A Glance At The Assets Of Both The Living And The Dead Corrupt NPP Politicians

Feature Article A Glance At The Assets Of Both The Living And The Dead Corrupt NPP Politicians
JUL 23, 2022 LISTEN

I'll never forget when Eugene Arhin, the director of communication for the president at formerFlagstaff House, got into a fight with his wife and she exposed the NPP politician. Eugene had no alternative but to agree with his wife to lie to Ghanaians that although she had revealed those things out of rage, her husband didn't own such assets. Eugene hadn't anticipated that his wife would reveal the wealth he had accumulated in the shortest time since entering politics.

Who would believe such nonsense, or do they think Ghanaians are naive given that Ghana is located on the African continent, where anything is conceivable, including lowering the retirement age to allow avaricious officials to hold onto their positions longer before receiving a pension? Why would Eugene Arhin's wife demand 32 houses, 5 automobiles, and other properties worth millions of Cedis from the dishonest NPP politician if he hadn't earned such wealth in the four years since he entered politics?

The list of Eugene Arhin's properties is provided below. Eugene Arhin owns 16 large apartments in Bubuashie, 16 more apartments in Weija, a 16-story skyscraper in Teshie, and a home in AU Village. In addition, he has houses in Senya Berekum, House at La, and Ada Foah's coastline.


Similar to Eugene Arhin and the late Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, other corrupt politicians serve in the NPP government, and their chronic corruption, has contributed to the decline of Ghana's economy, a high percentage of unemployment, crime, and enormous debt without accountability.

Eugene Arhin also owns a 3K barbershop in Teshie, a 5-bedroom house in East Legon that serves as their marital residence, a 2-acre plot of land there, a Toyota Lexus, and five luxury vehicles that were all purchased within the past two years: a Ford F150, a Toyota Avalon, a Toyota Tundra, a Toyota Lexus, a Toyota Lexus, a Toyota Lexus, and a Hyundai Elantra.

What disturbs me more are the cowardly tribal bigots who have refused to identify themselves because they lack self-confidence but still have the time and gall to write to and insult John Mahama, a former president of Ghana, without understanding the gravity of these problems, which are a contributing factor in why Ghana's economy has irreparably collapsed.

Numerous African leaders, including the president of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo, were offended when the former American president, Donald Trump, called Africa a "shithole nation." Akufo Addo rejected Donald Trump's alleged labeling of African countries as "shithole countries." In a tweet, President Akufo-Addo said Trump's alleged language was "very regrettable," with the remark, "We are definitely not a shithole country. Even from a prominent leader of a friendly nation, we will not tolerate such attacks." Honestly, I don't think the term "shithole nation" adequately describes Africa.

But which leader of a nation anywhere in the world would continue to appoint Eugene Arhin to his cabinet? Unless you are also crooked or insane, since Eugene should have been charged, extensively investigated, and, if found guilty, should have spent at least ten years in prison. This dishonest crook is still working for the NPP today, while they are concentrating on the IMF.

The proverb "the moment the wind blows, you'll see the backside of the chicken" is popular in Ghana. Any government that takes office after Akufo Addo, without bringing charges against and imprisoning Eugene Arhin shouldn't expect to accomplish much for the majority of Ghanaians. We should presume that the party is using its position of power to encourage and support corruption in its current form.

Among the NPP politicians who preached virtue and engaged in wickedness was the late Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, also known as Sir John. The former CEO of the Forestry Commission, who had labeled John Mahama, the former president of Ghana, as corrupt, will expose him after his passing. The following is a list of the assets mentioned in the late NPP politician's will:

1. A residence on plot GA54480 in Ogbojo, East Legon, purchased on February 12, 2018

2. Residence on site GA 55329 at Oyarifa No. 2 purchased on May 11, 2018

3. Residence site GA 55475 in Oyarifa No. 1, purchased on September 27, 2017

4. The "white House" on Plot GA 5881 in Adjiringanor, Accra, was purchased on August 7, 2019.

5. A six-bedroom home near East Legon in Patangbe, Ogbojo.

6. A home with four bedrooms situated in Mempeheusem, East Legon

7. A three-bedroom home in Mempehuesem, East Legon, on plot number TDA 4140.

8. A second 3-bedroom home is situated on Plot TDA 4140 in Mempehuesem, East Legon.

9. A four-bedroom home on plot GA56838 in East Legon that was purchased on October 25, 2018

10. A residence with five bedrooms in Sakora Wonoo
11. a four-story structure in East Legon that has five flats with two bedrooms and five units with three beds, totaling 10 apartments.

