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Two Evil Parties, under Repenting, While Trading Blames?

Two Evil Parties, under Repenting, While Trading Blames?
28.05.2022 LISTEN

Human mental Evolution is an unquestionable fact, except varyingly slow, and when you are counting on evil parties to fight evil, you will have to push them hard and gauge which one seems more sincere. Evil was/is indeed part of the problem, but it always needed guns and some lies along the way. History is vital and the mainstream media was/is guilty of spreading lies and/or under confronting lies. This means we have to help both parties evolve, but also the media and the naive people who buy lies from the parties and media. The anti-marijuana journalists are not asking enough tough questions to parties and the people. Cruelty always needed some form of stupidity to exist, also known as cause and allow. The roots of evil are fear, greed, and arrogance; so you must honestly ask which party can fight evil more, but also which one is guilty of fear versus others. Can each party define the roots of evil versus main branches of evil?

When Republicans, the still racist party, claims or indirectly admits America just have more evil people, it helps to ask by what percentage, how to fight evil versus evil people, and where Republicans are evil or under fighting evil. When Democrats, the still sexist (fearful) party, claims or admits America just have more guns, it helps to ask do they want less guns or no guns, do they agree evil is part of the problem and the proposed solution, which evil roots exist with each party, etc?

The narrative to the public versus the classified information is often different, but fractional facts just need the other part called thinking to get the full facts. Both guns and evil have always been part of the problem, and denying either is dangerous dishonesty.

Africans had different forms of evil and weapons to oppress animals and each other at tribal and family levels. The devil said too small, we want more, and God allowed it as Karma or reasons best known to him. UK had the evil of varying greed+ and guns to colonise u.s; but when u.s had enough guns and overcame fear, they liberated themselves, but oppressed who, how, and why? The constitution clause claiming 'gun rights to help people resist oppressive government' is a fractional fact that even fairly smart folks like Elon Musk bought. Time matters, some of the founding fathers of u.s were hemp users and great thinkers, except sometimes in evil way. 'Oppressive government' does not primarily mean your own government, it actually meant if UK or xyz were to attack, u.s would have been able to resist than Ukraine is doing to Russia? So they give whites guns to defend from possible white evil and to offend (oppress) animals and blacks who were yet to evolve to understand the dangers of fear. Was both parties guilty or just one?

Largely Slow thinking blacks were given fractional freedom and too many of them failed to admit their part of the crimes to repent and/or to seize the new opportunities. Fast forward to around 1920's or which years were blacks allowed to buy guns, vote, etc. An Evil white man called Henry Anslinger convinced both parties with racism and sexism, appealing to the evil roots of both parties to start a new fight with guns against people who do not know or have guns. Debate his intentions and my analysis, but Even Kamala Harris admits the effects affected blacks and Males more directly. He said, 'marijuana make white women want to be with black men', among other claims. The Racist whites banned interracial marriage and relationship then, and marijuana was circumventing their laws? The sexist party that worshipped or still worship women saw it as 'degradation' of the 'best' women? So both parties launch the longest 'war' and arguably most expensive one, regardless of what the media and history may claim as 'America's longest war'. If they claim Afghanistan is the longest foreign war, then that is still debatable, because the domestic war against marijuana users went international (foreign) and it was largely a u.s war to satisfy the financial greed of some u.s industries than N.R.A. They called it 'war on drugs', but what percentage was marijuana versus other drugs, and the victims were largely blacks and males, not drugs Corrupt Nixon and both parties took it international and countries guilty of fear (evil) agreed against people without guns, like many u.s citizens.

So then lawmaker Biden with Republicans, and under Bill Clinton make more oppressive evil laws to give government more gun powers and some people were told the second amendment is not absolute. Both parties said or allowed states to ban marijuana users from owning guns, or even voting in some states. If you use marijuana, you no longer have the rights to defend yourself even at your home and the smallest pistol, you may become too conscious to vote independent lawmakers to gradually overthrow the two evil parties, or you become too stupid to know who to vote for to manage your taxes? Both parties encouraged even work denial to marijuana folks, so that they become gangsters and they will use the lying media to claim marijuana make people violent, but how much violence is in Canada, Uruguay, or even California due to marijuana versus anti-marijuana states and u.s as whole? The evil called lying is very dangerous and both parties are guilty of it, varyingly; one to support its racist agendas, the other to support its sexist agendas, including LGBTQ; and both to support its nationalists agendas at world stage, using much bigger guns both support.

