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Western North Region Must Fall For Chairman William Assuah

Western North Region Must Fall For Chairman William Assuah
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The National Democratic Congress would soon go to the polls to elect their party officers as a preparation towards the 2024 general election. The Economic Intelligence Unit has made a foremost prediction anchored on scientific analysis of the prospect of the two main political parties in Ghana.

On the NDC side they have predicted that if and only if a new candidate is presented, the glory would be swept with ease. This is indeed an indication that, the NPP would have a lot to do in 2024 election.

In fact breaking the 8 year cycle rule which has become more or less like a ritual thing would not be easy for the NPP. The current internal elections in the NPP is going to be the litmus test for the the new political party slogan which seeks to undo what has become the most accepted political practice where after every eight years, parties in government are changed.

In Western North Region for instance, most NDC supporters are of the view that, current Regional Executives most especially the NDC Regional Chairman should be changed on grounds that, he failed to capitalize on the gracious opportunity circumstances afforded the party particularly in respect of the Parliamentary elections in 2020.

They say that, almost all their traditional seats NPP swept in 2016 elections fell for the party in 2020 with the exception of seats NPP won for the first time in Western North Region and for that matter, same constitutes incompetence on the part of chairman BIG AIDOO the man I so much admire.

I must admit that the charges against him are not unknown to you and I. They are in fact matters of public notoriety. According to the NDC, what killed them in 2020 elections was not only their inability to win the seats back in Western North but losing Presidential election results for the first time in both Sefwi-Wiawso and Akontombra Constituency was their biggest disgrace which disgrace points straight to very respected BIG AIDOO.

Although party mobilization is not an onerous duty placed on the shoulders of an individual but one cannot also take out the fact that, as a chairman for the party in the Region, where there is success in the party, it is deemed to have been fortified under leadership. The bitter pill is also that, when there is failure, the leader of the party in the Region takes all the vicarious blames.

Going by the NDC's grounds for mounting a spirited "kick out agenda " against venerable BIG AIDOO for failing to hold on to the consistent dominance of the NDC in Western North Region, it stands to reason that, Chairman William Benjamin Assuah on any score must be promoted to further deepen the woes of the NDC in Western North Region.

So far, the self acclaimed alternative has not been able to tell us one single credible records known to the NPP for which reason he thinks the entire Region must fall for him.

In fact ,the records would show that, under President Kuffuor, he was lucky to be made a DCE for Bia. Through out his campaign, he has not been able to tell us one good thing he did as a DCE for which reason he thinks he should be promoted to a different level.

#The party cannot fall for the faint hearted#

Dawda Eric(Equity)

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