . None of the possible financial beneficiaries may send me gratitude cheque, but still should be thankful to me than you the publisher? No check, no song, no video, I will proceed, Lord be willing. If the hemp association of Ghana or Nigerian journalists come, but cannot afford hotel, how can I fund them? The freedom of our people is a collective opportunity or responsibility. I am semi free than the leaders of hemp association of Ghana. I need money to buy land, but now spending time and money for this event to literally create financial competition for myself? I see beyond Money, at least on Cannabis. God can bless me with money in other ways. So I seriously demand we all work together for better Africa. Naming more people can be fun and educative, but every pro marijuana person, especially influencers are urged to make text or video confirming their probable attendance. We demand top Jamaican Artists and others make similar, consider singles or an album for the event, and what may help. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note: If the Lord of coincidence and inspiration is the same, then may be the Lord of reality and reality leaning fiction for action is the same? Can a Gambian+ Transformer transform how Africans notify and celebrate a new born or naming ceremony? Reality is today I went to a naming ceremony and think we can do better, as the God of yesterday, today, and blood inspired and showed even my imperfection ! Mistake may not be a crime, but refusing to learn will always be a crime. Thinkers were not always thinkers, God acts and we accept, we share and some more accept . Shame on those who reject good ideas, change for good and speed matters, once God reveals, the invisible angels and visible angelic authors are to be respected, at least through ch.103.

How Gambians versus Nigerians notified and celebrate a new born 200 years ago, 50 years from now, versus now and the proposed Template will influence which countries before which ones?

Imagine an artistic flyer, flying into your smartphone or scrolling on TV like Gambian+ notify deaths of prominent folks...

Event Name: Naming Ceremony.

Event pictures: Child only, child with mother, child with both parents.

What: Mr. Amadou Gigo and Ms. Mariama Gigo are please to inform you and the public... Its a girl! We have a new born baby girl, we have to publicly thank God and/or the devil for making us horny one night, saw us through these months, and we are still thinking about the name or just keeping it secret. She is such a beautiful girl, she looks better than the princess of All African head of states. It's our first, middle, or last born, so we want to celebrate it big! Look at her beautiful eyes, I like her cheeks more; which grandpa will first kiss her cheeks. How many of his grandfathers will say I love her and give us fish money? The grandmas said they have to be bribed at the naming ceremony, they call it 'legs of the grandparents' ? Is it legs of walking or the legs they opened until another one came to a family... No! No! NO! The what part does not have to be long, but which tribe or family will make the who part longer and why? Contrast my educative who part or let's finish the Template more realistically or inspirational.

When: Sunday October 2, 2022. Don't miss the date.

How: Koranic or biblical Recitation at 10 am, no late allowed. Naming within ten minutes after that. List others or chairperson to decide.

Who: friends and families from both sides are invited. The president of the Gambia construction Association, the first lady, minister of taxes, etc are invited.

Why: Already mentioned or choose words.

Where: Event will be at the community center or Residence in Brikama xyz. Address is 2022 18 Street. Due to our poorly built roads and care demand thinking, or thinkers bring care. Our suggestion is to park all vehicles at the Gas station of xyz, we have arranged a shuttle bus or pick up truck that will run every 15 minutes from 9pm to 10pm; every 30 minutes for the rest of the day. Those who insist to drive can try 16 Street until they reach 15 avenue, it is still rivers and rivers of rain water to destroy vehicles through wear and tear, or even death on track for low vehicles and xyz. Amadou or xyz will offer empathy on immediate breakdown, may rightly or wrongly suspect excuse if the usual chairperson failed to appear due to 'early morning vehicle disappointment'; buy I prefer intelligence and truth over the small branch of kindness called empathy, especially when followed by deferral or refusing to learn.

Special Note or smarter How: We want it modestly due to xyz coincidences. Despite our plans to celebrate big our new born and as rich folks, we have two other Gigo family events on October 02, 2022 and it is not fair for rich folks to overshadow other events planned before knowing a girl will be born in to richer Gigo Family, while a girl was to be married off from the cousins of Gigo; and girls than boys will be invited to Jihnack on October 02, 2022 as Transformation Day. Which tribes made or will make naming ceremony largely morning, marriage ceremony largely afternoon, pre and post marriage ceremonies largely evening or nights? If Gigo's cousins (Ann Family) had a naming ceremony, I think joining the celebrations at an independent place is best. It was marriage ceremony, and it was best for Gigo to discuss and smartly co-notify... The Ann and Gigo will largely be at Gigo's from 10 to 12 or 2pm and then to Ann Family. Now that October 02, 2022 is set as international family Transformation Day, no local family event should distract us. Split the day, or let the 'dead Bury the dead', says Jesus. May no one dies in or outside Jihnack Island on this special day, or let's pray for the dead from Jihnack, physical attending is sometimes unnecessary.