Rich 'Smart' Dummies like Elon Musk who argue an AR 15 Rifle can protect you from your own government oppression are in serious illusion. They gave you smaller hunting rifles, when they had pistols; gave you pistols, when they have much higher rifles; so your now bigger rifles can protect you from drones and others? Just like u.s does not sell its highest weapons to even Nato members, the government will only give you what you can offend people who have a fraction of what government have. To fight powerful visible power, you need to conquer fear, bank on a God who has much more power than all governments, and that God may demand character to defend whom he wills. You must be ready to leave certain evil to be protected from other evil creatures. Total divorce from evil is very hard, because if you resist 'lying to', the devil may make it seem 'lying for ' is kindness. Personal honesty, media honesty, party honesty, and many things are lacking. Even if God allows you into marijuana, you can be tested in hard ways and for long time.

The present delay of worldwide marijuana legalisation may be tactical or just the evil vivid in some people and governments. Are they not using guns to scare marijuana folks or do you think arming people will automatically free people? Whereas we can credit Obama did not over fight states that free the people from federal and international cannabis laws, he is a vivid coward, sexist, and cruel nationalist with a smile. Evil Republicans seem more courageous to move u.s to more evil or less evil. Obama could have easily used Canada as example to legalise at least hemp, but he chose cowardice and excuses like many women and blacks. The first 'female' president, Mr or ms. Donald Trump, legalised hemp federally, without fearing what states want. Ms. Kamala Harris is a happy house Negro (Toady) or just shown some financial greed u.s is gaining internationally over hemp. By delaying federal total cannabis legalisation, the world will cowardly wait, while the u.s sends hemp CBD and other hemp products around the world. China is boosting production to compete or poison with lower quality... The rest of the world are guilty victims, happy to be consumers to help their rich businesses and rich folks who can afford u.s+ products, while jailing their poor folks who have neither courage or guns to fight back. Some of those poor folks are worse in evil, from personal sins to sins between creatures, and not justifying their oppression, just not as innocent as ideal.

The sexist party or Democrats are eager to sell sex related agendas internationally and with lies. Obama argued for LGBTQ after Ms. CLINTON+ 'baptised' him, despite knowing the number of LGBTQ in the Gambia+, Ghana+, Nigeria+, etc in Prison is not even ten percent of the marijuana users. The LGBTQ is not the most oppressed group, but the most fought for group by western politicians and media? Biden and many Democrats make them above even women and children as priority. I believe in rights to every soul, including LGBTQ, but our right to criticise what/who we deem wrong is much more absolute than the first and second amendment combined. Our natural rights exist before government fractional rights. Black people and women largely have problems of fear and greed, while white people and men tend to have problems of greed and arrogance; this is not absolute, you have women and whites who can have all three roots of evil, similarly other groups. The groups have tendencies, but those characteristics existed even before humans existed and our journey is to over come them. You should not try to change groups; cannot change, rescue, or defend everyone in your groups, but you can change your character above the groups' average and refuse to be a culprit or victim.

Black problem of fear did not start because guns were created, we had tribes who feared even clitoris and 'evil' or good whites had to rescue, while the good tribes murmur in sin. All or most of the African countries that legalised marijuana so far did it for financial greed, not respect for human rights or justice to their own people. Sometimes I wonder if the best or worse of blacks became white+, but more relevant is every race, gender, tribe, etc have just different forms of guilty people to be confronted with words of conscience than guns. Fight back where need be and God will see you through. Guns are to offend animals, but it can be defensive; guns are to offend harmless kids in a classroom, but firearms do not have to be even deathly; guns financially help the greedy industries, illusorily tame the worries of cowards, and help the arrogant surprise the cowards, or the brave face the arrogant. God gave you rights, founding fathers affirm you some, inheriting children/leaders deny you even camera rights against abusing police in florida, pushing cowardly censorship, and arrogantly gambling groups, especially men and children. The Democrats claim to be kind, but truth is the highest kindness or brings it. The Republicans Revolve around intelligence as interest, but truth is the highest intelligence and universal interest. Both parties claim 'national Interest' is higher than the truth and justify hunting those who reveal the truth they claim harms US interest. May God bless show love Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer

Twitter: jarga-k- [email protected] Jarga-k-gigo.

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