The Avoidance Of Simple Truth That Is Powerful Enough To Make Ghana Great

Feature Article The Avoidance Of Simple Truth That Is Powerful Enough To Make Ghana Great

One of the quotes regarding truth from me is, "The truth is not a commodity sold on the market, but only a few people can afford it." This is because it is important to remember that speaking the "simple truth" can cost you your job, force you to lose all of your friends, turn you into a target for the public, and possibly even cause your death. Therefore, it should be clear to us why so many people are silent as the world is progressively being destroyed. However, is that how things should be, I wonder?

It cannot be overstated that Satan is the prince of this world. Undoubtedly, the current world is full of lies and incomplete realities, and as a result, widespread suffering and corruption have taken hold of the globe. Many philosophical and theological beliefs assert that modern man's mind is clouded and that there is a mystical curtain hiding the truth from people in front of our eyes. As a result, there is an increase in immorality, crimes, and lies everywhere in the world.

Many people's lives have been completely turned upside down, not because they have done anything wrong, but because they are unable to stand by lies and falsehoods. They step forward to speak the truth to set the record straight. In many areas, including politics, the truth has never been given a chance. The effects on the populace of highly dishonest political and legal regimes have been catastrophic. Africa, for example, has the richest resources, but it remains the poorest continent.

Ghanaian politics have been particularly interesting because, despite the government's promises to improve people's lives, combat corruption that has led to poverty in many areas of the nation, and address illegal mining that has contaminated rivers and ecosystems, it has fallen short of its pledges. However, one of the reasons things aren't getting better is that if a concerned Ghanaian brings up the matter, he is immediately viewed as an enemy. This has happened to many people, including pastors.

In actuality, everyone who loves his or her country has a part to play in improving it for the common people, but in Ghana, because those in the political sphere see the criticism of immoral issues that impact the nation and its citizens as an attack by an opposition party member on the ruling government, they don’t take criticism kindly. However, once you have a goal to set things right, you will not bow to lies, no matter how many times someone attacks you for stating the truth.

Sometimes I wonder how much man-made poverty or suffering a Ghanaian must endure before making a wise decision. A government must outperform its predecessor to stay in power; this will make winning easy, while a failed government will find it difficult to win over support again. As future generations depend on an effective government to ensure their existence, Ghana needs a responsible and effective government to get rid of corruption to create a better future for the children.

Those who watch things worsen and fear speaking the truth, in my opinion, are essentially doing the same thing as those who are destroying it. Together, let's raise Ghana's image on ethical issues to build a better country and economy.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024