Another important part of our donation culture should change. The flyers should have the phone numbers of parents or donor lines. Rich Amadou Gigo+ does not need early donation to feed his guests, so he can be indifferent or learn to initiate what may help Muhammed Jah of Q money , but also poorer family members. Poor Ms. ANN or the watchman of Gigo is having a naming ceremony, our status quo is they should have saved or go borrow from the rich, if donors at the event come, they repay. If they come to poor Jarga for loan, and I couldn't help, they may assume I only refused. So best is Rich Gigo or Muhammed Jah to help start the culture, with or without waived fees or discount. Cash Envelopes are slow and may get lost. Repeatedly Wired money and came can be new culture if smartly taught; so wired and I will still try to come is ok... Will the people of Ghana or the money wiring services of Ghana or xyz learn from me, make money, donate or not donate to my event; and Africel or Qcell will learn by when and claim 'first to bring it in the Gambia? By the way, which Gambian Communication company will be the first to have antennas in Jihnack Island? We badly need it for many factors. Which one will sponsor or donate to my event, or only if Youssou Ndure or 'Bob Marley' of Jamaica or u.s promised to appear, with or without performance?

Donation is a 'what' that started in Africa, how and 'when' we donate can change to help the poor families and even events like Our Transformation Day. If Jay Z or Marc Emery pledge to donate time early, it may influence some artists or Activists in Senegal or xyz to say I will attend and it grows. If Elon Musk or XYZ pledge million dollar early, it may cause the authorities to guess this guy may host a big stage in Jihnack towards worldwide marijuana legalisation. Late Urging is what I am guilty of, but was decades ahead of late Musk and I donated. Late donation is African like Elon Musk, late payment can sometimes mean our event is full. May our event be full enough to reject payments...

Optional Note 2: African media houses , especially online ones should share justly with workers, and smartly for more writers. If about twenty percent of your viewers is on columnists, then about ten percent of your advertisement revenues should smartly be redirected towards columnists. You can split fifty percent of the dedicated amount based on fit to publish ones; but some form of awards and raffle may help. Example , best ten idea oriented articles can receive award and paid trip to Jihnack Island , Ghanaian, or Egyptian resort... it means not just acknowledgement, but further debates on why were such chosen by a special committee; it will pressure government to act and transform Africa, it will put great minds of Africa together for a day or week to possibly get even more from the Lord of inspiration and meeting places for higher good, including fun. Abusing workers is bad, and the best of us may be witnesses for and/or against you. Some big online media houses are even selling columnists content to smaller ones and not sharing profits. You may have clauses in contracts that give you the right to compile articles of authors as book, but a good conscience, human judge, or God may reach you where you never expect.

Discover Jihnack Island+ at 50% Discount:

Jinack Jannah Picnic Cost and Rules:

Change of Environment can be very healthy, fun, educative, or even inspiring towards business opportunities. How much are you willing to sacrifice to discover Jihnack Island for blessings, as African or International Tourist? Unique Island beyond the Gambia, tourists love it, but many SeneGambians are yet to see and we are helping change that.

Regular discounted rates:

Adults: D500 ($10); Teenagers (13 to 19 )years: D300 ($7) and accompanied Children (under 13): D200 ($4). We may demand pictures of children/teenagers for security and may charge more where picture ID is not available... These are super discounted rates for 2022 and those who book at least two weeks before planned date, including tourists.

What it includes: Simple Transportation from Barra to Jinack in the morning, and Jihnack to Barra in the evening; Breakfast and lunch in Picnic style, like burger, pizza, shawarma, soups, Ebbeh,jollof rice, yassa, etc;

When Services Start: We offer only Sundays from October 2, 2022 for regular folks (discount rates), but VIP and tourists can book for any day(s) at double the mentioned rates. We can also pick you up from Banjul and other areas at higher cost, depending on many changing factors. Logistics to get people in and out of an Island is hard, especially In a poor country, you booking late, or wanting luxurious products and services warrant more... VIP will get better transport or part of the transportation available, plus priority to board in and out of Jihnack; on food, VIP will have more options to choose from.

