05.07.2020 Poem

Have We Been Outbid By COVID?

By Shadrack Oteng || Poet-Shaddy
Have We Been Outbid By COVID?
LISTEN JUL 5, 2020

What started as a national joke

Has today made the country broke

We thought we were strong, but we have been outbid

By the strong arms of merciless COVID


What started as, it is not true

Has now placed the entire country under its rule

We thought we were more scientific and ecclesiastic 

But the swoop of COVID has been horrific.


What we started as confirmation of single digits

Has now put great souls in graves and pits

Despite all the havoc of the COVID sickness,

We are today, ever than before, careless.


Today, the president of Ghana starts his isolation

This comes with a  great ululation

As we send the president our prayers,

We must not lose track of our precautionary manners.


As we continue to send the president our best wishes

We must be careful we don't swim in COVID like fishes

As we wish the president get well soon,

We must take precautions not to attract "Gone too soon"


If we fail to pay the nose masks, sanitizer, social distancing and handwashing price,

We will receive death as our prize.

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