Raising Awareness Among Ghanaian Youth About Europe's Immigration Challenges To Choose A Better Leader

Feature Article Raising Awareness Among Ghanaian Youth About Europe's Immigration Challenges To Choose A Better Leader

The number of African immigrants who have left the continent in search of better living conditions has dramatically increased in recent years, particularly in the West of the European Union. Even though a large number of people have drowned in the sea, those who manage to reach Europe have caused pressure and emerged as the EU's greatest issue, with new immigration rules being implemented annually to reduce the number of immigrants, particularly those from Africa, trying to reach Europe.

The window of opportunity for African immigrants to reach Europe shrank in the years after the creation of the European Union. When politically unstable European countries brought the scourge of immigrants to Western European countries as refugees, the situation drastically changed. Those from the East took over the works, which were frequently occupied by African immigrants. This should be a serious concern to the African youth to choose better leaders to lessen the migratory dilemma.

Ghanaians are known for their love of adventure and travel. However, thousands of young people have been forced to leave the country in search of greener pastures due to the NPP government, which is the worst in the country's political history. Many of these young people, who are seeking to escape poverty brought about by corruption, drown in the water while trying to get to their destination. The number of Ghanaians who have drowned in the ocean since the NPP took office is difficult to calculate.

However, statistics from the International Organization for Migration indicate that, largely from drowning, at least 1,999 migrants lost their lives between January 1 and June 26 of this year. 1,358 people passed away within the same time frame in the previous year. Those who lost their lives on the three main routes across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic route from West Africa are included in these counts. God alone knows how many Ghanaians are dead among those deaths.

Ghanaians can better understand why Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the nation's first president, tried to maintain a one-party system, considering the oppressive nature of modern Ghanaian politics. He observed harmful forces and put their interests ahead of the welfare of the nation. The descendants of the people he fought are responsible for the corruption and violation of the Constitution, which has contributed to the collapse of businesses, the economy, and investments.

For far too long, Ghanaians have been deprived of better living conditions, despite the country's vast resources of gold, diamonds, cocoa, and oil. Now is the moment for them to aim higher in life. It's time for the populace to rise, fight for what is rightfully theirs, and stay away from perilous maritime expeditions. Now is the moment for every Ghanaian to compare and contrast the governments of Mahama and Akufo Addo-Bawumia, who both provided the people with plenty to help them select the best leader.

Below is a simple guide to selecting the right political party to vote

1. Determine which government has demonstrated a sincere commitment to safeguarding the environment, rivers, and ecosystem to establish a healthy environment that is conducive to engaging with youth and providing care for the elderly, and finally, determine if that government has fulfilled its promise to fight corruption.

2. Ghanaians were informed by the opposition party before 2016 that the president should resign due to his corruption and incompetence, as seen by the rate of the Cedi, 3.74, against the US dollar, indicating the government's fragility. Thus, a new administration assumes office, and it remains in that position to this day. Any wise Ghanaian must now assess whether the current government has performed better than the previous one to choose which party to support.

3. Budgets are presented to Parliament for approval, and money is spent on project execution. Every Ghanaian must investigate the amount of money granted to the government and its effectiveness in carrying out initiatives. Has the funding been allocated to the appropriate projects, or has it been directed to the wrong channels? If there is debt, how did it accrue?

4. A responsible government should control the market, keep an eye on how the law is being applied, and defend the rights of the populace. Does the government uphold the Constitution and the rights of the people? If not, don't spend your time voting for such a party since they are irresponsible and will never lead you to the Promised Land.

5. It's critical to comprehend the policies of each party before selecting which one to support. Political parties take varying stances on the economy, immigration, social security, religion, and other significant issues. Compare and contrast which government has been a real player on these matters historically and currently. Choose the political party that is most devoted to your beliefs and cast your vote.

6. When someone tries to buy you off when it comes time to cast your vote, you should know that they are a failure and don't trust their party, which is why they are trying to buy you off. You always have a choice: accept the money or reject it. However, you shouldn't vote for him because not only will the money run out, but your nation's future will also be in jeopardy.

7. You can evaluate the party's track record of keeping its pledges and its ability to serve the interests of its voters successfully. This will assist you in determining whether or not to trust the party with your votes in the upcoming election.

8. Everybody has different goals, which influence the party they choose to support in elections. For example, if you have strong environmentalist beliefs, you might find the parties with plans to combat environmental issues to be the most appealing. You should research party policies that address job and economic difficulties if you wish to be in better employment.

9. Don't rely on other people's opinions. While friends, family, and coworkers may have prejudiced or incorrect beliefs, they can still have an impact on your choice of candidate. You must base your choices on your priorities and an analysis of party policies.

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

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