Other Options, products, and services: There will be other meals on food, snacks, drinks, cold water, Cannabis in different forms, beach beds, fun or leisure boats, massage services, swimming products/ lessons you can get at extra cost, but will be very reasonable. Example: D10 for 1.5 liter cold water; D15 for blocked ice, D50 for factory type . Special Juices, herbal teas, etc, will run similar, not far from local rates. Mention your other interests when booking. Or demands from the most planned visitors deserve priority. Prefer text booking over audio, with names+ spelled out as you book hotels or high end restaurants.

Security: Jihnack is a very secure Island where government Police 'do not enter' for decades, so the locals are peaceful and do the policing. We encourage you to come in groups and with cameras, any offence caught on camera can result in banning your re-entry , other measures, or reporting to police who do arrest even guilty Jihnackans when outside Jihnack, for offence inside Jihnack. Party Responsibly, we will have cameras in our public places, encourage body cameras, and reserve the right to expose who cannot differentiate personal rights within public places from public responsibility to transparently guard public spaces.

How to book: You book through WhatsApp number 220 378 7999 , pay to Jarga K. Gigo in the agreed verifiable method or cash. Get a verifiable receipt , and you can ask for more details on rules, cancellation terms, late penalties, etc. These Rates are Special and for limited time, So please do not waste our time asking for more. You may come with a partner on Saturday for romance and sleep at our lodges before we build a futuristic world class hotel in Jihnack, then a friend or family can bring your good children on Sunday; or all come on Sunday, or choose VIP. If you happen to have multiple partners, bring all with their children, if you can afford it; or bring one family at a time, bring as your religion, Scholar, or conscience deems fit. If one or some of your children failed exam, leave such behind, buy them books, bringing the good children with books too... Have fun, spend time alone, take pictures, etc and the children you left behind may try harder to visit Jihnack or other nice places, after seeing pictures... You may also get the chance to learn or have Fun with the worldwide Activist and Transformer called Jarga Kebba Gigo, who is primarily behind this initiative and others yet to be revealed and future discount may be for pioneering customers/partners. See it as opportunity and forward to who may be interested, family members, friends, or workers in the Tourism worlds of SeneGambia+ ... Book today, or even the October 2, 2022 may not be available at the discounted rates.

Better posters will come later, but you can book now...

Booking form/text example:

Group Name: Gigo Family, Lamin Gym party folks, GRA for Tourists, Evans or xyz class of 89 (Gambia high School to high Cannabis or high nature), etc

Group contact head & number: jarga k. Gigo 220 378 7999 / 740 9849

Second contact person: Fatou or xyz, what's up contact, 98654** and xyz

Booking dates for: October 2 or xyz, 2022.

Number of Adults: 10 or xyz

Number of teenagers: 20 or xyz

Number of children: 15 or xyz

Breakfast leanings: 10 soya Afra soups for adults; 20 mushroom tomato sauce for teenagers; 15 pancakes for children; or what you may have in mind. You can change once there, but asking each helps us plan and avoid over cooking any or disappointing the late to be served on their favorite...

Lunch leanings: 10 cheese pizzas(slice), 10 VIP Jannah pizzas, 20 Jihnack one Jannah Hamburgers; 5 soya shawarma, 10 soya and mushroom shawarma, 20 soya Ebbeh, etc. Note: An adult can qualify for one pizza and one burger/shawarma on regular rate visitor, or two slices of Pizza, or two burgers. Meaning you can order extra only at extra cost, From around D150 for pizza slice or burger.

Free Cold Water per meal , but wanting water or other drinks outside breakfast and lunch time is to be paid around D10 per bottle.

Juices: Baobab, Ginger, or xyz local juices: D100 per 1.5 liter bottles. So just specify how many of each.

Herbal Teas: Regular Muscle Ache herbal Tea D100 (no cannabis); Happy Healing heart and muscle herbal tea D150 (contains Cannabis); soft Ganja Tea: D100 for 1.5 liter bottles . Note please mention how many of each, group can share or buy extra to take along.

