Bawumia's Desperation To Be President Is Showing Symptoms Of Mental Disorder

Feature Article Bawumia's Desperation To Be President Is Showing Symptoms Of Mental Disorder

Bawumia's desperate bid to become president is becoming alarming due to the unusual behavior of the vice president. At every turn, the vice president has been pleading with chiefs and religious leaders for prayers. The embarrassing nature of the situation makes Ghanaians look like jokers. The vice president's conceited actions are like a toddler trying to find gold in common sand since it is impossible, and similarly, it seems Bawumia is expecting a miracle from prayers, which will never happen.

A broad spectrum of mental health illnesses and disorders that impact one's mood, thoughts, and behavior are collectively referred to as mental illnesses. Anxiety, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and addictive behaviors are a few examples. Ghanaians can acknowledge the fact that Bawumia is experiencing worry over losing the presidential campaign because he knows he has lost the respect and support of most Ghanaians; as a result, he is not behaving like a mature politician.

Just a few days ago, the vice president pleaded with former Ghanaian leader John Mahama to grant him the same opportunity to govern the country as he had. If Bawumia is as smart as he claims to be, he should be aware that the people vote for presidents. I have never heard of any politician who became president because of prayers. Once Bawumia believes that prayers alone make him president, why has he never thought of using prayers to cure his addiction to lies?

Bawumia has adopted an arrogant persona akin to that of Akufo Addo due to his status as his party's presidential candidate and his reliance on Jean Mensa to rig the results for him. Any sane person would find it absurd to compare Bawumia to John Mahama, but the NPP, which is in dire need of men or a credible candidate for the presidency, cannot stop claiming that Bawumia is more qualified than Mahama, the former leader whom he asked to be allowed to run for office.

To gain support, a politician aspiring to the presidency must be a serious individual. Although you can deceive the public into believing that you have created 2.5 million jobs, you will not be able to regain their support if you are unable to accept responsibility for the financial losses he has caused the state. There is no assurance that Bawumia will be a serious person when he becomes president if, in his role as vice president, he breaks his pledges. The unfilled pledges of Bawumia are uncountable.

Although Africa is frequently referred to as the "Dark Continent" due to the color of the people, the word "dark" also has a deeper spiritual connotation. Numerous individuals, notably politicians aspiring to greater office, frequently travel to locations forbidden by the Bible. Bawumia may have gone to shrines or fetish priests in search of assistance, even though he is observed interacting with religious leaders and requesting prayers. A few years ago, his close aid died mysteriously, and this year, his wife's driver was tragically killed in a horrific car accident.

Then, a few days ago, one of the women porters, also referred to as "Kayayee," was killed in a new place that the vice president made available to them. These mysterious deaths are not just coincidences; rather, they have profound spiritual significance and, in my opinion, were utilized as human sacrifices for spiritual purposes. I am not saying Bawumia has been in such a place, but he likely did that because whenever an election is very close, people close to them die.

When a steering wheel was handed to him so he could drive and people laughed at him, Bawumia didn't even understand he was making fun of himself. This came after he held Akufo Addo accountable for the downfall of the economy as well as the failure of businesses and investments. Ghanaians responded that both of them were accountable because he was the mate and Akufo Addo was the driver. The best advice I can give to the vice president is to seek psychiatric help.

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