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The Happenings in Nima-Mamobi and the lessons to Ghanaian society

The Happenings in Nima-Mamobi and the lessons to Ghanaian society
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Nima-Mamobi is one half twin community within Greater Accra Region and history had shown that the community is one of the oldest Zongo communities in Ghana. The name Nima according to two school of taught, one attribute it from Ga language which literally means "city of king" in Ga language Nii means king or chief and Mann means city and the second school of taught attributes the name to Arabic word which means blessings since the community is dominated by Muslims.

The twin community over the years had been tagged with bad name or image which to me can either be half true or totally false. The question l seeks to ask and solicit some views in this article of mine, as a country what we can do to get lasting solutions to this bad image which in effect can have repelling effect on Ghana as a whole.

Prior to the unfortunate clash within Nima-Mamobi on 18 January 2022 which led to some injuries and arrests, the twin community had witnessed few inter community clashes locally known as base clashes and to mention some Dallas and 15 Bob base within Mamobi, booza 11 and Co-oho base in Nima. I earlier on mentioned the bad image tagged to the twin community is half true or fallacy on bases of first-hand information. I am previewed to have been born and bred in Mamobi and therefore have first-hand account with regards to information pertaining the twin community. Media reportage had been the main factor to the bad image tagged syndrome. For instance, the recent clash on 18 January 2022. It has been reported in some media camps as 7 people died, some quoting 6 but the truth is no life has been lost though some injuries and arrests have been recorded. This is not to justify what is going on however minor it looks; it still has repelling effect on the society and the country as a whole. The notion of some group of people from some particular regions, Tribes or Religion fuels this perceptions or images but to be truthful though l am a Christian the twin community had shaped me in many ways of becoming whom l am today. One cannot take away the spirit of togetherness to the extent that Hausa language is sometimes use as medium of communication in churches and twi or Fante language sometimes use in Islamic preaching(waazi).

As a citizen of Ghana, what l have observed from some Ghanaians, we take delight in getting or listening bad news about a person or community and are always quick to pronounce judgement, instance of looking for lasting solutions to prevent from reoccurring of such news.

In conclusion, l am with the view that when some pragmatic measures and some proposals l seek to channel out are taken with ken interest, then issues of some disturbances within some known Zongo communities will be minimised

First and foremost, is education: As an indigenous person of Nima-Mamobi l realise that most of the people often perceive education as an ability to read and write to some there is no need to further education to the highest in academic level. Most people after completing JSS feel they can read and write and therefore no need to continue but l seek to differ with this assertion and employ all stake holders, being it GES, opinion leaders including MP's for the two communities, NGO and individuals who deem it necessary to be part of this discussion to begin attaching some urgency to the growing phenomenon which not properly handled might have repelling effect on the larger society.

Secondly jobs creation and empowerment: The issues regarding Jobs and empowerment are not peculiar to Nima-Mamobi alone but the whole fabric of Ghanaian society. As a child when growing up in Mamobi, l realises young people shy away from continuing their academic dreams and rather join other means of getting quick money because their predecessors whom they always look for as role models are still looking for jobs and therefore no need to waste their time in going to school and ending up like those people.

Enforcement of law and stiffer punishment: The phenomenon of young people abandoning their educational responsibility and going for quick means of getting money through Internet fraud locally known as 'sakawa' which was originally emanated from the same twin community which means drop off or to swindle someone is ripping the country out of getting potential human resources to mount the affairs of the state in near the future


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