Massage Oils: 10 M & M one massage oil at D300 each (MSRP: ($10); 20 Happy Healing Cannabis oil at D1500 each (MSRP: $50).

Regular Cannabis: five D100 local Cannabis flower, same or different strains? One jihnack, one cassamance, xyz foni weed. More for Tourists or rich Gambians+ who 10 grams of high grade seedless u.s , western, or xyz flower Cannabis from D500 to D1000 per gram. The strain and supplier determine the price and we are looking for more suppliers, including hemp flower for those who do not want to get high. You can mention strain name you prefer or just say at least 3 strains to test differences, and after you can order more of your favorite strain. Of course when your order says you want 'Jesus OG Kush', we can reply only OG kush is available and educate you they taste very similar like lime versus lemon, or mandarin versus oranges; their effects are different and that can be crucial for sick people, sensitive people, and tourists who should not go back saying Gambia has only 'cheap bad weed' or not their favorite strains.

General booking Note: Mention what ever you may need/want. Example: A local Jihnack guide for one to two hours around 4 pm, to help us move from the beach or ocean side towards the Riverside since there are many tiny roads; see the local villagers, Ganja farms, etc. Group can offer around D100 per hour as tip, fire person within hour if doing bad job or give what you can/want if helpful. Can demand must fluently speak English, German, Spanish, Arabic, wollof, Fulani, or xyz. Preferred gender, age range, etc.

Book on WhatsApp: 220 378 7999 We reserve the right to change terms or prices, but will notify and fully refund where we cannot deliver.

BOOKING: I have sent you xyz through xyz, attaching picture of receipt: please book our group for xyz dates.

Group Name ... contact one ... contact two ... number of adults and names; teenagers and names; children: names and pictures -- Unaccompanied children will be detained and having their pictures will help us contact you if they are lost and may save you+ headache. Preferred Products included... preferred services included... extra products and services mentioned at extra cost or wonder if you can provide... questions you may have or penalties for withdrawing booking and costing us what we may have to share or split to avoid loses... must pay at least 50% to book and will forfeit at least 10% depending on cancellation date and others...

Last record: Which African Island arguably have the highest percentage of blacks with blue eyes,cat eyes, ? JIHNACK Island.

Although Jinack Island holds the record of least raided Island for Cannabis, while widely known to be openly farmed there, it was once wrongly raided. During the Jammeh era, a drunk police leader raided the Island in a stupid, bias, and indiscriminate way. Like many places, Jihnack is actually divided. There is a group of people who do not use or even farm marijuana and some even oppose it; a group that farms, but not use; then of course a group that farms and use it. When the dumb officer raided, captured all men and sparing women and children, that is not just gender discrimination, but how about the countless women that owned cannabis farms there? He took along men who Do not use or farm cannabis under a just God? Even Yahya Jammeh was reportedly angry over that raid and demanded their immediate release. It affected a world record, like a spot on a face; so I warned the BARROW to avoid further destroying a record that may help us in other ways.

Diaspora Africans, African Americans, African sports folks in u.k and Europe and Even some white billionaires are guilty bitches or xyz in my book of marijuana. How many Gambians, Ghanians, or Africans in the Diaspora can donate $100 or more to my family event for marijuana legalisation or xyz? I can hear the worst of them, he just want riches for himself or cannot win. OK, divide the hundred dollars, send me $20, send Ghana hemp Association $20, send NormL of u.s xyz... No! Only the Africans who work in the North America cannabis industry activists help created should send to family every month, but

