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Chieftaincy The Last Pillar To Fall

Chieftaincy The Last Pillar To Fall

Ghana our beloved country is at the precipice of destruction. The fourth Republic gave us a glimmer of hope, but unfortunately those we handed our destiny to, are greedy, selfish and are wolves behaved like lamb.

The political elites have successfully succeeded in creating two classes of Ghanaians by smuggling article 71 into the fourth Republican constitution.The article 71 provision only proposed a committee to review salaries and benefits for the categories of those office holders.

The political elites successfully manipulated that provision for their selfish interest by deceiving the leadership of the worker's unions to endorsed the illegalities.

That conduct of ruling class was the beginning of the treachery they have perpetuate against the people that gave them the mandate. The political elites gradually started to remove the slabs that support the pillars of democracy and they have succeeded in weakening all of the tripod that holds the pillars of accountability and social justice.

It appears the chieftaincy institutions is the last hurdle for the political elites to surmount before they can successfully beat their chest of capturing the state Ghana. The misconduct of some of the chiefs made it easier for the ruling class to have them compromised and further weakening their authority.

Even though some of the chiefs have been compromised the ruling elites still have some hard chess game to break the front of the patriotic chiefs, hence the intimidation and open insult in lowering their dignity and authority in presence of their subjects, and rendering them completely useless.

The chiefs must blame themselves for being disrespected by the very people who visited their palaces begging them whenever they are desirous looking for power. The sad mistake the chiefs often does is to mortgage their authorities to the political actors and allow the ruling elites to influence them with all sorts of goodies.

The ruling government last agenda is to bring the chieftaincy institutions under their control and command to enable them have absolute power over everything and anything in Ghana.

The apostle of the moral consciousness have betrayed the church and its doctrines, and it's sad, instead of them wagging war against degradation of our moral fiber, rather some of them engage in obscene and despicable conducts, which further destroys the moral turpitude of their congregations.

The vanguards of our cultural, traditions, religious and spiritual institutions are the worse perpetrators and promoters of lawlessness, greed and selfishness.

It is highly unconscionable for our political class to allow the descendants of our colonial masters whom our forebears chased out, to return and continue to operate as if we are their subjects.

We have allowed this neocolonialist the opportunity once again to come and fulfill their unfinished agenda of exploitation of the natural resources. Can't we see they needed us more than we need them, therefore let's confront and deal with them on an equal terms.

Let us continuously draw the attention of the political class, about where they have brought the state of Ghana is so fragile that, if care is not taken with a little slip we might find Ghana our motherland in the abyss.

Mike Kalley
Sociopolitical Analyst.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024