Covid-19: Out Of Crisis, Leadership Emerges – Rev. Joseph Kingsley Eshun Asserts

Feature Article Covid-19: Out Of Crisis, Leadership Emerges – Rev. Joseph Kingsley Eshun Asserts
OCT 5, 2020 LISTEN

It is evidently clear putting in place measures to curb the spread of this deadly novel coronavirus (COVID-19) across various sectors of the economy is ultimately one of the most important topics under consideration by health experts, governments and development partners alike both in Ghana and the globe at large. As the number of recorded cases and death around the globe continues to rise beyond the expected levels, the responsibility lies on us to as a matter of principle, commitment and urgency to observe all safety protocols as outlined by health personnel especially at community and organisational levels.

One of the churches complying with the stated protocols that deserve commendation is the Prayerline Chapel International located at Anaji within the Effiakuma Municipality of the Western region. Where all protocols were adhered to strictly washing of hands with soap under running water, use of hand sanitizers, wearing of nose masks, practising of social distancing, the provision of registration desk and subsequent recoding of details of people as they enter the church. At a time that most corporate institutions have relaxed the laid down procedures. The general overseer made it clear to the congregation that any person with at least one of these symptoms of cough, fever or shortness of breath should seek medical help immediately. He shared the view that although education on COVID-19 has to some extent slowed down, the contribution of religious groups remains key in information dissemination and therefore calls on all to help in this regard for no one is safe until all is safe he said passionately.

The general overseer of the church, Rev. Joseph Kingsley Eshun delivering his message on the title “Leadership in times of crisis” quoted from the scriptures in the book of Joshua saying “My servant Moses is dead. Now get ready to cross the Jordan River—you and all the people—to the land that I’m giving the Israelis (Joshua 1:2). He delivered the message at the church’s auditorium yesterday being the first Sunday of the month.

Preaching the sermon Rev. Eshun made it clear that “True leaders are born in days of crisis, for out of crisis a leader’s character is refined”. Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Jesus among others emerged in times of crisis. For it is during crisis that a leader’s ability is tested he added. According to man of God, coronavirus has affected everything from agriculture to aviation it was therefore unwise not to follow safety protocols as outlined by the Ghana Health Service and partners since they help contain the spread.

He also emphasized that though a lot of misinformation about the pandemic exist he is trusting God that life will soon be normalized. Ending the sermon he tasked the congregation to pray for the leadership of the nation for good counsel and wisdom and also to seek the face of God to heal those infected and affected by the virus. To him with the right leadership in place the nation will bounce back stronger than previously for at the end of every tunnel light is expected not darkness he ended.