How much you donate to causes? Jay Z, LeBron James, and xyz shut up on Griner or speak up only after you show us how much you donated to NormL for her so called state level permit, then I will ask you to pen up or man up with a check/cheque of at least one million dollars each to help NormL ballots in the coming mid terms. Some states are treating patients worse than Russia treats griner. Sarjo Manneh, Mo Sallah, and Africans in Europe must fight for both Europe and Africa, beyond Urging... Write gently to billionaires, but refusing to respond within one week warrants songs like Michael Bloomberg is a bitch who refuse to donate billion dollars as Repentance on stop and frisk he and his type still do around the world. Elon Musk is a bitch or he can man up, give billion dollar distributed beyond u.s for marijuana legalisation and say it is a challenge to bitch Bill Gates who refused to donate to NormL then, while Marc Emery did; then Bill invest to make money from marijuana than Marc Emery, but donate to where and where instead of freedom or marijuana? Use your mind on others, from Oprah to Michael Jordan, who invested in private prison and cannot offer even a fraction of their profits to free people? If Donation to individuals for fun is good or OK, then for work is greater, because some individuals work harder than whole organisation and harder to stop as individual due to laws of countries, especially in Africa. Donating to few individuals, few organisations or events will help you gauge best at speed. Words of a person is enough to warrant a gamble to donate; but you have the right to check Records of persons and achievements of persons only if the person or others funded cost to achievements? Pioneering donors are better than late donors, but some never donate, except time or words; or they have excuses like bitch Obama? They have excuses against every solution? Rejecting good ideas is the beginning of corruption. When you refuse to donate $100 to help free millions, you may pay $200 to bail or bribe out a family member and say that person cannot repay you? Let the educated Jihnackans , learn, and translate to those who cannot read; if few or many of Jihnackans dare try to fight me, then God's curse be upon such. Do not be deceived by my soft natural voice, I prefer peace, but I do fight where I deem fit, and numbers do not scare me. It has been almost a year since I moved to Jihnack and no one! of my family members or limited friends ever visited me there because I hardly visit them, or because I am not rich like Mr. AMADOU GIGO and Saihou omar Gigo? Or Because I am yet to invite them? Well, the truth is my uncle offered to visit and I told him to wait, it will be best as group, since I was settling down there. A friend offered, I told him anytime, but that's vague. I am not angry, I want to change even how Africans visit. My ex classmates and few offered to visit, I told them to wait. I will chastise any Gigo or close Njie family who missed this date unnecessarily, but if Jihnackans think they can deny even my blood family to enter Jihnack, then war, war, war!

I suspect God Has appointed/nominated me as the anti corruption Czar of the world or at least Africa. So will Adama Barrow Nominate me as the anti corruption Czar at UN, African Union,

Ecowas, Gambia, or Jihnack level? If the Gambia's parliament approve me, u.s will likely object at UN level, because imagine reading something like this article at the UN level. If he nominates me based on merits or my writings. Those who fear me will claimed I once lived with Adama Barrow in one compound for about a year, but that does not mean I am not qualified or will be biased for him. Imagine an anti corruption department I head and cowardly Halifa Sallah as deputy; where we agree on 'how' let it nationwide; where disagree , we see it as research time, my method for North Bank, his method for South Bank, since the Gambia is divided by a river. If Adama Barrow offers us pick up trucks, I will prefer to know the source, but I will gladly take it if he agrees to sign a contract that no strings attached. Cowardly and talk leaning Halifa Sallah rejected pick up trucks on very weak reasons. If Saudi Arabia or unanimous billionaire offer us a body cameras factory or ten billion cameras, I will take them if no strings attached; Halifa may object but allow the south bank to pay extra and get it from North Bank. We will gladly sell even to Senegal and beyond. If a rich Gambian fears to donate in a marijuana event, but drop a bag of cash in my compound and a note that says wish you luck is good, actions are better, no strings attached-- the poster boy of Halifa or Pdois may fear the source is a Jinn, but I will fearless take such and pray. If Elon Musk offers u.s made CBD for medical marijuana, both me and halifa may agree, but I will set the standards to accept, because some u.s CBD products are terrible due to 'how' it was extracted. 'How' is sometimes even more important than why or equal, often higher than what or where it is from, where it is going, etc. Despite my past cordial relationship with Barrow, I visited Barrow at the state House only once, and may be he does not like what I directly told him at the state House, including Jawara was corruption enabler, marijuana should be legalised, and we should see how I should address the whole Gambia within 3 months. How I address and how the Gambia is addressing is different, and one is better than the other. So if I approved my type of addressing for North Bank and Halifa choose Barrow or xyz type of Addressing for South Bank; the people will know all addressing are not equal. Sorry, you are too fast jarga, you want nationwide and within 3 months; we want praise a mayor and say at least he address it before Brikama and within five years and how much cost. Let us reveal all the files about addressing since Jawara time. For one million dollars, I am ready to address the whole Gambia and who is ready to sponsor that? The smallest village needs addressing, not just the cities. It will bring many more millions to the Gambia, but how we give contracts matter, only if it reaches Banjul Project type or if one other committee can fast track certain contracts. That was corruption at denying good ideas, while giving excuse and false numbers or it is my duty to beg Barrow to address the Gambia? He never invited me to the state House and I never sought one. I am hereby requesting another visit for this important upcoming event, it can be just me and Barrow; or with officials like the ministers of interior, tourism, justice, health, etc. It can even include his good or bad advisors, and my blood brother is one of them. Do not listen to those who claim we are not ready for hemp and medical marijuana legalisation. It depends on how, how, how, we do it. Do not say it will be 'political suicide' , because someone said so in Canada, u.s, Uruguay, etc and they were proven wrong due to how, sometimes not even a perfect how.

