Jesus Was The Perfect Pastor; Are There Any Such Pastors In Ghana Today?

Feature Article Jesus Was The Perfect Pastor; Are There Any Such Pastors In Ghana Today?

Jesus was a perfect pastor, considering that he spent his entire life traveling and preaching. He shared all of his joys and sorrows with the group that traveled with him, and he took care of them. A true shepherd, in Jesus' own words, is a mentor who is prepared to lay down his life to preserve the flock, which stands in for the people. This is the primary feature that sets a legitimate preacher apart from imposters. The question is, are there pastors in Ghana today who are like Jesus?

Ghana is a deeply religious nation where Christians and Muslims have coexisted peacefully and amicably for many years. However, religious leaders in Ghana have shown little initiative in combating moral lapses like widespread corruption that goes unpunished, money laundering, and illegal mining that harms the environment and the lives of the common people. If a true pastor, in Jesus' view, is willing to sacrifice for his flock, then why do so few pastors seem to be concerned about the plight of Ghanaians?

Like a disease, corruption spreads like wildfire since it is an unethical conduct that neither modern technology nor anyone has been able to stop. Not because a pastor is unaware of his duties; rather, it is because most of them have been overcome by material possessions, a love of money, and a desire to accept bribes. As a result, many of them are powerless to address problems that affect Ghana's people, and sadly, the few decent pastors who speak out against immorality have found themselves opposed by the government.

Nothing in Ghana is working well, and the people there are suffering. Corruption has kept many Ghanaians from having access to modern healthcare and better education, leaving thousands unemployed, yet many pastors and Muslim leaders are not willing to speak up for their fellow Christians and Muslims. A true pastor, in my opinion, is not only one who aspires to be a mentor in Jesus Christ but does it outside of Jesus' will. A good pastor's deed is comparable to a tree that produces good fruit.

Preaching, counseling, visiting, administrative and legal issues, and speaking out against corruption and other immoralities affecting the people are just a few of the many issues that a pastor must handle to create a healthy community. However, many pastors are reluctant to take on these challenges because they have already joined immoral souls to become thieves. A pastor can pray against people committing immoral activities, but he can't pray for the economy to pick up momentum after collapsing.

I will use this chance to implore Ghana's religious institutions to take on more important roles in a bold and vocal campaign against corruption and other immoralities that negatively impact Ghanaians, to create a happy, healthy, and prosperous nation because we have the resources that benefit foreign nations but not Africa, due to corruption.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024