12. Two land parcels in the Ashanti Region's Ahenema Kokoben.

13. Two land parcels in Oyarifa with registration number GA56921 were bought on November 6, 2018.

14. A 5.541-acre parcel of property owned by Jakaypros Limited and situated in Achimota Forest

15. A 0.987-acre parcel in the Achimota Forest owned by Fasoh Limited 16. An unidentified parcel in the Achimota Forest owned jointly with Charles Owusu

17. Unidentified parcel of land in the Achimota forest that is owned by DML

18. 5.07 acres at the Sakumono Ramsar site
19. Five land parcels in Kasoa's Millennium City

20. On December 13, 2019, a parcel of land with certificate number GA60802 was purchased in Mempeheusem, East Legon.

21. Two land parcels totaling around 0.40 acres are situated at No. 7 ARS Lane in Ogbojo, close to East Legon.

22. One acre of land at East Airport Hills close to the Chain Homes Estate.

23. The Adentaman District's plot of property with the identification number 139. (aka Aviation land).

Lexus LX570 24
25. Nissan Titan Pick Up V8, 26. Lexus V6, and 27. Ford Fusion

Mercedes-Benz E68 Sport AMG (28).
Honda Accord Sport 30. Honda Pilot V6 29.
Ford 150, Toyota Landcruiser V8, Honda Accord 2.0 Touring, and number 31, 2019 Toyota Rav4 model and Chevrolet Cruze 36. The 2019 Lexus Saloon

Account number 1802092960501 of the National Investment Bank is 43.

CBG's account number is 0302239130003.
In the name of Ruth Korkor Odonkor, GT Bank
In the name of Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, GT Bank
Account number 1060032907210 with Fidelity Bank
ADB, on behalf of Jakaypros Limited, 48I
In the name of Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, United States Bank, Wells Fargo

Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie has a Royal Bank of Canada account.

ADB: A two million cedi bond, due to maturity in April 2020. Two hundred fifty thousand Ghana cedis (GHc 250,000) were held by NTHC as of July 31, 2019, and they were worth GHc 303,720.22.

Francis Owusu and joint gold production investment
joint investment in the manufacture of gold with MBL, 55. FASOH, and ROTL

Afriyie Memorial Hospital is situated in Sakora Wonoo.

A fuel station situated in the Ashanti region's Kentinkrono.

Vehicles that carry fuel (10 in number)
Nkawie, in the Ashanti Region, is home to one teak plantation.

Seventy. An Eastern Region rubber plantation
At the Kumasi new Kejetia market, there are 71 stalls (3 in number)

Farms in the Ashanti Region's Ejura.
While still living, Sir John bequeathed to a woman named Agnes Boakye (also known as Akosua Darkoah).

They consist of a home in East Legon Hills, a home in the Ashanti area of Kumasi, vehicles, and a shop in Kejetia Market.

It was reported in the media that Sir John's assets had been frozen, just a few days after his will exposed him. I even wrote a post asking Kissi Agyebeng, the Special Prosecutor, if he was exploiting the deceased to convince Ghanaians that he was battling corruption. It didn't take long for the court to take action in opposition to the late politician's frozen assets. And as far as we are aware, Akufo Addo was the one who issued the directive to unfreeze the assets. I have never witnessed a leader who is so unrepentantly greedy and incompetent.

Akufo Addo is currently so afraid that his extensive corruption will be revealed that is why he is unable to remove his relative Ken Ofori-Atta, the Finance Minister, from office, despite the damage he has caused to Ghana. More significantly, the deeply anxious president continues to pick judges for the Supreme Court, believing that they will be his final line of defense. When a different party takes office, all of those judges will be removed, and Akufo Addo will then realize that he and his crooked judges have no power. A confused man never understands anything.

Who among us is so clever as a writer that they wouldn't write about the devastation corrupt NPP politicians, both alive and dead, have caused Ghana while yet finding time to criticize a president who is no longer in office? Because of their fear of disclosing their reputation to the public, as I previously said, are merely cowards and nothing more than tribal bigots who don't care about the destruction of the country by Akufo Addo.

Even before the coronavirus and the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Ghana's economy had already crumbled and its currency had long since lost value. The difficulties that the average Ghanaian today faces, together with the high unemployment rate and the enormous debt without accountability, are attributable to widespread corruption and the transfer of cash into foreign accounts, including the missing COVID funds.

These indications show that the NPP politicians have accumulated a fortune, and they will all be exposed once they succumb to death or unless they fall out with their wives after committing adultery.

Don't rely on any politician to make you happy instead examine and analyze what the NPP and NDC have accomplished as political parties on behalf of the country and the general populace. You'll then have the common sense needed to pick the ideal leader. While corruption cannot be completely eradicated, it can be lessened if you call for the prosecution of those found guilty.

After the NPP government, a team of impartial investigators should be constituted to identify assets and track down money that has been stolen. Those found guilty need to spend a lot of time in jail. This is how a prosperous nation is created; if not, they should quit bothering us and lying about how they would "guard the public's purse."