Ms. Fatou Bah Barrow is the semi truthful wife, who fools me and enjoy making fun of me than learning from me or working with me? I don't need your hugs or smiles, or jokes that cannot come close to my educative jokes. Ms. Barrow insists it is overdue for me to marry, but she literally sides with Trump, s/He says if she tours with me, I won't likely get a good wife, because many Gambian women are prostitute minded? Likely or probably, or possibly; certainly good wife is hard to find, even to rich Elon Musk, Dangoteh, etc, but it is easier when rich or at least working. So tell me why ms. Bah failed to take me to take tour international trips for wife or to educate, or learn? Excuses are endless, or has more to give on advice than excuses? When Barrow is sleeping and snoring, please don't call homosexuals for a chat, call me on how to donate without Barrow knowing or me revealing you as the source. I demand Fatou Bah to heavily donate and discuss with Barrow or even the wife of Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. Will Griner for marijuana, the CEO of Apple for me helping her, and other rich LGBTQ donate or say I am too hard on them? Differences are bound to exist. It is not un-islamic to take marijuana due to sickness, and it very wrong to jail activists who practice Ch.103. Reading the chapter is legal in the Muslim world, but practising it is forbidden? So if we do right and I speak at the OIC conference, may be I can get good wife, but am not ready to pay any dowry at entry or exit level. Love me and I won't leave you hungry, work with me and we share proportionately. Time is very valuable, so let me see your actions, because you robbed me time more than I sought your time; you took my gas money and I am wasting money from office to office as favor or private talks. My compromise is one to three private meetings or let's go TV or world stage of online. The gloves are seemingly off, but the pen is how God teaches through whom he wills or read ch. 96:4 onwards.

Remember when Yahya Jammeh helped closed Independent Newspaper with financial pressure and hundreds or tens of thousands of Gambians in Diaspora expressed anger, but when action time came or the donation was sought, less than ten people donated according to questionable Banka Manneh, who was the trusted one to receive the donations. Imagine about ten people out of how many? I donated $100 through my sister and it can be verified by cowardly Banka Manneh or the electronic records can be pulled. Call me Jarga, Jigster, or Mr. Consistent out of respect but Bitch professor Baba Galleh Jallow called me frog for consistent 'annoying' noise or sweet melody? Or for seasonal burying? I hit Baba Galleh so hard with words, the bitches or runners of Gambia L and other one censored me with a ban. Bitch or cowardly Alagie Yerro laughed and whispered, but I like open games. Since both are well paid professors, can each donate $100 or $1000 or more to Jarga k. Gigo as individual, Ghana hemp Association, or NormL of u.s or Europe, In a verifiable medium? Since both are professors in the u.s, should we organise a debate before their students, invite me to lecture with professor west, or xyz? Should the greedy Jinackans give me free enough land for private university, or the Gambia government offer it to me with conditions, or my international fans than questionable Gambians donate enough as private donations with no strings attached and see if I will not buy enough land, build a university, start a movie industry that is much better than Hollywood, bollywood,, and nollywood? Don't ask me why I fight so hard, ask them why they trouble such a peaceful man. I deserve apology with actions, actions, and actions. Until then, I may hibernate and attack when God's will. Legalisation can reduce my noise... bringing many American University "girls gone wild" with cannabis over alcohol may help me in jihnack.

Choice existed before human culture, religion, and government laws; so I love to gauge choices,and that sometimes mean the danger of revealing why we must question the choice that hides as culture, religion, or law? Conscience is the mother/father of all books, including your constitution that can be changed through conscientious judges or slavery and limb by limb dismembering of children are sadly still semi legal.