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The Battle of Records Against Calumny and Lies. The Case of NPP Western North Regional Elections

The Battle of Records Against Calumny and Lies. The Case of NPP Western North Regional Elections
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The New Patriotic Party in Western North Region would soon go to the polls to elect Regional Executives for the battle in 2024. The nine constituencies we have in the region are through with their elections. The penumbra effect of the just ended constituency elections is that we have fresh limps who are going to form the bloc for the regional elections.

The pending regional elections few months away is seriously an election that is going to be fought on impregnable records known to the New Patriotic Party. It is definitely not going to be any record but rather those of public notoriety.

There is a filthy piece of information going round social media ostensibly to dent the hard-earned reputation of the incumbent Regional Chairman, Mr. Benjamin William Assuah.

That piece I humbly contend could only come from Sefwi Akontombra Constituency. The sponsors of that piece are those who are bent on taking over the newly created region as their bonafide just to champion their own self-interest.

The interest and prospect of the party appears not to be their utmost concern. May the Almighty Allah through the most spirited chapter of the Holy Qu'ran burn their moves into ashes..

It is important to understand that, when people go into contest with no record, they resort to leveraging their strength on calumny and lies. This is exactly what the other limping camp has resorted to through out their moves.

Ideally, the said insipid piece should not have been dignified but considering the fact that, same is intended to confuse and poison the minds of the public, it is important that the records are set straight.

First and foremost, it is important I tackle the heading of the said piece. In doing so I shall lay to bare the ignorance of the writer when it comes to the what is said to be a" leaked information " and a mere allegation anchored on alcoholic induced conjecture.

The first paragraph which is the introductory aspect of the feeble write up alleged that, "the current Regional Chairman and some gurus in the region have met to discuss possible ways of influencing the appointment of constituency officers ".

The reasonable doubt which discredits the entire piece is that something considered as leaked failed to even name the said gurus they claimed the incumbent regional chairman met to plan a new way of winning the election. Any credible piece of information would not have left out the particulars of those gurus.

This alone is the reason why every reasonable mind after reading the piece must come to the conclusion that, the self-acclaimed alternative who keeps sponspring some of these things remains faint hearted who seeks to ride on the back of lies to climb the very ladder he never contributed towards its existence.

Secondly, they claimed that, because the incumbent Regional Chairman lost in all the nine constituencies, he is seeking to influence the appointment of constituency officers.

The question is, how can the very person alleged to have lost in all the nine constituencies influence appointment(s) which is/are the exclusive preserve of elected constituency executives? .

Some groups of bandits have decided to allow the tampering of their brains and so when they are directed to issue statement anchored on treachery and falsehood, they fail to do a simple check on "consistency". How Pathetic it is..

Seriously the records of Chairman Assuah which is tormenting the other lamp camp is the fact that, when calamity fell on the fortunes of the party in 2020 Parliamentary elections, it was only Chairman Assuah's region that dealt with the shock.

It was only in Western North Region that the NPP never lost a single seat it took away from the NDC in 2016 elections. This is the record of Chairman Assuah known to the NPP both in the Region and the National level. The self-acclaimed alternative has none at his disposal. If he has he should kindly let us, have it.

One would have thought that as a former DCE, he would have been canvassing for support based on his records as a former DCE. It is shocking that, his camp is not doing that but rather moving on the tangent of senseless.

It is not surprising that, the frontiers of this movement have their camp in Sefwi Akontombra being led by their current executives and their MP. The background of the attacks on Regional Chairman stems from the fact that, when they unconstitutionally suspended an elected constituency executive, Mr. Benjamin William Assuah's leadership rejected the move through an order for reinstatement.

Ever since they were ordered to undo the illegality committed against an elected Youth Organizer in Akontombra, Mr. Benjamin Assuah has never been in their good books. The more reason why they have for some time now shown open hatred for the good man.

Also is the fact that apart from the nine constituencies in Western North Region, it is only Akontombra constituency that has set up an antagonistic base against Chairman Assuah. The truth of the matter is, they have seen that they are gradually failing hence the old-fashioned theatrics.

Dawda Eric(Equity)

3rd May, 2022

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