Letter To My JHS Graduates

Feature Article Letter To My JHS Graduates
SEP 20, 2020 LISTEN

Before sundown, on Friday the examination bells will toll across the length and breadth of the nation Ghana heralding the successful completion of the 2020 edition of Basic Education Certificate Examinable (BECE). Probably forgetting that BECE is a transition to SHS and not an end in itself.

Participating students will gladly greet this much-awaited sound with riotous stomping in His glorious name and shall quote... IT IS FINISHED! if their very world has come to an end. Little did they know the flood gate to the unjust world has been opened. We all owe it as a duty of due care to shape this myopic thinking of these graduands.

The celebration will find its ugly head into bars, casinos, beaches, poolside parties and dance halls in the coming days for a predictable display of all three or one of the combinations of opulence, arrogance and youthful exuberance. But for many that will not be restrained don't ask how deep they will stay into the night, least I remain silent over those that will be pregnant by the time results are released. At a time that governmental agencies and civil society organisations are putting in place measures to curb teenage pregnancy and teen mothers.

What is even worrisome is the Chinese city of Wuhan's Covid-19 preventable measures as outlined by the Ghana Health Service including frequent hand washing, social distancing and wearing of face masks are likely to be defiled to the highest order as if those protective mechanisms have been wrapped and thrown at the dogs.

Thereafter the atmosphere will be electrified for Muslim prayers, followed by church services peaking on Sunday. Though organised tours will be at the discussion table awaiting their successful execution.

As by design, the gods will not be left out as they ought to be praised and appreciated Assase Yaa's patched throat will be watered for a successful cheating week under the direct supervision of professional and responsible adults and in isolated cases their active participation. Accomplices to this evil intended ideas must not forget that seeds of stealing, lying and killing are being sown in Ghana's tomorrow future forgetting that it will come back to hit us harder than anticipated.

On this day I entreat all students and or invigilators who contributed in one way or the other to this plunder to ask for forgiveness from above. Besides all parents advise their fresh graduates on life outside the classroom for numerous challenges and opportunities exits for them to choose from.

The Almighty God who knows the heart of men will gladly forgive them for we serve a living God who is just and cannot be mocked.