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The 'Parental Right' Bill and the Bruhaha; A lessons to learn

The 'Parental Right' Bill and the Bruhaha; A lessons to learn
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The foundation and the principles upon which the State of America was establish includes Fundamental human right, which is an inalienable right and enshrine in American Constitution.

Countries across the globe draws inspirations or look up to Americans not just because of their infrastructural development, their GDP or their Per Capital Income but rather on their human right Index which includes the protection of human right in exercising once freedom of speech and the rights to chose once choice of sex or worship. I often argue, what makes American stands tall among the midst of their equal developed or advanced countries has to do with their strong attitude and belief when it comes to human right and the exercise of constitutional right.

Country's like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and even China have equal infrastructural development to America and even the likes of Dubai which is the hub of Skype buildings than America but the differential facto is America belief in human freedom and justice which is more cherishable than anything worth mentioning than anything on this planet.

The questions are seek to ask and solicits a decent contributions both likewise and unlike wise views on this article of mine is why America the beacon of modern democracy would like to pass or impose a self inflicting bill the 'Parental Right 'bill on themselves or their Community?

'Parental Right' or "Don't Say Gay" bill, a propose bill across thirty five(35) States within America intented to ban sex education within elementary schools usually kids between 5 to 9 not being exposed to sex identity and other sex related topics. This bill on paper looks splendid but when pass to law and when fully operationalise looks more complicated and difficult, in a sense that miscreants and hoodlums can commit various degree of harm or suicidal crimes and hide on the back cover of such laws to seek for shelter. Laws in this magnitude pave ways for individuals or gangs to seek a revenge or self motivated reasonings which includes blackmailing a target group of people for financial gains and this is a form of kidnapping syndicates deployed in countries where LBGTQ is not entertained.

As a social advocate by convictions, who had openly supported and wrote articles on the need to allow all individual to exercise their inalienable right which includes the right to sex within Ghana, Africa and by extension America and the rest of continent to upheld this right and to protect the LGBTQ community because the outcome of passing open law to ban this right or community is more consequential or bad as compared to gains that might derived from passing such laws and I will advise the state of America, specially states such as Florida, indiana, Georgia and rest of state of which this bill is propose to triad with conscious not to rash in passing the 'Parental Right' law but rather open for wider consultation, including where this rights are not allow specially those who protects the right of this community and consequences they are facing in addressing the excess that comes with it and the way forward.

With my little knowledge about foreign politics, specially America politics of which I as a person and political animal just remember my political juegos love and cherish much when reading political science in my first degree at UG(University of Ghana) was America has 'interest Alliances' and not 'permanent friends' and also when it comes to protecting the rights of their citizens, irrespective of the economic group a citizens belongs which is less seen in other parts of the continent, specially in Africa the rich class are always protected by the law of the state on the expense of the poor class. America, for my first time in observing their politics from a far had seen a sharply stands between the two main political parties that is the incumbent political party, Democrats and the biggest opposition party the Republicans whiles Democrats are against the bill/Parental Right' bill the Republicans on the hand are in supportive to the passage of the bill. This argument has culminated in to some well establish American media houses depending on which political party one belongs, ideology and belief one posses. A recent banter between ESPN and Daily wire in which ESPN in most of their programs they officiate had to call for a minute silence in supportive of the right of the LGBTQ community in the wake up to the proposal of the 'Parental Right' bill indented to pass to become a law whilst the Daily wire media House which is seen as more Conservative media House are in supportive of the passage of the law. I am on the view this argument or banter between this two major political parties and the media houses has defeated the Stance which most people including those of us from Africa perceive America to be when it comes to human right Advocacy and l think America as a nation had to come together to address this issue more wholistically than what is happening with regards to the passage of the Parental Right Bill intended to pass in some states within America.

In my conclusive remarks, I will urge American people as beacon of democracy to have a second look to the passage of the 'Parental Right' bill and go back to the human right chatter of which they , that is America had played a vital and a leading role in drafting and implementing such laws which is a whole spectrum of human right and to borrow Disney words " our right is from God and not of any political class".


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