12.12.2020 Feature Article

Post-Election Analysis: Ghana is Drifting Towards a Pure Democracy

Post-Election Analysis: Ghana is Drifting Towards a Pure Democracy
12.12.2020 LISTEN

It's good we appreciate that the electoral process doesn't break off with the Electoral Commission’s declaration. It ends with the Court/Judiciary. With that, I suppose the NDC’s insistence or take in the election results must not be underestimated or taken lightly. Even if they have lost, it's good the issues/errors, if any, are raised and addressed.

This will not only strengthen our electoral system and democracy, it will help erect trust, credibility, and fairness in the result declared. The election was keenly contested and both parties had equal confidences of winning. So, instead of the NDC threatening and breaking the Peace Pact agreement, they should head straight to the COURT, if the issues they raised are legitimate. Perhaps, the court will help interrogate the issues and investigate the results of some regions, if need be. This would help lessen tension. Also, the public will get to learn, especially the electoral system, unlike the 2012 proceedings.

Meanwhile, after elections, we must plunge the political ridge and focus on developing and maintaining the good image of Ghana. This expects that we don't look down on any political party; Whether they (Party) performed/won or not. We must respect the decision of the Electoral Commission. If we are not satisfied with the declaration, let us go to court to seek redress.

The NDC’s skepticisms must be taken seriously, it's good for our democracy. As Prof. Gyampo puts it, ”it’s been a victory with a taste of defeat for the NPP and a defeat with a taste of victory for the NDC. This verdict must reinvigorate Parliament to play its role as countervailing authority to the powers of the Executive President. To the winner, the President-Elect advised that ”When you win an election, you don't need to be aggressive. Be of good character and when you jubilate, be moderate, and sensitive to public order and safety”. In all matters, Ghana first. But I want the NDC to go to court!!!

However, I’m happy the way things turned out in out Parliament. This 8th Parliament doesn’t have an absolutely majority unlike the 7th Parliament. This will make Parliament to be more focus and work together to pass bills. But, considering our political divisions, do you think it’s not an advantage for the other side to sabotage the programs and policies of government? Meanwhile, Parliament since 1992, has been deficient in promoting constitutionalism and countering the exercise of power. It has been plagued with absenteeism because MPs appointed as Ministers don’t find the time to attend sittings. Several Speakers have complained about Parliament’s inability to achieve a chorum to do business on many occasions. Parliament has for long, been also saddled with subservient support of the Executive on virtually all policies without thorough scrutiny, because of the latter’s majority control over the former. Given the current numbers in Parliament, the over-bearing executive dominance won’t be there. Real-politik, dialogue, and tolerance will now characterize the conduct of parliamentary business. This is a giant stride made in our quest to promote constitutionalism in Ghana.

The only independent candidate must remain independent for the sake of preserving the autonomy and new outlook of our parliament. He must decide which of the parties to vote with on individual issues as and when they come. He should neither join the NPP nor the NDC. He must remain independent. The two main parties can lobby him anytime there is a vote on any issue. The outcome of our 2020 elections is truly great for parliamentary democracy in Ghana. Let the defeat element in the NPP’s victory tamper jubilations and make them a bit sober in reflecting on the many mistakes and blunders they committed, with a view to correcting them in their second term. Let the victory party of the NDC’s defeat cheer them up in re-strategizing for future elections. Remember, post-election violence is more crucial and dangerous. It must be contained property. Congratulations to all of us as Ghanaians.

We are all one, and we need to protect our image as Ghanaians.