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How to stay safe from the number one killer disease – kidney damage or failure?

How to stay safe from the number one killer disease – kidney damage or failure?
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I am neither a medical doctor nor any health expert on diseases. I am simply a Mr Nobody, a layman so to speak, when it comes to issues involving medical expertise. However, as a person resolutely determined to be of service to my people and country, I do not hesitate to take to useful actions directed at achieving my aim of being readily available at the service of humanity.

No wonder that I have aversion to people who lie between their teeth, and are selfish, greedy, cheats and bullies. Such people ascribe to themselves every good thing and the authority in the society, always hoping to lord themselves over others without seeking the collective betterment of the citizens of their country or town and village.

I have come across the philanthropic work of a Ghanaian medical doctor via the WhatsApp channel. I find his work very interesting and with abundant benefit to Ghanaians and anyone who will do as he recommends.

He discusses the causes of kidney damage and how to try to protect oneself against kidney failure, as much as possible.

When I came across the vital information he is conveying to the general Ghanaian or worldwide public to prevent them from becoming sufferers of premature kidney failure, I felt the usual obligation come to bear heavily upon me like one possessed by the spirit of God to help propagate his message.

It is by sharing such vital information with many people that society can stay safe and free from kidney damage.

Kidney damage has become the number killer of humans. Once you begin to grapple with kidney issues, you are not far from having written your death warrant. If your two kidneys fail, the only way you can have your life extended is through kidney transplant or dialysis.

What is dialysis? It is “a process of separating substances from liquid by putting them through a thin piece of skin-like material, especially in order to remove waste substances from the blood of someone whose kidneys are not working correctly”

Let me quickly mention a few more things, then leave you to listen to the doctor as he explains the functions of the kidney, causes of kidney damage and how to avoid having a kidney problem.


1. Excretion of waste and toxins

2. Regulation of pH - acid and base

3. Responsible for reproduction of red blood cells

4. Controlling high blood pressure

5. Controlling water balance in the human body

6. It maintains electrolyte balance as is required by the human body


a. Overuse of painkillers e.g. paracetamol, tramadol, etc.

b. Eating too much processed foods

c. Not drinking enough water

d. Eating too much fresh meat

e. Drinking too much alcohol

f. Smoking

g. Too much intake of salt and sugar

h. Not controlling or treating one’s high blood pressure will spoil the kidney

i. Diabetes – elevation of sugar in your blood above 14 mmol/L


i. Drink enough water

ii. Avoid smoking

iii. Avoid taking too much salt and sugar

iv. Check your blood pressure and sugar levels continually and periodically

Let me leave you to listen to the doctor himself by watching the video.

And, for further explanations, please refer to the web link below.

How Your Kidneys Work

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